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Become A Vendor

Become a Vendor for Franklin-McKinley School District

Franklin-McKinley School District ("District") welcomes new organizations interested in conducting business with the District. Please review our Vendor's Guide for a quick overview on the District's purchasing process. 

The Franklin-McKinley School District ("District") extends a warm welcome to new organizations, companies and entities eager to engage in business opportunities with us. Please take a moment to review our Vendor's Guide, offering a concise overview of the District's seamless purchasing process. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you.

Vendor Application

Vendor Application

For construction-related vendor application, please scroll down below and subit your application for CUPCCAA Contractor Application or Pre-qualification application below.

Contractor Pre-Qualification via Quality Bidders

California Assembly Bill (AB) 1465 took effect on January 1, 2014. AB 1565 requires all General Contractors and M/E/P subcontractors to be pre-qualified if the project is valued at one million ($1,000,000) or more and funded whole or in part with State Facility Bonds.

Public Contract Code 20111.5 enables district to require General Prime Contractor to be pre-qualified prior to accepting bids. In addition, in applicable projects, General Contractors - contractors holding A & B licenses, Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing subcontractors holding C-4, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-38, C-42, C-43, and C-46 are required to be pre-qualified.

The District must receive the completed application at least ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled bid opening on any advertised project in order for the candidate to qualify. Pre-qualification will remain valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of Notice of Qualification except as noted in the pre-qualification documents.

Pre-Qualification Application
Pre-Qualfication Application

To view the current list of pre-qualified contractors, please click here.
To view the Appeals Process, please click here.


Contractor CUPCCAA Application via Quality Bidders

The Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) adopted the California Uniform Purchasing Construction Cost Accounting Act CUPCCAA Regulations as per Board Resolution. FMSD is now accepting applications from vendors who wish to participate in the CUPCCAA program.

CUPCCAA Contractor Application
CUPCCAA Contractor Application

To view the current list of CUPCCAA contractors, please click here.
To view the Appeals Process, please click here.


Franklin-McKinley School District has contracted with Colbi Technologies to provide an online pre-qualification platform called Quality Bidders. For detailed instructions in completing your application, please contact Romeo Baniaga or Quality Bidders Support for any questions about the use of Quality Bidders. Thank you for your interest in doing business with FMSD.

Board Policies

Please review the Board Policies below prior to submitting your application. For more information on Government Contracting, click here for California Public Contract Code Section 20110-20118.4.

You may also contact the Purchasing Department at 408-283-6475 or by sending an email to To continue becoming a vendor for the District, please click the Vendor Application below.