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Picture of Superintendent Juan Cruz

Superintendent Juan Cruz has called San Jose home for the past 24 years. He attended San Jose State University where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership.

During his term as a student at San Jose State University, Superintendent Cruz began working in education by serving Migrant Education students while working for California Mini-Corps and then directly with the Migrant Education Program at the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Superintendent Cruz worked with elementary and middle school students in the Oak Grove Elementary School District and then eventually moved on to working with high school students in the East Side Union High School District.

He had the good fortune of serving and growing professionally in the East Side Union High School District for 18 years. Mr. Cruz completed his student teaching at Yerba Buena High School and subsequently was hired to teach Social Science at Yerba Buena High School.

After teaching for seven years, Mr. Cruz left Yerba Buena High School as he accepted the position of Associate Principal of Educational Development at Piedmont Hills High School. Shortly thereafter, he returned to serve for nearly seven years as Principal at Yerba Buena High School. Then, he had the opportunity to serve as Principal at Santa Teresa High School for eight months until his appointment as Associate Superintendent of Educational Services for the East Side Union High School District. He held this position for three years until his appointment as Superintendent for Franklin-McKinley School District in July 2015. 

Name   Phone Number   E-Mail   Fax Number
Juan Cruz, Superintendent   (408)283-6006   (408)283-6022
Cathe Mati, Executive Assistant   (408)283-6006   cathe.mati@   (408)283-6022