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Bond Measures & Developer Fees

Welcome to the heart of our commitment – a showcase of the transformative work we undertake to create vibrant, inclusive, and inspiring environments for the schools and communities within the Franklin-McKinley School District ("FMSD"). Our mission is far-reaching; we are dedicated to providing top-tier facilities that not only nurture learning but also foster deep community engagement and uplift lives. The funding for these endeavors stems from the successful passage of Measure H in 2016 and Measure R in 2020, which stands as a testament to the unwavering support of the Franklin-McKinley School District community.

Through these measures, the City of San Jose and the FMSD community send a resounding message – education is not only treasured, but it is also integral to the thriving fabric of our community. In line with our commitment to transparency and sustainability, our initiatives are driven by these guiding principles.

Should you have any questions or seek information about our innovative bond and school modernization projects, please feel free to reach out to Lou Anne Castillo-Tran, Director of Maintenance & Auxiliary Services, at (408) 283-6088. Your engagement fuels our mission, and together, we continue to shape the future of education within our community.

Measure R - 2024 Construction Projects

Measure R - 2023 Construction Projects

Measure R - 2022 Construction Projects