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School Accountability Report Cards

A School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is required by the California Department of Education to be published by February of each year for the most recently completed school year for each school in the district.

The profile provides information about the school and its students including demographic data, school safety information, academic achievement data, school completion rates, class sizes, teacher and staff information, curriculum and instruction information, postsecondary preparation information, and fiscal and expenditure data.

2022-2023 SARCs

The 2022-2023 SARCs were approved by the Board of Trustees at their regular meeting on January 23, 2024.

Hard Copy Availability

Hard copies are available upon request at your school office, the District Office, or by email request at 

SARCs - English

2022-23 SARC Bridges

2022-23 SARC CCA

2022-23 SARC Dahl

2022-23 SARC Franklin

2022-23 SARC Hellyer

2022-23 SARC Kennedy

2022-23 Lairon

2022-23 Los Arboles

2022-23 McKinley

2022-23 Meadows 

2022-23 Ramblewood

2022-23 Santee

2022-23 Shirakawa

2022-23 Stonegate

2022-23 Sylvandale

2022-23 Windmill Springs

SARCs - Spanish

SARCs - Vietnamese