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Complaints About Instructional Materials or Facilities

Williams Act Complaint

A Williams Complaint allows a student, family, teacher, or any member of the public, to file grievances regarding K-12 schools for:

  • Insufficient textbooks and instructional materials
  • Teacher vacancy or misassignment
  • Facility conditions

For Preschool/Early Education, complaints may be filed about the following categories:

  • The preschool does not have outdoor shade that is safe and in good repair.
  • Drinking water is not accessible and/or readily available throughout the day.
  • The preschool does not provide safe and sanitary restroom facilities with one toilet and handwashing fixture for every 15 children.
  • Restroom facilities are not available only for preschoolers and kindergartners.
  • The preschool program does not provide visual supervision of children at all times.
  • Indoor or outdoor space is not properly contained or fenced or does not provide sufficient space for the number of children using the space at any given time.
  • Playground equipment is not safe, in good repair, or age appropriate.

Please visit for more information from the California Department of Education concerning the Williams Lawsuit Settlement

Board Policy and Administrative Regulation

FMSD 1312.4 Administrative Regulation/Exhibit 1