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We are committed to fostering strong parent, school, and community partnerships. Educating our youth is a shared responsibility among parents, schools, and the community. Franklin-McKinley School District partners with public and private organizations which align to support the District’s educational strategies. Organizations who would like to partner with the District should consider the following:

  • Partnership must be tied to educational outcomes (i.e. Students graduate college and career ready, Increased English Language proficiency,)

  • Partnership must be tied to family or community engagement (i.e. Students are healthy, Parents become proficient in English, Students have essential resources for school-readiness)

These guidelines were established to facilitate and assist in the coordination of collaborative efforts between community agencies and Franklin-McKinley School District. While we welcome quality collaborative efforts, the primary purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that efforts align with the FMSD core educational outcomes and services.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 408-283-6006