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Welcome to Franklin-McKinley School District Bid Page, where excellence meets opportunity. Explore our competitive proposals tailored to your needs, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation. Let's build success together.

Bid No. 2024-1834
Windmill Springs School Portable Addition 

Bid No. 2024-1824R
Lighting Replacement at Dahl Elementary

Bid No. 2024-1826
Sylvandale Track & Field Replacement

Bid No. 2024-1827
Bridges Track & Field Replacement

Bid No. 2024-1830
Shirakawa Frontage Fencing Replacement

Bid No. 2024-1831
Santee Paging System Replacement

Bid No. 2024-1829
Hydration Station Various Sites

Bid No. 2024-1828
Los Arboles Roofing

Bid No. 2023-1825
Freezer and Refrigerator Mechanical Unit Replacement District Service Center-Warehouse

Bid No. 2023-1812 
Roofing Restoration for Sylvandale Middle School