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11/12/19 - Parent Meeting with the Board of Education at 6:30PM at Shirakawa School.
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Charter Petitions

ACE Esperanza Charter
Petition Renewal and Petition Appendices
Bridges Academy
Cornerstone Academy
Petition and Appendices
Cornerstone Academy Preparatory is renewing their charter petition. A public hearing was held on September 10, 2019.

A recommendation to the Franklin-McKinley Governing Board will be made at the District's Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, 2019.
Click below to review the 2019 charter petition.
Cornerstone Petition 2015-20
Cornerstone MR Petition

A - 13-14_CAPS_LCAP                                                                              B - 10_13_14_Bylaws_Final                             

C - Cornerstone_Calendar_2014-2015                                             D - CAPS Master Schedule 2014-15              

E - CAPS_IPDP_Template                                                                       F - 14-15_Teacher_Evaluation_Process

G - 13-14 Academic Director JD                                                           G - 14-15_Cornerstone_BLC                            

G - Executive Director Job Description                                             G - OPS Manager JD 12-13                             

H - Employee Handbook Cornerstone 14-15                                  I - 14-15_Final_Family_Handbook

J - 13-14 Cornerstone Parent Survey Final Report                       K - Cornerstone Board Playbook Handbook

L - CAPS Technology Plan -SCCOE Revised-Aug 2014                 M - SELPA Policies and Procedures Manual

N - CA_Distinguished_School_ SigPract                                           O - 5 Year Financial Projections

P - Suspension and Expulsion Policy                                                 Q - CMO Description

R - Red-Line Copy Cornerstone MR Petition


KIPP Heritage
Rocketship Mosaic
Petition and Petition Appendices

Rocketship Mosaic Renewal Petition 2016-2021

1 FMSD Cover Letter

2 FMSD Petition Signatures

Appendix A - ROMO Performance Report                                             Appendix B - ELA

Appendix C - Math                                                                                          Appendix D - Social Emotional Learning

Appendix E - Personalized Instruction                                                  Appendix F - Bell Schedule (ROMO)

Appendix G - Data                                                                                          Appendix H - RtI

Appendix I - Integrated Special Education                                          Appendix J - Talent

Appendix K - LCAP (ROMO)                                                                        Appendix L - Governance

Appendix M - Health and Safety                                                              Appendix N -Suspension and Expulsion

Appendix O - Budget Narrative (ROMO)                                               ROMO Original Petition 



Rocketship Spark 
Petition Renewal and Petition Appendices
VOICES College Bound Language Academy
Petition and Petition Appendices

Appendix AB Audited Financial-Fiscal Yr 15-16      

Appendix AC_Multi Year Budget Summary Voices                 Appendix AC_Voices FMSD Financial Projections

Appendix AD_Insurance Certificate                                             Appendix AE_LCAP_FMSD_2016       

Appendix B_Schools data 2016                                                     Appendix C_Academic Rigor at Voices

Appendix D_Sample Lesson Plans                                               Appendix E_90-90-90_summary

Appendix F_Sample UbD Units                                                     Appendix G_Sample School Calendar     

Appendix H_Sample Instructional Minutes                             Appendix I_Sample Bell Schedule Flagship

Appendix J -Sample Backwrds Maps (Scope&Sequence)

Appendix K_Sample SIOP LESSON PLAN_6th grade          

Appendix L _Summer PD Calendar_Teacher Sessions         Appendix M - Sample Monthly Plans

Appendix N_ Big Goals                                                                       Appendix O - Best_Practices

Appendix P_ Response to Intervention Pyramid                    Appendix Q_Procedural Manual 

Appendix R_Policies and Administrative Regs                         Appendix S_Civics Report Card

Appendix T_ Assessment Calendar 2016-17                             Appendix U_Articles of Incorporation_06.14

Appendix U_Bylaws                                                                            Appendix U_ConflictofInterestCode

Appendix V_Voices CMO_School Mngmt Srvs Summary

Appendix W_Parent Agreement                                                     Appendix X_Voices FMSD Familyhandbook16-17

Appendix Y_SampleFlagshipStudentCultureCalendar        Appendix Z - Associate Teacher Job Description

Appendix Z - Business Manager Job Description                   Appendix Z - Dean of Culture Job Description

Appendix Z - Principal Job Description                                      Appendix Z - Teacher Job Description