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LGBTQQIA+ Student Rights at Your School

n California, public schools are legally mandated to follow California Education Code that supports LGBTQQIA+ students, and ensure that schools are safe and inclusive learning environments. 

The FMSD community is dedicated to:

  1. Treat students equally, prevent and respond to reports of bullying, harassment, and discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
  2. Respect students' dress and behavior that does not conform to stereotypes associated with their gender, with respect to the student dress code.
  3. Refer students by the gender pronoun(s) and name that fits their gender identity according to the student.
  4. Provide access to school activities and facilities, such as locker rooms and restrooms, that fit with their gender identity.
  5. Implement and provide access to gender-neutral restrooms, dress code policies, and classroom practices.
  6. Provide students opportunities to speak out about LGBTQQIA+ issues, including wearing LGBTQQIA+-affirming t-shirts, stickers and bracelets, and access information about LGBTQQIA+ issues on school computers, and to bring same-gender dates to prom.
  7. Support the LGBTQQIA+-related student clubs.
  8. Respect the student’s individual choice to be "out" and be themselves at school, and seek their permission of when and to whom staff can discuss their LGBTQQIA+ identity.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of bullying or harassment in a District program or activity, please report the incident directly to your school site administrator. 

You may also report the incident by filing a Uniform Complaint.  

Board Policies and Administrative Regulations