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McKinney-Vento Families in Transition

The Franklin-McKinley School District strives to provide quality education, opportunities, and services to children and youth facing homelessness. Homeless students have the right to: Go to school, no matter where they live now or how long they have lived there; Start school immediately, even if they are missing records and documents normally required for enrollment; Attend the neighborhood school closest to where they currently live, or attend their school of origin.

For families who qualify, the McKinney-Vento program can provide additional support for students who are experiencing barriers because of challenging financial circumstances.

Franklin-McKinley works in collaboration with local school districts to ensure that homeless students are enrolled in and attend school, have opportunities to receive needed assistance, and are given the opportunities to succeed in all areas of school life, including academics, athletics, clubs, and events.

To learn more about federal law specifically protecting the rights of students facing homelessness, and which the District supports under the law, please contact the office of Student Wellness & Support Services at (408) 283-6092.

(BP 6173-Education for Homeless Children)

(AR 6173-Education for Homeless Children)

Contact Person Title Phone Number
Jennifer Klassen Director/ McKinney-Vento Liaison (408) 283-6094