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Board Meeting Audio Transcription 3.12.19

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Okay, the meeting will come to order and we have one board member who is calling in board member. Yeah, there's there is a script I need to read and I don't have it with me. So I think we might have it. Hold on here. One moment before we do the flag salute.

Okay, so I would like to announce for the record that this meeting is being conducted pursuant to California code California government government code section 54956.9 concerning teleconferencing of meetings County Board member. Carrie. Rosato is participating in this meeting by speakerphone are actually Google meeting from the address that in I guess you're in Washington in accordance with the brown act this location has been identified on the agenda for this meeting. I would like to ask counsel. I mean to ask board member Carrie was out of to respond to the following questions. Are you able to hear our proceedings on this on your end? Yes, you have a copy of the agenda for the meeting. Yes. How's the agenda been posted at your location? Yes is your location such that any member of the public could participate in the public portions of this?

Conference meeting from the locate your location. Yes members of the board. Are you able to hear board member Kerry rosada?

Thank you, because we are having a meeting with teleconferencing all actions will be by roll call vote.

So we will proceed with the meeting and we will start with the flag salute and the flag salute will be conducted by Ramblewood School.

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand and remove your hats for the presentation of the colors?

Color Guard advance

Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance ready begin. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Prepare to post prepare to post the colors.

Post the colors

Color Guard dismissed

Thank you. Please be seated.

Hello, my name is hidden and I'm here with my father.

Hello, I am Valentina you in I'm here with my father.

My name is ksenia and I'm here with my dad.

My name is Jasmine the win. I'm the house leader of sofas and I came here with my father. My name is Johnny. I'm the house leader of La Voz and I was here with my mom.

My name is Vanessa and I'm the house leader of clavos, and I'm here with my Mom Dad Grandma and brother.

Hey, we are now an item 4.02. Are there any approve disapprove additions to the agenda?

Seeing none. We will move to item 4.03 approve disapprove order of the agenda.

Item 4.04 reporter the action taken in closed session.

The board unanimously approved the February 26 2019 closed session minutes. There are no other actions to report.

Thank you. Superintendent Cruz. We are now an item Five Point by point zero oral Communications members of the public May address the board on any issue within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board or agenda items members of the public may also address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with for biologic. Ninety three twenty three individual remarks will be limited to three minutes.

No action can be taken on any agenda items at this time questions may be referred to the administration or put on a future agenda. And we do have one person on the signed up to address the board Scott Shuman.

Good evening.

I'm going to speak tonight regarding the district second interim budget presentation and bring out what I see to be some of the highlights and as happens at times. I feel like I'm stealing some of assistant superintendents Vance Thunder here. But if you guys want to put me after his full presentation, I'll be happy to let him do the overview and said of my quick bullet points, but I do want to give my take on it before you're more complete presentation from assistant superintendent van. It's I always await these interim reports eagerly, especially when we're bargaining because it's great to see a snapshot of where things are and what really jumps out in this report is how much better off we are as a district now than at the time of the first interim we were going to be according to the projections of the time of the first interim going from our 18.5 million dollar Reserve down to 15 million by the end of this year.

Deficit spending 3.5 million dollars as of the first interim. That's now we are only set to deficit spend down to Seventeen point five million. In other words just a drop of 1 million instead of 3.5 million. So this year alone were looking at a 1 million draw instead of a 3.5 million dollar drop. That's a huge increase in what the district looking at in terms of a decrease in Lost revenue for next year. The district had been looking at dropping from 15 million 29.7 billion a huge drop and I'm talking about total restricted and unrestricted funding now after the first interim that drop will go from Seventeen point five to thirteen point two million. So still a drop it ending 13.2 that third year out 2021 that had put the district in the qualified position during the first interim. We were set to go from nine point seven million to 4 million now, it's we're ending that.

21-year with eight point eight million. So that's an increase that third year out of four point eight million dollars from the first interim to Second interim the district now basically has in the Surplus. I want to be clear. There's still a deficit. I'm not not trying to say that there's not a deficit the district still has a structural deficit and there will have to be either a lot more money from the state or feds or more Cuts, but I was in this District when we survived the Great Recession and the cuts were so deep. I saw really what happens at that level and we added a lot of programs and and a lot of things that I know they're all going to hurt. But the reality is we're going to have to downsize our district a little bit more to stop the deficit spending. I thought it was really interesting to look back at the 1617 year two years ago right now during the second interim the district actually started that year with 18 point six million.

I was just like this year at that point the projection during the second interim was to end this current year with 7.2 million dollars. Of course now our second interim shows. We're going to have 10 million dollars more than that. We're going to end this year with Seventeen point five million dollars. So we're ten million dollars above the projections from two years ago and the second interim we lost all those students and we added all those raises to bargaining units and administration that were not included in the budgetary assumptions and we still are 10 million dollars ahead of projections. I'm not saying that the district is doing something Shady with the money. We're very clear on the conservative expectations and assumptions that the that the board and that the assistant superintendent has to take to make sure the district remains solvent. I don't think there's any slight of hand but I do want to really highlight the extent to which the conservative assumptions really are at variance with the ultimate realities again, and again in this District in terms of

Watching us deficit spend we have been deficit spending but not at the levels that we've been afraid would occur. It's been very minor. Although last year was a relatively large deficit expenditure, but nothing close to what was projected. So it's just that the projections of the deficits have not been borne out in reality and that's why my bargaining unit always has some level of skepticism when we are told year after year what we can't afford this raise. We can't afford that raised. The district is going to go bankrupt or on the brink of going bankrupt because we watched in the long term how these numbers play out and they continue to play out such that the district lines up with a much better fiscal situation than what was projected. So that's what I wanted to say. Thank you very much.

Okay, is there anybody else who would like to speak to the board during oral comments Communications?

Seeing none. We'll move on to item number six informational discussion and or action items and the first item is our the school safety plans and I believe you want me to turn it over to you one. I believe we have two schools. It would like to so further board's request. We did ask both CCA and bridges to to be present to answer any questions the board may have as the board did not get an opportunity to ask them of them in the study session other rest of these safety plans. The board has already asked questions and we've gotten some additional questions from board members and clarified some of those things. And so we bring these forward for the board for approval.

Okay, so we have two schools right that right. We have ccam Bridges right yesterday. You can't see them because they're so why don't we bring up Bridges first? And if anyone has any questions, they would like to ask regarding their safety plan will start with them first.

Well, they're just going to need a presentation or anything just

Very bad memory. I need to see it. You want to say anything to start it out or you just hi anybody have any questions regarding?

The bridge of safety plan

I know I had sent some questions and I appreciate the clarification via email and just really quickly though. I appreciated the focus on intrinsic motivation and safety plan and one of the questions that

It's not about chronic absenteeism. And the question on the strategies to address chronic absenteeism that have been implemented this year your response with yes and no can you elaborate on that a little bit? So one of the strategies we wanted to use was the meetings and bringing kids and talking to kids what's going on at home? What's going on in your life? Is there something going on at school? Is there a reason you are avoiding school and the other piece of art that strategy would bring the parents in and and same questions for parents and trying to find out sort of the root cause of why they are not coming to school and so the yes and no was because yes, we're bringing the kids in and we're having the conversations with the kids about what is getting in the way and trying to find ways to help support them with that. We're having a struggle getting the parents to come in. So we set up, you know, I'll have a full day set up for just meetings around chronic absenteeism and I can set 20 meetings and maybe get to parents to show up.

So that's where for in the future the rest of this year and next year. We're really looking at what do we need to do to restructure so that we can get the parents to come in. Do we need to hold them on Saturdays? Do we need to take a Saturday? And we just try and bring everybody in on Saturday. Do we need to doing it at it later in the evening? Because right now we do it during the school day. So that's why it's a yes and no we are taking care of it on the student side. It's we're struggling to get the parents to commit and then you had outlined some of the root causes for there any specific ways that you're addressing those root causes and those were the work not getting done during independent studies students being marked late first period are calling student in sick any of those instances. So independent studies is a big problem for our school with students not doing the work.

And we have talked about you know, what can we do to fix it? We honestly haven't come up with an answer. We talked to the kids before they leave we talk to the parents before they leave we talk to them about the importance of turning the work in and then if you don't turn the work in it turns into an unexcused absence. We've explained sort of that cause-and-effect situation. It doesn't seem to be helping it continues to be a struggle. We don't know how to fix the problem. So that's something that we keep kind of trying to figure out because independent studies. We lose a lot of ADA when kids go on independent studies because they're not doing the work. They're just not getting it done and then oh the kids coming late because they're dropping siblings up. So that's where we are having a conversation. It hasn't I mean I've talked about it to some people at the district but not in a formal way in any way more of a just fact-finding at this point and we've started having the conversation at some of our parent meetings to get input from parents about what they think about possibly starting 10, 15 minutes later.

Because we do know that Santy we have a lot of students who will we have a good number of students who drop their siblings off at Santi or parents that drop off its auntie and you can't drop your kids off at Santi before eight so eight is the earliest and we start at 8:00. So if you have to drop your sibling off at 8, you will never make it to school on time. So that's one thing that we're looking at. We have to check in to transfer still a lot of information to get to find out if that would work or not.

We've also done the parents calling students in sick. We my one of the secretaries is amazing at calling parents. I mean she gets on it like this when kids are unexcused absences, but we have a lot of parents that are I mean, they're really busy and they have a lot going on and they just forget so she tries to call and say Hey, you know, where is he and tries to get that doctor's note if it's necessary what have you but that's also part of it is just not making those phone calls and part of this, you know again if we could get the parents to come in it would help for some of that to have that conversation.

Thank you for sharing.

You have questions charge on a real quick.

Terms of the upon a healthy kid survey

If Staffing kind of go over those things have come out.

If some of the things that came out to me, well basic the Baseline of data 2.1 is this incident from 16 percent of 10th grade students feel that the things they do in school make no or very low

2.2 says 85% of seventh grade students feel they have no or very little decision-making regards to school activities rules and 2.3 says 95% of seventh grade students feel they have little or it'll say making decision like

Did you stop kind of go over this all these cops? What do you think came out of that? So we did it in two parts. So first we took the entire report which is enormous and we took it with our ilt and we broke it into sections and we pick the top six fish around six areas through our ilt that were affecting students the most and would affect them in their education and their and their school experience and then we took those six to our staff we made the survey available. So if they want to just look at it they can but we took the six that we thought were the most important we had our ilt lead the discussions each one took one of those sections and we really dug into what do we need to do as a school and what plans do we need to make so some of the things that came out of that was, you know, are we making sure at the beginning of the year that kids have a say in what is happening within the class?

Because some of it that came out was I don't feel connected to school. I don't feel like I have a say in anything. So what are we doing in the classroom to try and help them feel like they have a say there was a lot in there about gender identity. So we're working with youth space to come and help us start a GSA and bringing more awareness to our staff and figuring out like how we can really make that more supportive for our students. So that's that's sort of what we did with it is we took the top six and then took that to the staff and then really brainstormed as a staff. What can we do now? What do we need to do next year?

Thank you. Just one more thing in terms of dimensions in here. We should work in the social worker meeting with all the kids. How is that going? How many kids have have they met with everybody or just the ones a lot then I would say the majority. Okay, so he meets with kids who are in crisis, but he also meets with kids who are having conflicts with peers and he works mediations with them. He also works with families that call in and say we're having struggles with them were having crisis at home. So he brings those students in when new especially now that school has gotten started any new students that come in he meets with them to kind of how are you doing? Why are you here? But in a nice way, right? I'm like trying to find out do they need supports before it just keeps going and becomes a problem, right?

One more thing in terms of your relationship with when I was a kid will end up. What are you doing tandem not enough, but we're working on it. Yeah. Yeah. So we so we do College and Career night and Tom comes out to us and and does a presentation around High School good for the kids and the families Lauren went and had a meeting. We talked about some of their clubs coming over to us after school as a way to sort of bridge that Gap they come every year and they speak with our eighth graders about signing up for classes and building the gap between eighth grade going into 9th grade. And what courses they need to take and a 3G and how to stay on track and then we also have and I have completely gone blank. So forgive me. I can't remember the name of the company right now off the top of my head, but Silverdale and bridges are working with an organization that want to put together something for two weeks in June and it would it's a

And between eighth grade and freshman year and also, that's it. Thank you. And so that would be held at YB y YB teachers and so that again is another something to try and build that Gap. It makes the kids feel more comfortable and they take the big step. Yeah, and we used to take them on why bees campus and give them a tour and we can't do that anymore.

There was an issue last year.

Thank you, and you have any questions?

Gary you have any questions

Yes regarding goal. Number two under strategies. I noticed there was another corporative meditation that something that you would consider.

We actually do meditation in some of our classes. We definitely feel as though you have to buy into meditation, right? You can't lead a meditation if you don't believe in meditation, so we have started it out for sort of mindfulness moments. So we have maybe half our staff is really bought into it and they start every class with just some deep breathing and some mindful meditation. We also have a teacher that does yoga on Fridays with the students at lunchtime if they want to join the yoga Club, so we definitely talk about it. It's something we talked about in our in our staff meetings. We talk about mindfulness. We talked about ways to calm students and help them to refocus after lunch is a big one, but it's about half our staff is doing it right now. It's a work in progress It's building.



Very ingenious. I know that was it. Okay. Okay, and then also I have one question or a might lead to to so

Your your Baseline for goal number three was there's no incidents in the parking lots and I happened to drive by there almost every day up exhausting because I live on McLaughlin and I've got to say that the drill hole drop off. I almost feel like maybe because enrollments down there. There's it's not as busy as it used to be. So it seems like you guys are handling it pretty well drop off. Oh man. I think it's because we're very efficient at what we that's great. Then that's what I want to hear. I also heard that Andre I heard that that agreement with Ace is that they drop their students off in the back. Yes. Is that is that working out? Well?

It's fine. I mean, it's 95% of the their kids back. It's a very small number that get dropped in the front Okay, and they they know they're not supposed to so they're real quick. So they get out. So it seems like he's doing a great job at communicating to the parents to drop them off in the back good and then they have that front gate for people who walk which is fine doesn't matter and I do love the crossing guards. They are outstanding. So that's probably one of the least, you know, dangerous traffic patterns I've seen is that Bridges so you guys, you know high-five on getting those done on having working out the efficiency on that do use parent volunteers as well for that.

Is that are out at the beginning? Yeah, so we split up our staff members for their hours. And so we have some in the front and some in the back and some in the quad area. Okay, so we have like a where the crossing guards are. We also have a teacher that's usually out there for 15 minutes or so at the beginning of the day and because it's easier with teachers who know the kids to get them to do what they're supposed to do and then we have another teacher that's up where where the cars are actually dropping off and then we're usually out there barring issues and then we have people in the back also. Yeah. I was wondering why Bridges is always so smooth and I think one of the reasons is because of that stoplight also because that's Top Line because not every car has to stop with the exit to the driveway. They just keep going they just roll out. I'm wondering if up like might not work at all of our schools in front of their exit. I know it's not feasible that I'm just wearing if it might work better. Yeah.

Yeah, exactly. Well, thank you very much. Thank you, Lauren and Lisa will see CA right?

Wasn't so bad was it?

Lisa was all worried right good evening. Good evening. Okay, so we'll start with some questions and tan you have any questions.

Hey, Carrie.

No, no further questions. This is for CCA.

Okay. Okay. All right, George just a couple of comments to I'm in terms of the the putting healthy kids are available. Huh? One of them was sixty-nine percent of the seventh grade students reported chronic sad.

Bliss feelings in the past 12 months. Yes, maybe a little bit sure. So I would say for CCA I would say a majority of our students a lot of high stress more social emotional focus at our site. A lot of our students will put a lot of pressure on themselves due to academics and so my academic counselor and I are working a lot more with the students based on that like just meeting with students and just checking in with them frequently just to see how they're doing because of this reason and a lot of it sometimes when you check in with some of the students it might be that they're just putting a lot of pressure on themselves or they're getting a lot of pressure from home as well to do really well being an accelerated program. So we try to balance that and come up with different strategies on how to cope.

Is certain situations and be able to be more preventative instead of more reactive we have on mindfulness class that one of my teachers offers and so will strategically place students in there who might need that mindfulness class and that happens Monday through Thursday for an hour a day and they'll were my teacher will work with the students in terms of mindfulness. So it could be sometimes they'll do yoga and their or meditating like what Bridges was saying as well and so we'll work with our students in that way. There might be some students who might need a little bit more than mindfulness. And so either my counselor will work with them as well. Maybe possibly depending on the situation and the frequency so they might be with them weekly.

And depending on how long the session is and at times we have to possibly recommend them for outside counseling. We do have Foothill on our site and so it's nice to have that convenience so we can make that recommendation and we've noticed that whenever we have conferences or meetings with our parents or speaking to them over the phone, sometimes they also will ask us if we can make any recommendations for counseling as well. So yes, there is a higher percentage of students who have chronic sadness or hopeless feelings, but we are definitely working to lower that percentage but we do have plans in place to support our students and our families.

Making it says that you doing all those.

Net energy to mention couple programs you're doing I do a lot of training with you.

You do know that training with the kids. So I mean with your staff that is and one of them is Cognito what's called me though. It's an online platform. Actually that our whole district will do in the beginning of the year. Okay? Yeah, and so after stirring that they're referring to that was referred to in this my safety plan, okay, and then also mentions that you're training your underpants on your teachers on D escalation techniques, that's like a two or three-day training or was that a shorter training you do with them. So it was it happened once last year we have done it this year. But but is it that long to take a couple days? I don't it wasn't days right something like that separate separate days. It wasn't all of the time right? Well, that's good. I'm glad you doing all those things and then we also have

Two other trainings for lgbtq, correct suicide awareness, which we actually just recently had and we all do Outreach to Foothill since we have them on site, and it's good. One of their marriage counselors actually was the one to present to our teachers, but thank you for doing all those things because this is kind of a fragile ages you could play with the kids at the transition and, you know from middle school to high school so on, so, it's good that your staff, you know, he's being highly trained in the kids are definitely benefiting. Thank you, Matt training. Thank you.

And thank you for being here to follow up on.

The area that I was looking at was goal one for Baseline 46% of seventh graders felt harassed for any reason. Yeah, so I know you mentioned some of the training around lgbtq is that the primary reason or whatever other reasons be so after we received the data and the results for this since it's a very broad statement harassed for any reason checking in with our students after this because it was it was an alarming number to us. Excuse me.

Some of the students when they're asked will do you understand what harassed means or what the definition of that? What does that look like to you? Some of the students we checked in with they didn't really understand what that really meant. And so we took that into consideration because then we were looking at that were like, okay as a staff. We're not really doing our job to make sure that they're safe but it I felt a little bit better because they were just kind of like, okay. Well, I'm just going to answer this because I need to finish the survey kind of thing. And so in that situation with students we kind of gave them. Well, this is what they're asked we would tell them this is what they're asking you and this is what it means and so for some of the students are like, okay. Well then maybe I shouldn't have answered in that way. So that was good right, but I think in Middle School in general when they were answering that question.

Other kind of was like well this student did too did this to me in class kind of like very basic but to them when we were checking in with students and we checked in with them individually as well to them that was harassment to them. We're in the general definition. It wasn't necessarily it didn't necessarily fall under that category for that case and that side of I understand because I'd write Middle School, right? But just in general was there where there are other issues do you think that are coming up in terms of students that are feeling targeted in any way or was it more just specifically General and I think it was this General because I mean with this statement I can think of like one or two situations, but I don't it would not fall under the 46% Thank you.

So I would like to follow up with that. So the rassman does that also include bullying and also cyberbullying that would that would fall under that category for harassment? Yes. He students experience any cyber bullying. There's probably one case last year that there was a case of cyberbullying and so and it didn't happen just one time for that specific student and then it would happen outside of school through social media and constantly communicating in that way. So we had to tackle that issue right away there and then students are really good about letting us know if they notice something right away. For instance. Like if somebody creates a social media account that there was like a confessions social media account through Instagram and so students.

Share that with us. And so we did a little bit more digging and do a little more research and we're able to take it down right away. Luckily. We talked to a couple students after doing a little bit more questioning or investigating and kind of like got the ball rolling and said one thing to one student and it kind of they kind of will spread the word to other students and so it was taken down right away.

Okay. Yeah, I was asking because I think some students might even if it's something that happens from a fellow student at night. They just call it bullying at school right for harassing. Right? Right. So some of the things like for cyber bullying would happen outside of school after school hours. Okay. Well, thank you very much.

Alright, so this is an action item. So I will accept a motion from anyone on the board.

I make a motion that we accept the to safety plans presented to us tonight bridges in college collagen all of them. I'm sorry Eva. Let me let me take that back. I make a motion that we accept all the safety plans that have been presented to us. Is there a second second?

Yeah, okay, but is there a caveat to that there is just because I want to be sure that the I had sent some clarifying areas and one of them was there certain areas page 33 and 38. That's a like insert dress code policy insert this are those going to be modified to include those insertions. Yes, and one of the areas where we comply with that is now through our student and parent handbook where we are notifying parents of the dress code and all the behavioral things through our parent handbook that gets delivered to them at the beginning of the year. We will reference that so that it's clear that we're complying with that as long as it includes those.

So then it's been moved in been moved and seconded to accept all the safety plans for the entire district with the questions included in the minutes. Okay, so we will go ahead and excuse me proceed to a vote.

And it will be a roll call vote George I name on it. Hi, I'm Gary and I vote aye that is unanimous the motion carries.

Okay, next item on the agenda is the consent items. So we will first go to any comments members of the

Oh, I'm sorry. I actually have already tried to rush our meeting not that important, but our inner Rim is very important. So 6.02 second interim report. Sorry about that Jason. You're very important to us. Thank you.

Before I get started, I just wanted to to thank Scott for stealing my thunder. He walked out great and I appreciate his comments and respect for our team and the work that we do making sure that there is any funny business when it comes to the numbers and he is write the numbers are getting better as yours. Go on. The reason why which wasn't particularly today, I think earlier is the fact that there are changes in the assumptions the governor gets us more money than was there before and we made Cuts those things actually help our bottom line. I think that's something that should be mentioned in this presentation and also as a Counterpoint to any discussions on why do the numbers get bigger than what was previously presented.

And I do want to add this presentation does include the governor's proposal as of January. So that means these are numbers that have multi your projections on assumptions from the governor that have not been passed by the state yet. So these numbers could get worse or the could get better. You'll know we're using the best information that we have at our disposal.

So tonight's goal. Just like every other interim is to talk about why we have interims summarize our budget outline changes since the first interim discuss next steps and this is an action item for the board to approve the second interim.

What are the strengths?

So why do we do the interims as I've said before and past meetings with in Ed code? That's why we have to do. This is our opportunity to provide the board and members of the public information on our budget as it stands now based on new information. So like I said before this includes the governor's proposal in January, which include more money for our district per student demographic updates Ada updates and savings that we did not previously have at the first intern.

Name a couple of assumptions that have changed the multi-year projections always include this year in the next two years.

So here's our multi year projection for this year and next two years and as Scott had mentioned earlier in the third year. We were below the three percent because the governor has increased the per student funding for our district or actually had 6.5% this term period for the third year out in addition to that. We also had some significant Savings in our expenditures between the first instrument second interim that have now been included into our budget.

This is just another snapshot of the current year and what has changed significantly from first interim second interim looking at revenue and our expenditures.

This slide here provide some detail on what had changed what has changed since the first interim 4.4 million increase in lcff funding that's due to our demographics changing an unduplicated population other point four million increase to local Revenue dollars increasing that includes the selpa funding for special education increased. We also received the one-time mob University the 13-14, which boosted our Revenue our district also have point three million more in other state funding which included the low performing students block grant, which we receive this year as a district, then lastly we had some adjustments in federal revenue, actually cause a number to go down reference to revenue for Title 1 title 3 and title for based on expected carryover. We're not going to use all that money this year. So we can't recognize that Revenue this year.

For expenditure side. This is our chance to update our numbers on current trends with our expenditures. So we looked at our Employee Staffing. We saw that we had some open positions. So we included those savings for those open positions in the second interim as well. We had some decrease in our expenditures then what was expected for the year. So we made adjustments for that. Lastly. We had some additional savings from a utilities perspective. My electric bill was down and also our negotiation with one voice reduced our Communications expenditures.

Lastly for the next two years again that sound like a broken record, but for nineteen twenty and twenty Twenty-One the governor's proposal really boosted the revenue for our district 1.2 million dollars more in Revenue than we had prior to the governor's proposal that has a significant impact on our bottom line 1.2 million at least per year over year. So when you see the six point five two and a third year, this is a big component of that. Next big component is the stirs contribution. Governor is putting money towards this your obligation. It is actually reducing the expenditures for districts going forward and that's point four million dollars annually our district in the first two years and then another point two million in the fourth year out is not included in this presentation.

The lastly for the two-out years CSEA salaries now going through ongoing we've met the threshold to make that ongoing salary increase or are CSEA numbers.

This slide here just represents our ending balance for the current fiscal year. It's going to be a 15.6 15 .16 percent that is take a look at our unrestricted ending balance divided by our total general fund operating expenditures to get to the fifteen point one six percent. This is just a table to tell you what the components of our ending balance on or District.

One item that I love to point out what this slide look at. Our percentage compared to our counterparts at elementary districts are at 21 percent.

And the recommended Reserve government Finance Officers Association is 17% There were below both of those two statistics as a district. And that's just something that we should always monitor because we want to make sure that we have a sizable Reserve to meet our casuals at any emergency situations as a district.

Again, sorry this this table is definitely someone has been using the past but it's hard to read because the font is very small, but it does give you an idea of where the changes are per line item on our unrestricted side of our general fund.

And in this is just another representation of our general fund ending balance reason. I wanted to put this here is to remind everyone that as a district. We are projecting to definitely spend we have doesn't deficits been in 1718 unbalanced went from twenty point nine million to 18 point five. And if we continue with this trend will eventually get to a point where at 4 million in the fourth year out year twenty one twenty two, which will actually be below the two percent Reserve that we need to have because some of this 4.4 million is considered restricted which cannot be utilized in our Reserve calculation. So obviously as a district this is what is currently being projected and obviously we need to do something about this deficit spending so that we can stay above the three percent required Reserve.

One of the items that I wanted to remind us that is included in our budget projections are the cuts. So I mentioned earlier that cuts are one of the reasons why our Reserve balance continues to increase at least get better from what it was previously. So in our current multiple projections, we have 1.5 million in year 1920. They have another 1 million in 2021. We're gonna have to do additional Cuts in the future years to make sure that we do not get below the three percent. We've already done two million in 1718 and 2.3 million in 1819. You look at this ongoing Cuts 18 point eight million dollars that has significant impacts to what we can do in our educational program will continue to have to make those cuts as expenditures for our district continue to increase

What's not in the mafia projection? This is a lot of information here on this page. But as we go through the year, we get more and more information from school Services of California cspa the County Office of Education, which always change our multi your projections, but here are some of the items that have been discussed currently. We're not receiving a lot of money from our tax revenue as a state that could potentially reduce our prop 98 dollars here is talk of reducing the cola adjustment which was included in the governor's January proposal from 3.46 23.2 for that means less money per student for our district. So if that were to come true, that would be at least $200,000 ongoing that would be lost by our district with that passed in June by the state.

Compensation increases for FMEA and administration are currently being negotiated especially for FMEA and I just wanted to let the board know what the cost is for 1% for - the A and what work was done is for administration. There is also talk of a special education concentration Grant which is great news additional money for a special education program. And I believe that you all remember the first interim presentation with your talked about the contribution the continually increasing contribution that we have to our special education program. Well, this could help reduce that contribution by having additional money to our special education you

Your question

Right hand side. We also have technology that we utilize in our educational program, which is becoming old and outdated hard to maintain. We have a lot of wise computers that need to be eliminated because they can no longer handle the programs that we need. So we need a technology refresh and we also want to make sure we move to two to one for our technology to students every device at least as a district. So those costs are extensive because of the numerous students that we have and also the staff members that use technology, but annually, that should be about six hundred grand if not more.

So that's something that has not been put into multiple projection because as a district you haven't made a decision on where we're going to go. So that's just something to think about as we build our multi your projections in the future. They also have crippling adoption that we need to be concerned with which is not currently in the multi year projection, but it's something that we need to do as a district to make sure that we have the latest and greatest educational program to help educate our students at a bare minimum. We're looking at a half a million dollars for each one whether it's Ela Ela math Next Generation science standards.

There's also talk of an equalization of special education funding. There are no numbers relating to that. But that could boost revenue for special education. That's something that has been talked about for many many years and you haven't seen anything happen in terms of increasing the funding per special education student significantly, but this would be a step in the right direction. And then lastly there are a lot of assembly bills and Senate bills that are currently under discussion but not yet approved by the state. But look at increasing transparency related to Charter Schools, especially the independent charter schools. So we look forward to hearing more information on that because that could potentially be a revenue generator for public schools.

Jason in terms of this area here on the multi-year projections and you mentioned some possibilities and how far away would we be from those becoming more solid?

In terms of all of these items here are the same. I don't have a crystal ball. So it's hard to say but these things will need to happen in the future because obviously we need to have technology in the classroom. So that has to happen. Does it happen at the tune of 600,000 next year or not? That's my that's my initial recommendation to start making strides towards that but it could be less it could be more program adopted. I think it's very important and know that I've had some of the Specialists normal already about cooking adoption. I know my previous dish if you had a lot of discussions on that, so that's something that needs to happen What do we do it next year or the year after it's something that we need to have more discussions on so to so I couldn't give you say. Oh, it's 50% chance Frank that item number one is going to happen. So there's a lot of things that play into these numbers. So for example Cola it's a downward position.

Action for Cola for next year that's based on a tax revenue that were receiving as a state is down. The hope is after April after tax season is over shall we said that number could go up but we're not sure yet. So we have to wait.

I think you

So this is a board action item. So because we're above the three percent in the third year the certification is positive. So that's what you're going to be taking action on tonight. I just wanted to put this into perspective as a district. We spent about eight percent.

Eight percent on a monthly basis

I reserved right now is about 15%

Recommendation is to have at least two months worth in your reserve.

We're already below that to two-month Reserve.

So as we get lower cash flow is going to become a serious concern for our district. And for those board members who have been here for a while Franklin the Kennedy School District had cash flow issues in the past and have to go out and get a trans. It's real loan and to make sure that the cash flow could be sustained over a school year costs us money and takes more money out of the classroom. I would love to be able to avoid that for our district going forward. So three percent is the required Reserve from a state perspective, but it's not enough for our cash flow perspective. It just wanted to keep that into perspective keep that in your minds and keep that in our Forefront as we go forward with decisions for our district.

Laughter you make a decision on tonight's interim. If you approve to move forward with the interim as presented there wasn't it to the county for their review then we'll work on the Final Cuts were in 1920 as a district and then start building our budget proposal for next year.

At this point if there are any more questions.


I asked my already and you have any questions.

Are you have any questions? No questions.

I do have a question comment question comment. Okay, so well couple so.

It doesn't mean that there's this means that we still must work on recruiting students and growing our enrollment. Correct? Yes. Okay. So although it looks Rosie in some aspects. It's not totally Rosie. Okay, and also having the positive certification is important, especially if we were to put a bond on the ballot. So that's important as well for everybody to note. Otherwise, we couldn't really do that. Could we? Yeah, I would yeah, okay. All right anybody else then?

All right. Well, thank you. And I think is this an action item as well? Yes, and this is an action item as well. So I will accept emotion.

To my condo. That's what I will say it again actually, okay move to prove action items 6.02 fiscal year 2018 2019 second interim report the second second. He's been moved and seconded to approve the 2018-19 second interim report any discussion seeing none. We will move to a roll call vote.

George I Ramona I can't carry I and I vote aye the vote is unanimous that item is approved.

Now we move on to consent items and we will start off

First of all, we will start off with any consent items in item seven and eight if any board members would like to pull any items and seven and eight like to collide on some 8.03

Any other items from any board members?

8.02 a

Okay, so now we will go on to comments from the public members of the public May address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board bylaws, ninety, three twenty three individual members remarks really mention three minutes each there any comments from the public seeing then we will view I will accept a motion. Yeah, I would accept a motion.

And that this is working said I'm 7.01 first move to approve item. Seven point zero one second it moved and seconded to approve consent item 7.01 any discussion seen them. We will move to a vote a roll call vote George. I

Ramona hi, Gary. Hi, and I vote aye that motion is approved item consent item 8.01. I will accept a motion to approve item 8.01 the 2019 into

Me contract with Silicon Valley education


It's been moved and seconded to approve item 8.01 the contract with Silicon Valley education validation and inspection seeing none. We seen them and we'll move onto a roll call vote George. I am on a high very high and I vote aye that motion is approved.

Okay action items Personnel report.

Mr. President I move that the Personnel report be approved as submitted and that a the retirement for the Fallen employee be approved Elizabeth nanka Nanda Kumar a teacher from higher effective June 15 2000 19 and be the employment for the falling ploy to be approved. Kharlamov art teacher Bridges effective April 8 2000 19 and liat Community assistant at LaRon effective, March 18, 2019 and Cecilia floors noon Duty supervisor and LaRon effective, March 12, 2019 and see the resignation for the following employees be approved Eugene Santi on assistant principal. Chiricahua effective, June 30th, 2019 and Marsha Travis bi t Los árboles effective, March 29th, 2019 and D the released during probation for the following.

I be approved and Draya Uncle O SL s - s WS s effective March 8 2019

There are seconds.

It's been moved and seconded to approve the Personnel report any discussion. I will move to a roll call vote George. I am on it. Hi, I'm sorry. I

And I bow tie that motion is approved. Okay, if there's no objection from the board, I would like to go to item 8.03 since we have food management Representatives here. We'll go ahead and go to that item next.

Okay, I meant to do it at the beginning but I forever so excited about these roll call votes. Okay, so 8.03 the award of RFP 18 19 - 19 - 0 0 1 Food Service management company contract to Sodexo America LLC Jason. Yes. I am going to go into the Assumption at the borders already right through the side. I'm on all the aspects to it. And I know that you pulled it because you probably have a question. So I figured we can go right to the question if we can answer. Yeah, and I no one had clarified some of the questions I guess in terms of the process though. I'm just trying to better understand. So this is

This was the only yeah, so so it is a requirement from the state for us to go out through an art to an RFP process request for proposal process to get candidates to be our food service management consultants. And in that process there's various steps that you need to follow that the state make sure that we follow because it's so we have to do a release of the RFP. We did that on February 4th. Then we do a first public notification that was done on February 4th. Then we do a second public notification. So obviously it's putting it in paper on our website. So on and so forth February 11th, and we have a tour in February 13th, then after that we do a QA with our possible bidders this RFP process fortunately only one who actually had a Q&A with us during this process and submitted a proposal was to deck so fortunately we could not get anyone else to come and actually submit a proposal to them.

After that, we go through the review of the package that have been received on received one Sodexo and obviously based on this process as we have performed, which is required by the state.

Xo is the one

And then I guess I have some questions for you.


I'm Martha O'Rourke. I've worked with the district for a number of years. I'm the district manager for this area for San Jose all the way up to Daly City and that oh down to Gilroy to so I cover a number of school districts like an answer pretty much everything. I might have to defer if there's something and then laying you guys my name is Elaine web and I'm the food service consultant and I've been in the district for going on 15 years.

Thank you. Both for being here tonight. I was just doing some background research on this company. And so I did have some concerns in some of the previous investigations both in the state of California and other states and some traveling from my perspective settlement. So I'm just wondering, you know, in terms of the company itself where they at, and how are we making sure that you know, our district isn't involved in anything like that because I was assuming you're probably talking about we had a class action lawsuit that was filed in 1998 and it settled in 2005 as part of the Marriott Corporation. It had to do with the class action of a group of people and so we settle in 2005 so 19 years ago. So of that though and I can get you our position statement on that. I don't have it with me here right now, but actually Sodexo has done an awful lot of things in the

I'm diversity inclusion of employees and advancement of minority groups. We were named number one in diversity Inc. We've always highly recommend through the bad time of that settlement. We have actually done quite a bit in that area over the last 15 to 20 years. So that one are you then there's there's another one on on contracts with with vendor V with rebates. Is that another one? I don't know which one you're talking about. Yeah, I had so I'd heard about and that was in 2000 was that that actual one? So that was almost 20 years ago. And that one the interesting 2004 is when it's settled that is why today this is a fixed price contract USDA in the state of New York. There was some issues on interpretation of contracts with vendor allowances and you're seeing that even from school districts running their own food service program and taking allowances from

Doctors who say if you use, you know, Jenny O product. We're going to give you so much. So one of the reasons Jason mentioned here quite eloquently is CDE the Department of Education under the oversight of USDA highly regulates this now which is the reason for that. We are very limited on the contract we have to do a fixed price contract, which is what this is now and so that everything's built into that but I have the position statements I can give you on those. Is there any other that in the so the Human Rights Watch group report 11 universities that had identified concerns that was for the prison moratorium that was 2011 with the prison's but it was from stuff in the past the prison moratorium that was more for overseas for us for working with private prisons. Is that what the one?

That was part of the concern. Yeah, obviously Sodexo doesn't do prisons in the United States. We had done private prisons. Globally. We don't work. We are part of the goal the Sullivan principles and as part of the Sullivan principles, we would not work with anybody that has weapons. So the prisons in the United States use weapons. So we they were caught they were private prisons that were contracted out of which The Dockside contracts were no longer in that business. We got out of it out of it after it was brought up with universities for those issues, but I can I can get you more information on all of those. So the xo's a very large organization were in a lot of different things and that sometimes those things, you know might be in the best interest in another country may not work for the United States. So it is still in other countries. So yeah, we didn't ever do prisons here because we their private prisons in the United States doesn't have private prisons, but we are you know other

Parts of the United States so are part of the globally like in Australia primarily. So I'll be glad to give you more information on those but I can tell you from things that are specifically related to schools is we're highly regulated by USDA as is the entire national school lunch. We fall under the umbrella of the national school lunch program. And so we're audited regularly on all of our purchases on this whole bid process has audited and it's very precise. So I think those are some really good things that USDA has done for the entire challenge nutrition program as a whole not even just with contractors, but with everybody, you know, everything has to be bid even if you didn't use the back so you have to bid absolutely everything over $5,000. It's highly regulated in this in the United States. I'd appreciate any information not a problem. Does that make sense in particular to

Chris Wright says was perfect. So absolutely because that's a huge concern of sodexo's and I have to say we've grown a lot through a lot of those issues Elaine could speak up with it. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah, and I was part of that class action lawsuit in 2005 and I be able to deck so for going on 22 years now and I couldn't work for a better company. I've been promoted plenty of times. I have nothing but great things to say about Sodexo and I'd love working with Sodexo love working with Franklin McKinley School District and hopefully continue to work with you as a partnership. Thank you for the clarification.

Any other questions anybody carry?

They're like I'm looking up in heaven carry weapons, okay?

That was awkward. Okay. Alright, so that's why July. Thank you, Lena. No Martha for being here today and thank you for staying as well as we move on to a receptor motion.

Looking for the island.

Eight point zero eight point zero three this to approve item eight point zero three eight remove the second and to prove to approve the 8.03 award RFP for Sodexo be no discussion. I will move to a roll call vote George. I am on it. Hi. I'm very high and I vote aye that motion passes unanimously. Thank you.

It's so now we will move on to item 9 .0 to the board meeting minutes and all. Yeah, I'll do the other one last since there's nobody here for the the overnight trip, right? Okay. So all the board members received the meeting minutes, so I will accept a motion when someone is ready to prove actually, I don't know if 1:02 second and move to approve item 9.03 the periphery 26 board meeting minutes with NE addendum.

The minutes, let's see now. We'll move to a roll call vote George. I Ramona very high and I vote aye the minutes are approved unanimously the item 9.03 resolution 20 19-5 celebrating The Life and Legacy of Cesar E Chavez.

So we bring this annually and recognition of the Legacy that says our child has had in terms of civil rights and obviously the work that he did in fight of better working conditions for for Farm Workers, you know, we work with our schools in regards to building this into lessons and and certainly making the day of you know service for March 31st. So we bring this resolution forward for the board's approval any questions from board members.


No questions. Okay. Thank you. Then. I will accept a motion you can I just ask that if there are any events that are going to happen around this up. There are yes, then we'll make the board know that there is one.

It's a bull the breakfast. Yeah, well at school sites what school sites? Okay, I know will survey the the schools that because sometimes they think they're so minor that we won't go and so we got a survey them so that they make sure that they let us know I would guess there's going to be one in Franklin also have to approve item 9.03 resolution number 20 19-0 five celebrating The Life and Legacy of Cesar Chaves second. It's been moved and seconded to approve resolution. 2019 - 0 5 any discussion

We will move to a roll call vote George. I met Mona I very high I bought I the motion carries unanimously.

9.04 Google of board policy updates. Okay. So what I will do is I will go to summaries in

And day of I'm trying to do this while I talk obviously I can't do it like talk. Okay. So if anybody has any of the sections that they would like to all four questions, please let me know just go ahead and say I do or something so BP 4 0 4 1 5

Questions. You just said, yeah the named Woody equity.

I am assuming you're all following me on this summary sheet. Yes one everybody. Okay item VP / AR 1330 use of school facilities.

Item, BP 1400 relations between other governmental agencies and the schools

Item, BP 2210 administrative discretion regarding board policy

Item BP / a r33 12.2 educational travel program


Item BP / AR 3320 claims and actions against the district

Item, BP 3515 .21 unmanned aircraft systems also known as drones

Item vp40 one 40/42 40/40 340 bargaining units

Item be no a r41 57.2 / 42 57.2 / 43 57.2 ergonomics

Item BP / AR 4160 1.3 professional leaves

Item BP / a r42 61.3

That's also a professional lease.

Item BP / a R51 12.5 open closed campus

Item AR 5141 .32 health screening for school entry

Item BP / AR 6170 for education for English Learners liked

Okay, so that one is being pulled Item B Be 93 10 board policies.

Okay. So this is we're going to go ahead and go through questions on one and just to remind the board members. This is a first reading we will have a second reading and if you do have questions in between the first reading in the second reading even for clarification, you may ask you may email one and he will help answer those and then when we re when we go to the second reading that's when we'll vote on them. Right? Yes. So what I will do is if you do have any questions and you send them to me I will do is when we respond will respond to the entire board and not just the one board member that is n Square U all the benefit of the responses. Okay, and then also just to remind the board that if there's

Items that are crossed out those items are being deleted off of the board policy. If they're in red those are being added. There's no change at all. Then there's no change on that board policy.

I know there was a little a few questions on that. So we will go on to item BPA. R61 74 and Ramona. I guess you had questions.

Try to understand what?

It was a change, I guess specifically on the



So the services the exit Services specific exit requirements for the program and or services so Services was added and the expected rate of transition.

I'm program into classes not tailored for English learners.

So sometimes in the literature they refer to programs for English Learners and then our district like many districts the English only classroom is a structured English program. But within that classroom services are provided such as providing ELD designated ELD, so I wanted to add that because sometimes people reprogram and they think like even the parents think it's something separate. It's really a service were providing within that class.

That's specific to an addition to English Emergen.

Like an Eld

That's why well if you're in a middle school, you're getting a an ELD course, which is part of your master schedule. So again, it's not an ELD program at the service were providing within the general education setting so that I just added that because sometimes parents reprogram and they're asking about the program thinking it's a poll out. So I just thought it might help to just add the word services.

Any other questions?

Regarding that one board policy item

Seeing that was the only item who pulled so I will accept a motion on item 9.04.

This is approval of your the motion should.

Not to not to give you a script but it should be to accept the first reading.

To approve

The first reading of

One of the board is what was the approval of the board policy update board board policy update second. It's been moved and seconded to approve the first reading of the board policy updates. We need discussion.

Um, then seen then tan is just it back in time for the roll call vote. So we have a roll call vote George. I am on it. Hi, I'm Gary. I and I bought I the first reading is approved a item 8.02 a consent item. That was pull. What about the packet, too?

There's a different method. Oh, I'm sorry. There are.

Okay, so we should have both. Okay, so we would sell well do the separate will go through the summary sheet. It's otherwise known as the guide sheet and same thing. If you want to have it pulled let me know item vp0 for 1 ohm or 1:09 discrimination and District programs and activities.

Item e04 20.4 one charter school oversight

Item BPA are okay so item each Charter School oversight, correct Me 0 for 2 0 point.

Item B P AR 3514 environmental safety. Wait a minute. Yeah, that's right.

Item, BP 3514 hazardous substances

Item BPA are 3516 emergencies and disaster preparedness plans.

Item AR 3541 Transportation routes and services

Item BPA are 41:58 41 to 42 58 4358 employee security.

Item BPA are 4160 1.9 4260 1.9 4360 1.9 catastrophically program.

Item BPA are 5111 admission?

Item BPA R51 11.1 District residency

I wanted that one pulled.

Imma Be PA are 5125 Student Records.

Yes, that's from social.


Okay item AR / C 51 25.1 release directory information.

Item B P51 31.2 bullying

Item B, p-- a-- r-- 5145 3.13 response to immigration enforcement. Yes that one too.

Item B, p-- a-- r-- fifty one forty five point three non-discrimination / harassment

The item BP fifty one forty five point one hate-motivated Behavior

Okay, so we have one two three four items and we will start with E 0 for 2 0 point or one that is Charter School oversight.

Right that is on age and

So my questions were and again if we want to revisit these before or after the

After the meeting before the next read I'm fine with that as well as my questions were to what extent are our Charters operating within our district.

Implementing are they already implementing? Are these going to be completely new?

Regulations for them

Oh, actually we're that subject matter is that is the board policy not need to refer to load. Our charter schools are doing we're just talking about the board policy.

So I mean, but we can talk about that.

You know, I mean we're talking about the board policy. Yeah, not necessarily what our charter schools are doing, but I think the I think if I understand the question is are these new and therefore they have to adhere to new policies or these ones that are already there are already a hearing to is that your question? Yes, that's good again. I'll have to go through all of them and I'll send a response. I believe they're all adhering to all of them. But I want to go through each one of them just to make sure to clarify. This is a new policy based on new laws. Right? So no, I think part of it is an existing laws that are now being memorialized in board policies. That's why I just want to go through them just to make sure that that I respond with the most accurate for each one. That was what my question was asking. It wasn't in general. It was specific to the policy, okay?

I stand corrected. Sorry.

Okay, so then is that it? Is there any other questions?

Okay, then item BPA are 5111.

One and that is

But they don't have the names on here.

111 it's

We District residencies at the one yeah.

George did you pull that I had pulled that I just we have to get the page. What page is it on? 5757

To put the page number when I pulled this wondering if at the beginning of the year in terms of our 16 schools out there.

Do we go through a training as I'm sure we have, you know new employees coming on board so on so they are they pretty well trained in this whole area and

Citizenship immigration status so on for families coming in students what we do on a regular basis review this information with our secretaries as it pertains to their processes in regards to enrollment and the type of documents that they should or should not be gathering when they qualify under Foster or under homeless mckinney-vento that they are to enroll them immediately without demanding the kind of documentation that that that we would require from other students. So these are things that we routinely go over with our secretary since they are the front front lines in regards to when parents are coming to to enroll their children.


And I know of course, we wait for the students to appear at the at the door schooled or like the situation here at Seven Trees Community Center where they had that parking area for families. The thing is like 23 families there right now. Do we go out and let them know and I know it's maybe difficult to do to let them know that you know, we do want their children here in either of school age. We want them here in school. I mean, how do we do that? So so we have met with the agency that is charged with the the safe parking close at the cemeteries Community Center and the one that we are running in conjunction with because they were the Lupe so that as part of the case management process is to make sure that the children are attending that there are identified and they were providing Services. Okay, that's good like this.

Like we you know, the city of San Jose is even expanding this expanding this whole area more so, you know to all their public buildings all the other

Areas that they are it really depends on case management that is being provided by the agency that is running. Obviously. We can go into the parking lot and dry to get to you know, identify or investigated their children there. So we rely on the case managers that are working with them. Okay, that's good. All right, thank you. Okay. So let me remind the board. If you have questions regarding the port the board policy update any changes on that. That's what you want to ask now regarding what we're doing out in our schools because the top issue that were voting on is the board policy update not on what's happening in our schools. Okay. So just so that we can stay on on track. All right. So next item is well, actually, I believe the change was regarding student records from social media, right?

That's 15 discussing residency. Okay. So the next one is any other question Garden student residency?

Then we'll move on to 5125 and that one is 80 student records and that is on page 867 right 86 and 87. So my question was the sexual peso changes on 67, right?

87, okay.

I mean buddy, let's hold on the way till we get up there.

That's one of the negative things about these iPads has have to scroll up to it. 8086

Seven, okay. There was one on 67 on social media. No questions on that. No, it is it's on 86 student records from social media. Oh, I'm 67 to

Okay. So my question is if we are removing the section that says we can't gather maintain information. What about situations? Like we had with CCA where there is cyber bullying is that an exception now that that is the reason is being pulled out of here is because it has been added in the bullying and cyberbullying section of the board policy. So it will still be covered. Yes. That was that was added and actually beefed up in the bullying section of the board policy. That's that's that's why it's being taken out of this.

So that the district will still enough and if we we have an obligation to fully investigate in address any form of bullying and specifically cyberbullying as well. Even if it happens off-site if it carries over into the school and disrupt the school is the new language that is in the the passing. So we will actually have rights to the student. Well in this is related to The District gathering information not necessarily students building on social media. Well, it's under the The Bullying provision in our investigation. We can gather in the information and retain the information from cell phones or others as part of our investigation process.

It'll still be a production.

Any other questions any other questions were on 5125 Student Records?

Okay scene then. We move on to fifty one forty five point four point one three and that is on page 98 98.

Whoops non-discrimination

Harassment response to immigration enforcement. Oh, I'm sorry far.

Okay. So section that was being removed teachers School administrators and other school staff shall receive training regarding immigration issues including Nation on request on responding to a request from an immigration officer. So to School site or have access to a student.

During why that's being removed.

I will have to go back. I believe at that it was in another section, and that's why I was taking out of here, but I will verify that I just want to make sure our staff does continue to be supported during how to respond. We shouldn't be there. I know that because I reviewed this one. I know that there's another section where it talks about our response and so in some cases when it's been moved as why it's being but I will verify that it's not a mistake. Okay. Thank you.

Any other questions regarding the

5145 .13

Are you still with us?

No questions. Okay. Just check it in. Okay, so I will accept a motion on part two of the board policy updates.

Thank you Mona for pointing that out.

Move to approve

Except accepts the first reading of board policy to

Your second it's been moved and seconded to accept the board policy updates part to recession just clarifying question because we never accepted the first part. I'll do we did a roll call vote the week. Yeah, we did. Okay meeting. Okay, so we will move on to roll cover name on it. Hi, I'm Kerri. I

And I vote aye and Georgia step just away from home and so motion carries with.

Or zero was not even abstention is just an absent.

Okay. Let's see here. Now we were onto we are onto a .02 overnight trip to California Association of school student leaders in charge keg.

We are now on to item 8 .0 to the overnight trip to Castle for conference for Bridges College connection Academy and Silverdale middle schools, George. You asked that we pulled what did you well, I just wanted to maybe have a one comment in terms of the conference in how it's going to impact the kids. These are really positive. That's what I was gonna be on your friends that are ASB officers and other leaders from the schools tend it alternates between here in Southern California. So obviously when it's here, it is a lot easier for our schools to participate and so and then at the when they come back, they usually we have them come and give a presentation to the board in regards to what they did work how you know how they plan on using what they learn back at school. And so we will

That once they complete this and bring back to the board a percentage.

And it's pretty close by because it's in Santa Clara. Yeah, they don't have to go too far. Yep, and then pretty but they're required to sleep over stay over. Right? That's one of the requirements do not participate unless you are going to sleep over even if it's in your backyard, obviously the cost when they go to Southern California as much as expensive because we have to send them on a charter bus and and and then pay for the well not a charter bus one of our buses and pay for our our driver to spend the night as well. So we're happy that it is here at least every other year.

They take our buses we take the right amount of our buses on the way down there.

Sometimes sometimes they do go on a charter bus when available. I want to be a parent chaperone. Our buses are very very comfortable.

Really? Well then you right now.

They have air conditioning some of them well and credit goes to our best drivers.

We're all the for their hard work with all the students at long distance and I in Georgia. It's one let you know I have attended as a guest and it's an outstanding conference and we thought how can we go to? Yeah, so you already got an invitation from from Amber and she said that she would then be following up with more details as it as it came up. That's great. So yeah, there's a portion of the day that they welcomed us to to attend and I would like to remind the board that Sylvan Dale

Had a fundraising dinner that we attended and Georgie are bidding on the silent auction items Health right help send our students through even though you didn't get your TV. It still helped send our students to the conference. So thank you for outbidding me. It was worthwhile. Very worthwhile. Thank you. That was good. Thank you.

Carrie you have any questions

Okay. Okay. So since there are no other questions, we'll move to a I'm actually we can't move to a roll call vote because there's no motion.

Miss you from item 8.02.

Castle conference second. It's been moved and seconded to approve 8.02 overnight trip to Castle for Bridges College connection academies and Silverdale middle schools.

We'll do it. We'll go to a roll call vote George. Hi Ramona. I I'm very back yet.

Are you back?

You will note that she we lost her in the teleconference.

And then I vote aye so the motion carries or zero and then when absent correct.

We're almost done with the meeting. Anyway Communications from the superintendent. Yes, so I got the opportunity to go and observe the mass casualty drill at Sylvan Dale and even though it was pouring throughout the drill the the staff and the students did an exceptional job. I got to say that some of them should be getting Oscars because the ones that were pretending to be the the injured students and they were in total, you know, they lived apart. There was one student That was supposed to be sort of okay initially brought to the the area where they're being assessed and then in the then it supposed to be sort of going into like passing away.

And the next second excellent job of pretending to do all that. So a lot of learned a lot of lessons learned in regards to the process or the staff and that it during the debrief and so definitely looking forward to what recommendations can come out of their drill.

At the opportunity to attend the economic Forum put on by Silicon Valley leadership group also went to Miss Walters class at LaRon for the kids to give me their presentation on their pbl. They were very very nervous to present to me, but the topics in the research that they did was was exceptional and then

The science fair last Saturday lot of great projects and I want to thank the Mona and Rudy for taking the time to be judges. I know it's not easy to be judges because it's hard to pick the winning the winning projects were sure because the kids are going to some excellent job with that. And then finally I had the opportunity to attend the sounds like jazz progressions Gala one of the fundraisers that they have where they launched Summerfest but also fundraise for progressions and they were trying to raise at least $20,000 so that the eighth grade students that are exiting the progressions program and actually take their instrument donate their instrument to them so that they can keep playing

And I can tell you that they surpass that and so our students will be getting that that gift from sounds that progressions and that's all I today.

Thank you. We will now go to Communications from Board of Education and we'll start with board member reports time or report George. Oh just tenant the legislative breakfast that was held at ecoc. Now known as SV CTE Silicon Valley Career Tech knowledge technical technological education. Anyway, great breakfast cooked by the students are they cooked all the reference very outstanding and in good good speakers had array of speakers like we've had before I think one that stood out with Jim Jim Beall in terms of talking about charter schools. So he addressed the fact that we really want to do is put in place the financing.

That would be impacted and he said that that's that's where the equity wasn't there in. So he wants to bring Equity back back in place to make sure that that that that that can be listed as a reason for denying a charter school application. So that's the case and that's law then we really have Solid Ground to stand on in case of any other Charter Schools Charter Schools coming to us or make a retroactive. Oh, well can't be tracked his head and then we had the next trial over the gentleman in the one who was the head of the education department before now he's not but he retired and so he spoke a little bit had some thoughts and

But he was really down on special education in I felt that it really wasn't aware of should be and he felt that in many instances. The training wasn't there for the staff that was overseeing the student. So kind of real kind of a negative report from him in that area. So anyway, but that's my report tonight.


Well, unfortunately here especially I don't know I'm not end but I was able to attend this c-dac meeting here at the district and a lot of positive things that came out of that meeting. I thought it was really productive. We dug into this special resolution and supporting diverse student needs and really identified our starting point with focusing on onboarding since that's coming up now for the start of the next school year and then I was also able to join the Franklin McKinley Children's initiative meeting with lots of Partners on included and so it's great to you know, might sharing my first meeting there and being able to hear thank you being able to hear a lot of the the pipeline that's happening in terms of cradle to Career pathway supports making our resources more accessible to families and it's just incredible to see the number of partners that are involved in that work. So that's really promising and exciting and the

Cta was able to attend with George and fruity along with our teachers at 70. Ml ml day and Karen great dinner great conversation happening at the RC BT office as well as the FMEA spelling bee was able to stay the whole time, but it was a great event. Just so glad that events like that are happening in that our teachers are able to put on their opportunities for our students.

Okay, Carrie did is she back or do you have a board member report?

Unity to attend Santa Clara County School Board Association legislative front and we had someone like the officials there like cinnamon conventional assembly member of PETA is really encouraging to see there are beautiful things for my health and housing.

Okay. Okay, so we will move on and oh, I got myself and Ramona. You also attended the science fair as well. That's right. So I had the pleasure of attending a science fair for the ninth time and that was very it was well attended. So I was very impressed with the turnout we we did have more than last year. So I'm glad it's growing again. And then I also attended the CTA board member dinner and I was very good. It's always good to see the other trustees from other districts and to network with them and see how things are going with those districts as well. And that's it.

See the agenda item request. Does anybody have any agenda item requests?

Go ahead and say Carrie if you do know, okay?

There is no future business future meeting dates. We do have a board study session on March 20 as which is coming up next Wednesday. I believe it is and then we have our regular board meetings followed after that. We do not need to go into closed session. So I will accept a motion to adjourn.

I'll go ahead and make a motion to adjourn this evening it is there a second okay, it's been moved and seconded to adjourn we have to do a roll call vote. So George. Hi Ramona. Hi, I'm Gary and I vote aye the meeting is now adjourned. Thank you Carrie again.

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