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Community Use of Facilities

Franklin-McKinley School District offers the opportunity to rent facility space for community events. Some examples include sports leagues, community events, and educational events. If you are interested in renting facility space, please contact Kayin Ferranti, Executive Assistant of Business Services, at (408) 283-6020 or email at 

The Franklin-McKinley School District is pleased to announce a new online facility request and rental system designed to provide a convenient and accessible user experience. With our new online system, reservation requests can be easily submitted and quickly reviewed by the district. Renters have the opportunity to view facility photos and descriptions, see real-time availability, get estimated quotes, and pay online. To view the district's available facilities, please click the link below for more info:  


If you need any assistance setting up an account and/or placing a facility use request, please contact Facilitron at:, or by calling them directly at 800-272-2962.

Use of District Facilities

Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) facilities are provided primarily for the education of students. District facilities are available for community use when the activity is consistent with the best interest of the District and does not interfere with FMSD educational programs. The District does not rent facilities for personal parties, including weddings.

Use of Facilities Classifications and Fees

Group 1 District and school-sponsored groups, clubs such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, student body, PTA, and school employee associations. Users in this group may use district facilities at no cost, Monday through Friday. As long as the custodian is present, and the event does not take away from the custodian’s normal duties there will be no charge to this group. Weekend and after hours requires custodian rate of $60 an hour.
Group 2 Department or agencies of local municipal governments. Community organizations, clubs and associations with 501c3 status (documentation is required prior to approval of application). Government agencies not charging fees or when use is for a community meeting, including non-profit organizations operating for the benefit of youth of the community.
Group 3 Businesses, insurance agencies, recreation leagues, religious organizations, book readings and signings, including profit organizations. This group consists of organizations that are engaged in recreational, educational, political, economic, artistic, civic or moral activities which conduct their meetings for their own membership or personal gain.

Custodial Fee

All Weekend and Holiday usage at school sites and the District Office require a custodian. Custodial overtime will be charged at a rate of $60.00 an hour off hours and $100 an hour for holidays and weekends, with a mandatory four-hour minimum for both off hours and holidays/weekends requests. A custodian is required for off hours, all weekend and holiday requests. Use of restrooms requires a custodian.

Please note that there may be additional charges for custodial services if extra cleaning is needed beyond the regular cleaning after the use of facilities.

Facilities Fee


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

School Site Multi-Purpose Room No charge, Mon-Fri  $30 per hour $60 per hour
School Site Parking Lot No charge, Mon-Fri $20 per hour $30 per hour
School Site Fields No charge, Mon-Fri $50 per use $60 per use
School Site Asphalt/Playgrounds No charge, Mon-Fri $20 per use $30 per use
District Office Board Room No charge, Mon-Fri $45 per hour $90 per hour

**Sur-charges may be applied for off hours, weekends, and holidays.

Insurance Requirements

In order to use any facilities at school sites or the District Services Office, a certificate of insurance is necessary. The person or organization renting the facilities must upload a copy of their Certificate of Insurance (COI) to Facilitron for validation. Any applications for facility use will not be reviewed until a COI has been validated. Below is a general insurance requirement for reference, but additional insurance may be necessary depending on the activities involved in using the facilities.

General Aggregate

Commercial General Liability



Sexual Abuse or Molestation




Certificate Holder must list exactly as:                                                                                                     

 Franklin-McKinley School District 645 Wool Creek Dr. San Jose, CA 95112

Additional Insured must be listed as:

 Franklin-McKinley School District 645 Wool Creek Dr. San Jose, CA 95112

The Additional Insured Endorsement must be noted on a separate form that accompanies each insurance (Accord) certificate.