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Donate to Franklin-McKinley School District

In-kind gifts

Our schools welcome donations, but their needs vary depending on the grade level and existing resources. To make a gift, please contact our schools directly. Click here for a full list of schools. 

Donating computer hardware

The District is committed to providing a 21st Century learning environment for all students and welcomes hardware donations. In order to provide computer-related support to our schools in an effective and efficient manner, it is important the computers across the District meet the following standards.

Please check the following minimum requirements for donated computers prior to offering equipment for use in a school. These requirements change from time to time so it is always best to ask your school to contact the Information Technology Department to ensure compatibility and support at 408-283-6220.


A minimum of 4 GB


*Intel i5 or greater

Hard drive size

200 GB

Operating system

OSX 10 or higher, iOS 9 or higher


DVD drive and/or USB port (2.0 or higher)


Must have an installed network card that attaches to a network with a network cable; USB wireless network access devices are excluded; Laptops must have an “on board” wireless card.

I.T. Department Comments

iPad or Chromebooks are of high need and the most compatible forms of technology currently used across the District. New Microsoft Windows computers are accepted.

School personnel must contact the Information Technology Department and request assistance in evaluating donated equipment prior to its acceptance.

Donating gifts that require special installation

If special installation of equipment, such as playground equipment, is necessary, the FMSD Director of Maintenance & Auxiliary Services must first give approval before the gift can be accepted.

Other ways to donate

Interested in providing other types of donations to the District or a school such as corporate matches or listing us as a donation beneficiary within your company's corporate giving program? Please contact the Director of Community Relations at (408) 283-6259 for these types of opportunities and/or to set up a meeting to discuss further.