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Charter Schools & Petitions

Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) serves as the authorizer of the following charter schools, located within the FMSD boundaries:
1702 McLaughlin Ave
San Jose, CA 95122
Grade Level: 5th-6th
Phone: (408) 729-3420
Fax: (408) 729-3452
950 Owsley Avenue
San Jose, CA 95122
Grade Level: Kindergarten-5th
Phone: (408) 899-2607
Fax: (408) 899-2613
423 Los Arboles Street
San Jose, CA 95111
Grade Level: 5th-6th 
Phone: (408) 283-6260
Fax: (408) 283-6258
4075 Sacramento Avenue
San Jose, CA 95111
Grade Level: Kindergarten-8th
Phone: (408) 361-1960
Fax: (408) 361-1979
683 Sylvandale Avenue
San Jose, CA 95111
Grade Level: Transitional Kindergarten-5th
Phone: (408) 622-6651
For questions regarding charter school enrollment, programs, and services, please contact the school directly. 
ACE Esperanza Charter
Petition Renewal and Petition Appendices
KIPP Heritage
Rocketship Mosaic
Rocketship Spark 
Petition Renewal and Petition Appendices
VOICES College Bound Language Academy
Petition and Petition Appendices

Appendix AB Audited Financial-Fiscal Yr 15-16      

Appendix AC_Multi Year Budget Summary Voices                 Appendix AC_Voices FMSD Financial Projections

Appendix AD_Insurance Certificate                                             Appendix AE_LCAP_FMSD_2016       

Appendix B_Schools data 2016                                                     Appendix C_Academic Rigor at Voices

Appendix D_Sample Lesson Plans                                               Appendix E_90-90-90_summary

Appendix F_Sample UbD Units                                                     Appendix G_Sample School Calendar     

Appendix H_Sample Instructional Minutes                             Appendix I_Sample Bell Schedule Flagship

Appendix J -Sample Backwrds Maps (Scope&Sequence)

Appendix K_Sample SIOP LESSON PLAN_6th grade          

Appendix L _Summer PD Calendar_Teacher Sessions         Appendix M - Sample Monthly Plans

Appendix N_ Big Goals                                                                       Appendix O - Best_Practices

Appendix P_ Response to Intervention Pyramid                    Appendix Q_Procedural Manual 

Appendix R_Policies and Administrative Regs                         Appendix S_Civics Report Card

Appendix T_ Assessment Calendar 2016-17                             Appendix U_Articles of Incorporation_06.14

Appendix U_Bylaws                                                                            Appendix U_ConflictofInterestCode

Appendix V_Voices CMO_School Mngmt Srvs Summary

Appendix W_Parent Agreement                                                     Appendix X_Voices FMSD Familyhandbook16-17

Appendix Y_SampleFlagshipStudentCultureCalendar        Appendix Z - Associate Teacher Job Description

Appendix Z - Business Manager Job Description                   Appendix Z - Dean of Culture Job Description

Appendix Z - Principal Job Description                                      Appendix Z - Teacher Job Description