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Communications Hill School Site Project

The City of San José approved the Communications Hill Project Development as a dense, highly urbanized, pedestrian-oriented residential neighborhood with industrial park uses. The proposed project at Communications Hill is designed in accordance with the parameters of both the Specific Plan and the Envision San José 2040 General Plan.

A new school within Franklin-McKinley School District is also envisioned within the Communications Hill Project Development.  FMSD is working with the City of San José, landowners, and various developers to bring the new school into this new community.

FMSD will provide various updates on this webpage to keep our community informed on the proposed school site for the Communications Hill School.

Proposed Layout for the School Site

Communications Hill School - Development Plan

Major Events

August 2022 - Final PEA submitted to DTSC (Department of Toxic Substance Control), and the board accepted the latest Communication Hill Update.

June 2022 - The board accepted the information from Staff and Consultants and the comments provided during the Public Hearing on the PEA report. 

March 2022 - Contract for Preliminary Site Investigation/DTSC Determination with MCI

January 2022 - Scheduled DTSC/FMSD Communication Hill Scoping Meeting for the Preliminary Environmental Assessment Equivalent.

December 2021 - Entered an Environmental Oversight Agreement/Schools Clean Up Agreement with the Department of Toxic Control. 

September 2021 - District completed Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire land from Communications Hill Landowner based on various District requirements; Sent LOI to Landowner, Developer, and landowner’s Legal Council for feedback and signature.

May to July 2021 - Met with CDE on Site Review Process and feasibility to receive State Matching Funds.

April 2021 - The board passed a resolution declaring intent to acquire the land on Communications Hill from the owner to build the school (based on specific requirements being met).

July 2020 - Placeworks completed Health Risk Assessment related to carcinogens

June 2020 - Title 5 Geo & Safety Hazard Evaluation completed

Feb - Mar 2020 - Viability Assessment; Passed Bond Measure R to raise $80m for FMSD (some of which is earmarked for Communications Hill)

January 2020 - EMF Survey and Field Management Plan completed

November 2019 - Contracted with School Site Solutions for California Environmental Quality Act Compliance and CDE Approval Services

November 2018 – MCI and SFA to review soil results and consider what the District needs KB must perform to move forward with plans for a school.

September 2018 – Update demographic study with a focus on students generated by Communication Hill

July 2018 – Contracted with Cornerstone Earth Group and SFA to perform soil testing on-site to determine feasibility study.  

June 2018 - Awarded Architectural Services to Sugimura Finney Architects