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Board Meeting Audio Transcription 2.26.19

Board Meeting Audio Transcription | Convert audio-to-text with the best AI technology by

Okay, the meeting will come to order.

Good evening, everyone. We'll start the meeting.

And I would like to announce for the record that this meeting is being conducted pursuant to California government code section 54956.9 be concerning teleconferencing of meetings board member. Kerry Rosado is participating in this meeting by speakerphone from from Timberland apartments and corporate Suites one five eight five zero North East 40th Street Suite B 107 in Redmond, Washington in accordance with the brown act dislocation has been identified on the agenda for this meeting. I would now like to ask board member Rosato to respond to the following questions.

Are you able to hear our proceedings on this end?

Okay, so I would like to ask board member Rosado to respond to the following questions. Are you able to hear our proceedings on this end?

Yes, I can. Do you have a copy of the agenda for this meeting?

Yes, has the agenda been posted at your location?

And finally is your location such that any member of the public could participate in the public portions of this teleconference meeting from North your location. Yes, the door has been left open. Okay the public. Okay. So members of the board present in this room Are you able to hear board member Rosato? Yes. Okay. Thank you because we are having a meeting with teleconferencing all actions will be will be by a roll call vote. So if those are you would like to see the end you'll hear listen to some roll call votes.

Okay, so we will move on with the agenda and we will start with the flag salute, which will be conducted by LaRon Academy school.

Laronne Academy you're on.

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand and remove your hats for the presentation of colors Color Guard advance?

Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance ready Begin by pairs to post the colors.

Post the colors

Carver dismissed

Thank you. You may now be seated.


Which way

Hi, my name is Jamila and I came here with my brother and my sister-in-law.

Hello, my name is Diego and I came with my dad my grandma and my sister. Thank you. Hello, my name is Ray Jackson. I came here with my mom. Thank you.

Hello, my name is human and I came here with my mom.

Hello, my name is Yasmin and I came here with my mom and sister. Hello. My name is Leticia Nikki. I'm here with my mom.

Okay. Next next on the agenda is approved disapproved additions to the agenda. Are there any

Seeing none. We'll move on to 3.03 approve disapprove order of the agenda. Are there any

There are none.

3.04 report of action taken in closed session

The board approved the February 12 2019 closed session minutes with more member Tantra an obscure staining the board also unanimously approve the

The non re-election of five temporary probationary staff don't know other actions to report.

Okay, thank you. Superintendent Cruz. We're on to item number for recognitions and pretended Crews will start this.

So it's always our pleasure to be able to recognize students that exemplify. What does it mean to be a global learner? We are recognized the students for their academic achievement for their citizenship for their leadership. And these are always special board meetings because we get to bring forward students that exemplify this we know that there's a lot more out in the schools. And but this is one way that we show our appreciation for their work and the parents that are all here family members. I know you're very proud as we are your children in what they're doing in our schools. So we're going to go ahead and I'm going to ask the board to come up and we're going to call students up and I'd like the students to come up this way. I'll shake your hand give your certificate and our assistant superintendent of HR Miss. Paula bowling will also give you a medal so

You're up here, please. We'll have you take a picture over to the side and actually

Our secretary is not here that usually takes her pictures. So can I have one of the admin that are very helpful out in the back to come and take pictures for us? Appreciate it? Thank you, Amber.

Your little short-handed today. All right, we're going to start off with from Bridges Mancow.

From college connection Academy my track friend.

From dog Elisa Lam

From Franklin Kaylee fan

From Hellyer cating pie is very too.

From Kennedy's Emiliano, Menchaca

From Laurel Vanessa Ponte

Problems are SS ha when?

From McKinley Leslie Cervantes

From Meadows badla video

From Ramblewood Lynette Fran

From santee's Sr Lujan

From chicawa Eric to

From Stargate Jacob. We are Noah.

From Sylvan Dale Marcelino Martinez

And from windmill Thomas wins

And then for this next part, we know that our students get a tremendous amount of support from the staff that we have out of the school sites that help our students become those leaders and those citizens that we all Aspire them to be in this is only possible because of the hard work and dedication that our staff. So today. We also get to recognize some of our staff around the categories a student-focused partnership Integrity respect Innovation and teamwork. And so we're going to start off with the category of student Focus from around Primera Cosa.

In the category of Integrity from the district office Catherine Lipscomb.

In the category of respect from the district office, Marina Dole.

In the category of innovation from Franklin Lucia Boren

The category of teamwork from Bridges Academy on to who

And last but not least in the category of partnership from Sylvan Dale Ashley Frost.

Now, let's give all our spirit and Global learner recipients a big round of applause.

Got my coat.

Thank you, Amber.

A long one today

Okay, we'll continue on with the meeting once we bring back order in the room.

We have a five minute recess. No.

We will go ahead and proceed with the meeting. Thank you all thank you. You're welcome to stay but we're going to finish the meeting. We're going to continue at the meeting.

And I've always allowing you on that one.

Thank you. You're welcome to stay if you like.

Okay, we will move on to oral Communications.

Members of the public May address the board on any issue within the subject matters matter jurisdiction of the board or agenda items members of the public may also address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board by law. Ninety three twenty three individual remarks will be limited limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated and we'll keep it at three minutes. Okay? No action can be taken on any agenda items at this time questions may be referred to the administration the administration.

And put on the first put on a future again. I've ripped it. So, okay. So we have one person on the that is request to address the board and that is Scott Schuman sun'

I'm going to keep it extra brief tonight. I just want to say congratulations to our Global Learners and our spirit Award winners. And I know there's not many left in the room, but nonetheless for those that are here or not. It's always a great night when we can celebrate our students and our employees.

Is there anyone thank you. Is there a thank you Scott. Is there anyone who did not sign up what would like to address the board?

Seeing then we will move on and we are at item number 6 consent items under 25 or to set items. Let's look at all the consent items. If anyone would like to pull any of the consent items we can do that at this time.

Are there any consent items we would like to pull?

Okc and then we will go to consent and actually before we move on to the sentence. We will give an opportunity for the members of the public may also address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items. And of course with board bylaws, ninety three twenty three individual remarks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated with anyone in the public like to address the board on any other consent items.

Seeing none. We will move on and we are at item number 6 consent items under 25,000. I will accept a motion at this time.

Move to approve the consent items 6.01 to 6.05 again.

It's been moved and seconded to approve consent item six point zero one two, six point zero five and in accordance with the brown act. I will do a roll call vote. So I will start with Jorge Sanchez president. I agree. Hey, Ramona Berta. I ate on track and then carry recital.

I okay and I vote aye so the vote to approve the consent. I'm 6.01 to 6.05 has been approved. Okay item number seven. Can I will accept a motion on that? It's okay. I'd like to pull item seven point zero two two action items. Okay, just so we're clear. I asked if anyone like to play any of those, but we'll go ahead and do it. Yeah, okay, so we will pull item 7.02.

Move to approve item 7.01.

Is there a second second it's been moved and seconded to approve item considered him 7.01 and I will do a there's no discussion on that. I will do a roll call vote Jorge Sanchez. Hi Ramona. Hi, I'm Gary. Hi, and I vote aye so that motion carries unanimously and we will we will address 7.02 under action items item number 8. I will accept a motion for that.

Motion to approve action item consent items 8.01 through 8.11


Okay, it's been moved and seconded to approve consent items under construction 8.01 8.11 any discussion on that seeing none. We will take a roll call vote George I Ramona hi, I'm Kerri. I hate and I vote aye so the item number 8 consent items under construction items has been approved unanimously.

Okay, we will move on to action items and we will start with 9.01 Personnel addendum. Mr. President. I move that the Personnel report be approved as submitted and that their retirement for the following employee be approved, and this is a difficult one very special employee has been with us many many years. So I just want to thank her for all her years of service to this district, and that would be Paula bowling assistant superintendent of Human Resources effective, June 30th, 2019 and be the resignation for the following employee be approved David fam teacher at Lauren effective, June 14 2009 teen and the leave of absence for the following Ploy be approved prettier nishikawa teacher from Kennedy for the 2019-20 school year indeed the the release during probation.

Issue for the following employee be approved Victor Tran administrative assistant in the student wellness Department effective, February 15 2009 teen is there a second

Beckett, it's been moved and seconded to approve item 9.01 the Personnel addendum and I would like to give the board any opportunity for discussion. Yes. Thank you so much for all you've done in the past 33 years in I'm sure you affected thousands of lives. It's an adult's all the above main 33 years.

Voice not unnoticed

We really appreciate you for all you've done and I really hope you have a very happy with time.

Now, I've only known you for a relatively short amount of time, but I could already see just how much of an impact that you have with your leadership on this District. So we really will miss you and we wish you all the best in your retirement. Thank you, Paula.

Gary would you like to say anything?

Not at this time. Just thank you for your service and best of luck.

And did you want to add anything George? No, I just want to say once more. Thank you Paula for tremendous service that you provided our district. It's very much appreciated by all the board members who are here in a former board members when you came on board. So thank you and and Paula I want to personally thank you. You have been outstanding in your role in the school district and very supportive of what's most important to education and that's our students and their parents in the community. So thank you for your service. You will be missed. I think you need to find someone before you leave since your HR something so you have to fill your position or you can't leave. I'm I'm kidding but in all seriousness you you're going to be very missed and we appreciate your service to our district and the community.

And so we will take a roll call vote on the Personnel addendum. Okay. We'll start with George I Ramona hi, I'm Gary. I and I reluctantly vote aye so the motion carries with unanimous vote item 9 .0 to the very 12 board meeting minutes. I would accept a motion when

A board member is ready to present it.

Move to approve item 9.0 to the February 12th, 2019 board meeting minutes second.

It's been moved and seconded to accept the very 1219 board meeting minutes any discussion.

You then will take a roll call vote George I Ramona I done and Carrie.

I'm okay, and I vote aye and the motion carries with four fours 1 0 vote.

Okay, item 9.03 resolution number 20 19-0 for board compensation compensation for a missed meeting.

And you all have that document so I would accept a motion on that when you're ready.

I move that we approve item 9.03 a resolution number 2000 19-0 for board composition for you miss meeting has been moved and seconded to accept resolution resolution number 20 19-0 for any discussion.

Seeing or hearing then we will take a roll call vote George. Hi, Ramona.

Carrie hi, and I vote aye the motion carries with a nine one nine with a or10 vote.

I just added extra boats. Sorry about that number nine point zero four Amendment to the teaching agreement with Teach for America Incorporated TFA. Is that probably yes, so I am bringing forward an amendment in our efforts to recruit and hire special education teachers. We are partnering with Teach for America which helps to bring teachers on board that are interested in special education. They're provided with support professional development, and we would like to add 3tf a special education teachers if possible for the 2000 the 1920 school year.

He would would a board member like to hear what a board member like to present a motion or do we have any questions either one? I just want to pause to clarify that indeed as we hire these individuals if we do so they would be become part of the bargaining unit. Yes. That's correct for this District. Yes. Okay. Yes, they become part of the bargaining unit and provided with with mentorship and support and to and they're really part of our of our school district and remain with us.

And that's for a two-year period you said in the year to year is their interim period and then and then hopefully they will stay on with us. Okay. So the support given to them will come from Teach for America right all the support unit that we need and but we also frankly McKinley also provides an internal Mentor that work with them also. Well, that's great. Okay. Well, thank you. This is my question any other questions?

Are you have any questions?

I know. Okay. I do have a couple of questions following maybe you could help now when they when we

With this contract are they fully credentialed by the time they when they complete the program when they complete the DFA they're working on their credential through LMU and when they so basically there they are in an intern status here. Yes while they're working on their credential provided with all the supports and resources that they need to become fully credentialed teachers at the end of that two year period so that is no different than what we do with other Mo use that we have with other universities. Exactly exactly. We do we do have some other teachers that are that are enrolled in intern programs with other universities and it is yes. It's the a similar program.

Okay, and then also the fees for service, so are they I'm a little confused about we pay in advance $4,900. We paid forty nine hundred dollars per teacher which includes the professional development support the mentor the mentorship that that they receive and they receive very extensive training even through the summer even to the summertime. They they're going to school and so this is a portion of the cost that this is the district's support. Okay, so we pay this upfront right? So what if the teacher does not end up working in our school district, do we get the money back?

We have representatives from TFA here.

I'll let in America and we are 3-3 time on tests.

Great question trustee Rudy Rodriguez. We do have a $4,900 fee that is due at the beginning of the time and the 4900 is actually only part of the amount that Teach for America invests in the core members because we do extensive recruitment to not only recruit teachers but teacher leaders, right and so by the end of their second year Teach for America would have invested about $80,000 in that $5,000 fee is just the slice. Like I said so we can say let's have some skin in the game and let's collaborate and I mean, we just started Partnership. If for whatever reason a core member were to leave we would be open to having that conversation about the fee but that is the fee that we ask our partners generally speaking to invest in helping us support the core members.

So normally it's non-refundable then.


Let's but recruiting teachers is tough now and so it is an asset. We make a partners and we split it up over the couple of years. So if anything were to happen, of course, I'm going to doesn't start the second year. You wouldn't pay that fee, but we're always open as partners for conversation, you know, if this happens after day two of school, we recognize that as in feel good as an investment on your end. So we'd be open to talking about how we could move forward in a way that feels responsive to someone stepping away at that time. Okay, so I see them I see the contract and it says sticks it states the $4,900 fee and I understand that the circumstances that are involved with all the investment. And then also what's involved with the training how extensive it is. I'm just wondering know if a teacher

You know down at LMU moves up here to intern and realizes that it's too expensive because our cost of living is so high here and economics and decides. Oh, I want to go back to El Los Angeles or another area of the state or even the country to teach because I can't afford to live here, which is completely understandable as well. If that occurs do we get for didn't do is that refundable or

Can we have it in the contract?

Something that we can do we had this discuss if you all would like to pursue that path. Well, I don't want to wait and see if it happens. I'd like to have it in writing so that we can discuss it when it happens if it happens. I'm just I don't know does that from an HR perspective? Does that sound fair?

If somebody left mid year, no, not me dear, but that's a different story because they're already started teaching but I'm just talking about it the beginning we pay the $100. They may be a certain period at the beginning. Oh, well, you're right. Right. We we typically like this year that c was may be paid in December or something like that. It's not paid before school starts. It's not paid before school. It's not it's not an advance. Okay, so we would know if they weren't going to come if they felt like that. Okay, I can't live there. It's too late. Oh and we take you know in recruiting we take some of those risks also in hiring teachers from out of the area, but we do it on our own accord. We don't do it on on behalf of Northern organizations. So it's a whole it's a different scenario and if it happens as it happens to us because that's the way

Diamonds is here and unfortunately.

Just can't live here. I mean, it's just it's ridiculous the cost of living. So I just wanted to see if there was a fall back on you know, what happens if they decide not to come and interesti Rudy, we do engage with our teachers on an ongoing basis to make sure that we retain them and that we support them through all of that. So if anything you have an additional partner that's invested in keeping the teachers here and our teacher retention and some will say is pretty good beyond the two years we have about 70 to 73 percent of teachers that choose to stay beyond their two years because they're invested right and we work very closely with the district's to figure out what is it going to take to make sure that the teacher stays here from minimum of their to three years and is invested and it's is growing on an ongoing basis and Franken McKinley the moment that a district chooses to hire a teacher. That's the moment. They become the district's employee and like I said, we're just

Here to support and continued guiding along the side of the district's. Oh, okay. That's it. That's all I have any other questions anyone think of any other know I was going to ask how many guests are you working with right now close by like Allan Rock and Groves on. Yep, and some ghosts. Are we work with Eastside? Allan Rock, San Jose Unified and Franken McKinley. Okay. Yeah, we work. Of course like throughout the Bay Area. We work with Oakland Unified, right right West Contra Costa, and so we work with a number of districts. Okay, great. Thank you.

Questions. No, I just more or less a comment. I was actually Once Upon a Time at Teach for America teacher placed right here in San Jose as a special education core member still in my original placement site. So I have that background or kid a test in that sense to kind of a product. I would not be where I am today with, you know, without that pathway essentially to special education specifically because that was not something I was considering as I was becoming a teacher at San Jose State. Yeah, and I do think the board should note that these are first bed teachers right politics not for their regular classroom.

Any other questions? Okay. Thank you very much, and we will ready to take a vote.

So we will go to a roll call vote.

We had to put more promotion for I do we have a motion. I very sorry. I'm usually I'm used to having the motion first. I'd like to make a motion on item 9.04 the amendment the teaching agreement with Teach for America Incorporated second second. It's been moved and seconded to approve the amendment to the teaching agreement with TFA.

Okay, any other discussion or questions?

Seeing none. We will take a roll call vote George I Ramona I God Carrie.

I and I vote aye the vote passes unanimously.

Okay item nine point zero five 2019 ballot for CSP a delegate assembly and we bring this forward the there are six vacancies that the board can I like to nominate delegates and approve them and one of our own is on the like on the on the ballot?

I'd like to only vote for George Sanchez good. Well, is that emotion? Well, it's comments on get out for a couple of people and be a aside from me. But so well you want to make suggestion and then we can put the music is adjusted. So like you said you because you're like to take a look at individuals who are close in proximity to us, you know, and no more the challenges that we face with our with our kids, you know, so I was taking a look at a dress Quintero from Alum Rock, you know, who's across the highway, you know with his the scooter similar very similar in many many ways to us, you know here and then vonlee, you know, Von Frankenstein has condition changed never been a delegate before Frank bill was on a delegate assembly, but of course he lost his seat so he can't be on that no more.

I think vonleh would be a good addition from each side and again in the surrounding districts and then and then and then there's you know, I leave it open to whomever else you might think. I read Myers has been a past president. Well, let me back up one more person Bonnie maze Bonnie is executive director of the Santa Clara County School boards Association and cheese a board member and board member for Evergreen Elementary School Districts. Again, another feeder is tricked into East Side. So so those are the ones that I mentioned the other ones you you know, you can you can take a look and let me know but that's what I thought would be a good a good slot Bonnie Maze and dress Quintero, you know myself if you choose the vitamin A in the maybe choose one other person anyone have any other suggestions

Carrie you have any other names on that you would like to suggest?

We're time one more suggestion. Yeah, David Cohen from Berryessa Union School District. Oh, that's true.

Scroll down. Okay. I'll be very good.

So if we were to put that in the form of motion with that fill up six seats.

Mumbai your name is George and you can put up to six on here right with that if we add one more, so would you like with someone like to put that in the form of a motion then?


Mr. Delegate, okay. All right. Okay. I make a motion. I'll make a motion that we move forward these six individuals Bonnie maze from Evergreen and just Quintero fellow Rock and then myself from Franklin McKinley and vonleh from east side and David Cohen from Berryessa.

Am I missing one admirers and read Myers who I thought would be a good person. Awesome. She's been a former president at the Santa Fe County School Board Association. She would be a good now, but he's a good very good delegate to do. So, is there a separate throughout second? It's been moved and seconded to vote for Bonnie mace Andres Quintero Quintero Jorge Sanchez read Myers vonleh and David Cohen any discussion further discussion.

Seeing or hearing then we will take a roll call vote George I Ramona. Hi John Kerry and I vote aye the motion carries unanimously.

Okay item 7.02. This was on our consent agenda and we pulled it. So the item is 7.02 low-performing students block grant proposals for msf. MSD and Bridges Academy charter to be submitted by staff to CDE by March 1 2019 and my money you had a question on that. It's looking at the

Proposal and on page 3 of the documents

And a question specifically on the professional development. So I know I got some badass some earlier questions specifically on the program's being used specifically with foundational skills reading for struggling readers and also for math

To know so those are the you're talking about the specifically on the MST or the bridges one Bridges bridges. So that's one of the things that the middle schools are looking at and and those are some of the options that will be considered because we do have a number of our students that are not reading at grade level and actually our teachers have asked for training and materials that are age-appropriate but also help with the fund the fundamentals of reading and how to teach reading and so that's that's part of what is being considered for for their support.

And how is that feedback going to be gathered from the teachers and stuff?

So they especially specifically for this part of that is we're going to be working directly with the bridges staff in regards to give them access and training and then making the final decision of what which of the materials they find that best suits our middle school students in terms of their reading so it's going to be working directly with them. So we're going to be providing training in with different programs and then Gathering the facts currently. The only thing that we have there is read 180.

So we aren't Gathering feedback before now this is training. Now. This is the the initial step of that.

And this this came about even before this we pulled the the the reading data in one of the things that that was very glaring was the number of our seventh and eighth graders. They were not at grade level. And so that started that discussion at the school sites and here with the leadership team in regards to how we find what what do we do with that age level right in terms of having them learn the fundamentals of reading and so we these our current programs we're using in the lower grades and we discovered that they have age-appropriate all the way through middle school. And so that's one of the things that we're giving them access and and then making the final decision about what do we do for all Middle School in regards to the fundamentals of reading?

Can you clarify also you've mentioned read 180 is that being used in all classrooms for intervention? No, that's just that's that's used for read 180 insisting 44 is used in our special needs classes, but they're also for General ed students that are at the lowest level but it's not appropriate for students that are learning how to decode and so that's why this is one of the things the gaps that we're seeing. We will be looking at those foundational levels. Yes.

Any other questions from board members?

Okay, seeing or hearing that I will accept a motion.

To approve item

And .0

A 7.0 27.0 talk

Second been moved and seconded to approve items 7.02 low-performing students block grant proposals for Ms. F Ms. D and Bridges Academy charter to be submitted by staff to CD by March 1, which is tomorrow or not tomorrow three days. I'm already on Thursday. Okay, so we will take a roll call vote George. I am on it. Hi, I'm Gary. I and I vote aye the motion carries unanimously.

Okay. So now we were we are on item 10 Communications from the superintendent.

And I'll take I'm sure there'll be many moments that we get the opportunity to thank Allah for all the years of service and certainly in my tenure here. I know that she's been one that is sort of my historian and you know, she's spent here so many years here that when when I'm looking to is like this is this how we've done it here and why we've done it this way. She's been a great support since I've been here so I know that as soon as the news goes out there would be many many staff members that will come and just share their gratitude and the support that you've been able to provide many of our employees, you know from the time that you hired them to certainly the one that those that have also now retire. So thank you for the years of service and then I'll just, you know, keep it very short since we did finish very quickly really good that we go home early, too.

I do want to say that I did get the opportunity to speak at the 6th District PTA parent education Summit last Saturday the 16th. It was their first time and it was sort of well attended but it was interesting to hear some of the questions that a lot of the PTA parents had because they were coming from a wide range of districts and I got to tell you that a lot of the questions they had in the I was so pleased that our district is so far in Access and parent engagement from some of the districts that were there when I talked about the board going to the school to the schools once a month as part of our board meetings the engagement that we have through our frc's

Support that the board has with FMC. I just sometimes I think that we take those things for granted. And and when I spoke about these these opportunities a lot of the parents that were there from other districts were like, I wish we had that in our district. I wish the board was that accessible. I wish that we had that level of Engagement. And so I just want to recognize the border for your leadership in that because I think we take those things for granted as you know things that we just do and knowing that that's not the case everywhere. So I just wanted to share that because I thought it was a for me it was sort of a sense of Pride that I was part of a district that had errands, you know feel that they have access to the board.

Okay, thank you. We're just doing our jobs. Okay. So Communications from the board and we'll start with board member board member reports and I'll start with Carrie Carrie. Do you have a board member report? That was really fun. I got to judge the fifth grade projects along with judges from IBM and Lockheed Martin and it was nice also to see a board member of my Mona there as well. I also visited the TTA chamber open house at all. And yeah, I visited a total 14 Schools so far and have two more to go.

Okay. Okay. Thank you and Tom at the opportunity to go. Well, no opportunity but went to the budget subcommittee meeting first one of the year and it's nice to see the initial proposals from our governor.

Hopefully most of it comes to fruition and even better by the May revise. So now until May blood changes expect a lot of different kinds of funding expecting to be taken away. We'll see how it goes.

Thank you, Ramona.

So I was at the throne science fair with Carrie and it was great just to see that the teachers had put forth so much effort in bringing experts in the field, you know, just to judge the projects, you know, it gives our students the opportunity to get meaningful feedback from people outside their bubble or the people that they interact with daily. So I thought that was great. I also spent the time I'm won't have the opportunity to do this next year because we've approved the ski week but took advantage of it this year with getting two visions, you know, quite a number of school. So just want to thank administrators and the teachers for opening up their classrooms. I definitely still lots of ideas and was ready to take them back to my classroom yesterday. Then also was able to attend the New Year's celebration at Kennedy and then the next day at the Aladdin performance with George they did a great job in the kids were just so enthusiastic.

You can excited to be on stage with their microphones. So they're doing wonderful things. They're excited to see it.

George a couple things. I did go to the budget subcommittee also with tan and it's want to thank Jason and I enjoy an for all the other work you do putting the figures together for us, you know, so that it we understand understand what what's going on, you know and in Sacramento and then of course with us once you break everything down, so thank you for that. Also went to Frank Franklin School. I visited Franco school Friday morning. They had the science project is going so I stopped in to take a look at the science projects and they have a parent group that literacy on literacy that's there. And so that was good to to visit with them a little bit talk to them about what was going on in school and so on their kids and it was good to see all the science projects that Franklin put together all the kids put together and hopefully they'll be they'll do well at the the district science fair. And then also when that evening fighting went to

The Aladdin play with my Mona and that was really really very good kids did it again a great job. It takes so many parts and pieces to put something of that nature and yet they pulled it off and it was just a great great event a good way to spend a part of the Friday evening and and and then in my capacity from the half on the city, I did drive around Rock Springs over here in the back and that's and I'm working on that. That's a real mess the real mess, but and that's where our kids walk to and from many times, you know to chiricahua school. So definitely have to do something. So I put that at the top of my list and see how far I get a report.

Okay, thank you. George and mines very short met with Elizabeth at the with the freaking McKinley Children's initiative and had a discussion with her is I transition to me Mona is being the board representative on that committee or actually co-chairing it, you know that with this. Yeah. Yeah surprise your code sharing it with the city I believe so that's it. That's all I have. Next item is future business.

Anybody have any future agenda items or business or actually that .02 agenda item request anybody have any agenda item request?

I think we go for it.

Yes, go ahead.

I would like an update on the communication Hills project see how that's going and safety plans. You just reviewed those last week with the principles and wondering when we're going to finalize that.

Okay. All right. Thank you. Carry. Any other Jedi request?

And then we'll move on to item now. Our number 12. There is no future business item 13 future meeting dates. Just want to remind the board is not on the agenda. But Saturday March 2nd is the district science fair at Bridges. So I believe in email went out and I didn't respond to it either. So if you did respond to it great, if you didn't respond to it, you might want to check the email because it's a good event to go to okay, and then we have the future meeting dates will start with the meeting a parent meeting at Ramblewood. And then we have irregular and then April 9th at Hellyer. Those are future meeting dates number 14 closed session. We do not need to go back into closed session. So I will accept a motion to adjourn.

Is there a second second? Okay pick and because we have the the telephone conference will have to take a roll call vote. So George I am on it. Hi Gary. I and I vote aye to adjourned and the meeting is now adjourned.

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