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Schools to Remain Open during Current Air Quality Conditions

Students are safer and better served indoors within our schools. At this time, schools in Santa Clara County are not closing. The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) is providing this guidance after consultation with Santa Clara County School Districts, and the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.
We will be monitoring air quality through and informing schools and after-school programs of the guidelines and recommend that families also stay informed, and be mindful of health concerns. If you or your child is particularly susceptible to respiratory or heart trouble, please follow medical guidelines first.

Due to the unhealthy air quality, the school district is taking the following steps:
  • Keeping students indoors and rescheduling, canceling or relocating to an indoors facilities any previously planned or scheduled outdoor activities.
  • Avoiding prolonged or heavy exertion.
  • We are asking all schools that outdoor and strenuous activity be limited.
  • HVAC vents have been closed wherever possible to prevent outside air from coming into school facilities. 
Please use precautions as recommended by Santa Clara County Public Health.
The Environmental Protection Agency makes the following recommendations for outdoor activity.
Following the recommendations from the Food and Drug Administration, N-95 respirators are not recommended for use for children as they may not fit properly.