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Dual Language Immersion Programs

Program Overview
Dual Language Immersion is a unique educational program offered in Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) that builds student bilingualism and biliteracy in two languages. In Franklin-McKinley School District we offer:
  • Spanish Dual Language Immersion 
  • Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion
Dual Language Immersion Programs integrate native English speaking and target language learners (i.e. Vietnamese or Spanish speaking students) in the same classroom. The teacher provides academic instruction through two languages, one of which is the primary language of each group. Students continue to learn standards-based content while they become fluent in two languages; linguistically and academically.
Both Spanish and Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Programs are hosting information meetings for families interested in enrolling their children for the Fall of 2024. Children must be of Kindergarten age in the Fall of 2024 to participate. Families do not need to live within the Franklin-McKinley School District boundaries to participate. 
For Fall 2024, Dual Immersion Programs will be offered at the following schools:
  • Jeanne R. Meadows (Spanish):  Grades K-4
  • Windmill Springs Elementary (Vietnamese):  Grades K-5
For additional information on enrollment and eligibility requirements, please attend one of the upcoming Information Meetings / Classroom Tours.  

Program Goals

The goals of each program include:
  • Academic achievement in English and Spanish or Vietnamese 
  • Language skills in English and Vietnamese for students who speak Vietnamese AND for students who speak English and wish to learn Vietnamese as a second language.
  • Language skills in English and Spanish for students who speak Spanish AND for students who speak English and wish to learn Spanish as a second language.
  • Multicultural understanding     

Benefits of Dual Language Immersion

Students will: 

The goals of each program include:
  • Achieve high academic achievement in two languages
  • Speak fluently in two languages
  • Be equipped with skills to succeed in a global economy
  • Foster cross-cultural competency
  • Gain a competitive edge for college, scholarships, and career opportunities
  • Build leadership and self-confidence
  • Develop strong school and family connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Vietnamese Dual Language Program located?
Windmill Springs School (2880 Aetna Way, San Jose, CA), a Transitional Kindergarten to 8th grade school. Learn more about Windmill Springs School here
Where is the Spanish Dual Language Program located?
Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary (1250 Taper Lane, San Jose, CA), a Transitional Kindergarten to 6th grade school. You can click on the link to learn more about the Spanish Dual Immersion at Meadows.
Who can participate?
Each program will be enrolling children who will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall of 2024. Children must turn 5 on or before September 1, 2024 to be eligible. 
Do you have to live within the Franklin-McKinley School District area to enroll your child?
No. Children do not need to live within the Franklin-McKinley School District boundaries to participate. Priority will be given to children living within the District boundaries. However, families with children who live outside the District boundaries can submit a transfer request with their District of residence to enroll their child in this program. 
Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program Brochures
Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Program Brochures

Meet Our Dual Immersion Team Members 

Contact Person Title Phone Number
Amy Black
(Speaks English)
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services (408) 283-6045
Educational Services
(408) 283-6188
Educational Services Division
645 Wool Creek Drive, San Jose, CA 95112

Commemorating Black April at FMSD

Dear Franklin-McKinley community, 
Every year we commemorate Black April with activities at FMSD, recognizing the impact of the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975. This event represents a dark chapter in the history of Vietnam and is referred to as “Black April” by the overseas Vietnamese communities, including our Vietnamese American neighbors right here in San José. This year, in remembrance of the 47th Anniversary of Black April, we held a special event at Windmill Springs Elementary School, which offers a Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Program.  
We honor the resiliency of Vietnamese communities, and we recognize their contributions to society. Thank you to everyone who participated in this commemoration of Black April at FMSD.  
Juan Cruz 
Interested in learning more about Dual Language in FMSD? Click on the button to submit your interest!
Dual Language Interest Form
Spanish Dual Language Immersion Information Meetings / Classroom Tours 
Meeting Location:  
Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary 
1250 Taper Ln.
San Jose, CA 95122
Meeting Time:
8:30 am - 9:30 am 
Meeting Dates: 
Wed. Feb. 7, 2024
Tues. Mar. 12, 2024
Tues. Apr. 9, 2024 
Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Information Meetings / Classroom Tours
Meeting Location:  
Windmill Springs Elementary 
2880 Aetna Way
San Jose, CA 95121
Meeting Time:
8:30 am - 9:30 am 
Meeting Dates: 
Dec. 14, 2023
Jan. 18, 2024
Feb. 15, 2024
Mar. 21, 2024