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Facilities Maintenance & Auxiliary Services

The Facilities, Maintenance & Auxiliary Services department provides essential functions to ensure safe, functional, and well-maintained environments. This includes planning, construction, maintenance, custodial, security, energy management, waste disposal, event support, and more. The department ensures compliance with regulations, offers technical support, and manages budgets and resources for optimal facility operation.


Empowering the future through meticulous planning, skilled construction, vigilant maintenance, and efficient operation of secure, effective, and nurturing physical environments within the Franklin-McKinley School District. Our aim is to cultivate global learners by providing children with academically enriching spaces where safety and well-being flourish. We remain committed to ceaselessly seeking improvement, enhancing campus facilities, and elevating grounds for the holistic benefit of students, staff, and the broader community.


To shape environments that inspire growth and learning, as we embark on a journey to foster safe, innovative, and conducive spaces. Through our unwavering dedication, the Facilities & Maintenance Department envisions campuses where each child's potential is nurtured, staff thrive, and communities unite to create an optimal atmosphere for education. As a result, our collective efforts propel children towards becoming empowered global learners, equipped to excel in an ever-evolving world.


Meet the Team


Lou Anne Castillo

Facilities, Maintenance & Auxiliary Services
Lou Anne Castillo-Tran
Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Auxiliary Services

Jesse Vasquez

Maintenance & Grounds
Jesse Vasquez
Building Maintenance Supervisor
(408) 283-6488

Dario Lomeli

Custodial & Safety 
Dario Lomeli
Supervisor, Custodial
(408) 283-6037

Romeo Baniaga Jr.

Purchasing, Warehouse, Reprographics & Capital Projects
Romeo Baniaga Jr.
Purchasing, Warehouse, Reprographics & Capital Projects Supervisor
(408) 283-6088

Cynthia Barron

Cynthia Barron
Transportation Supervisor
(408) 283-6070