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Board Meeting Audio Trasncription 1.8.19

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The meeting will come to order welcome everybody. Good evening. Hope you're all I don't know if it's raining outside, but hope you're all driving safe. So we'll go ahead and we will start the meeting with the flag salute and doing the flag salute this evening is called College connection Color Guard. So I'll just connection you're on.

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand and remove your hats for the present for the presentation of the colors?

Color Guard advance

Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance ready begin. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Prepare to post the colors.

Post the colors

Color guards dismissed

Thank you. Please be seated.

Hi, my name is Calvin Candie Cheryl. I'm an eighth grader at College connection Academy. I would like to thank my parents even though they're not here. I am grateful for them supporting me and going pushing me for school. I am also thankful for the district's for letting me become a color guard and I am thankful for this opportunity.

Hi, my name is Angel Flores. I'm a student and college connection Academy in the seventh grade. I am thankful for being here and the opportunity to do color guard.

Hi, my name is Jaden Chan. I'm a seventh grader. Scca and I'm thankful for my parents for everything they did for me and district for letting me have this opportunity.

Hi, my name is tan Chan, and I would like to thank my teachers for not failing me last semester.

Hi, my name is batana at kalu. I am an eighth grade student at College connection Academy, and I would like to thank my parents for supporting me and the district for allowing me to have an amazing education.

Hi, my name is Ruby barriga, and I am an 8th grader at College Connections Academy, and I am thankful for my parents for giving me the opportunity to have a better education, and I'm thankful for the district for having me here today. Hi, my name is Ruby. He knows I'm in 7th grade. I go to college connection Academy and happy New Year. I appreciate you guys having me here as a color a color guard and for my parents and for my parents pushing me to do good in school.

So there's two certificates missing will get will get them for you. Okay, let's give them another hand for you.

Thank you very much College connection. Good job. Thank you.

Okay, we will now go on to approve disapprove additions to the agenda. Are there any


Make sure that the item that I requested is added as a item that was requested to be added to the next agenda since it was yes, when we get to that we will add the new date for it. Okay, great. It was no longer on there. That's okay approve disapprove order of the agenda. None report of action taken in closed session the board unanimously approved the closed session minutes for the December 11 2013 meeting there are no other actions to report.

Thank you. Superintendent. Cruise. Next is oral Communications members of the public May address the board on any issue within subject matter jurisdiction to the of the board or agenda items members of the public may also address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with the board while on ninety three twenty three individual remarks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated no action can be taken on any agenda items at this time by ISIS may be referred to the administration or put on a future agenda. And so these are also public comments as well. And we do have somebody on the list. Angela tirado would like to address the board.

Good evening. My name is Angela tirado. I am the voice of San Jose and I'm also a parent of a student in Franklin McKinley School District who goes to Stone Gate School.

Thank you parents and students for being here. This is a wonderful day to to come in and share your comments with the board. The reason that I'm here is I have a daughter Anjali - he's actually in special education. She's a sixth grader and

Sorry, you guys she actually went with the sixth grade class to science camp. She is the first special education student at Stonegate that is going with her peers.

That's a huge milestone for special education. That's a huge milestone for her.

And I just want to thank the board let them know how much I appreciate that how much she's already loving it there. I'm going to figure out how to spend these three nights without her.

But I just want to thank you guys. It's you know, we've I've been with the district for many years and we've had some struggles we've had some obstacles but you know, we all want our students to be successful and like it says there that's preparing all children to be Global Learners. Not just separating them all. This is General add in this is special ed. So I really want to point that out and make that

Standout that Franklin McKinley is

In my opinion the leader in preparing all students to be Global Learners and I am a community advocate. Like I said the voice of San Jose and I will continue to let the community know how thankful. I am and how important it is that frankly McKinley School District has taken the step towards making all all inclusive. So I really appreciate that Angelita appreciates it her one-on-one was able to go with her. She sent me a picture already of her smiling and enjoying it and how important it is for her to be with her peers. That's that's very important and for Stonegate and for Franklin McKinley to be able to take that step and let this student let this person does human being have a life experience like that is very very heartwarming. She's been with me for 12 years, and I have never slept

Night without her as though it's going to be hard for me, but she's having a great time. And again, I want to thank the board let them know and you know, let the parents and the students know that if you do have a child with special education, please do not hesitate to ask ask for your child to be able to be included in this because Franklin McKinley now that it's it's it's been done Franklin McKinley will stand behind you 100% to make sure that that snap-ins. So again, I just want to thank you and I want to ask everyone here to please give Franklin McKinley School District and Stonegate a round of applause for doing this.

Thank you very much.

Thank you, Angela. Anyway, okay. So we do have a presentation during the oral Communications that will be that we will be giving but I want to ask if anyone else would like to make any comments.

Seeing that we will go ahead and and go to the presentation. I know that one of our schools one of the classes Miss Franklin School is boram's class has a presentation. So you may you may go ahead and and you have longer than three minutes so

Good evening at MSD school board members. My name is Katie Q Paulina win to lie, and I have written the speech to present to you. We are 6th grade students from mrs. Forms class at Franklin School our school like to ask you to take 2 actions to make the Earth healthier for future Generations.

We would like you to first to the straws in the sport packets and second start to recycle Plastics. These steps are necessary. If we want to have a healthy place to live plastic straws have been a diminutive and enjoyable item for many people, but they do so much harm to the Earth. Our district is doing so much more by providing plastic straws in our sport packets, the plastic straws and our utensil packages are an unnecessary addition that we think should be taken out many businesses and hotel chains are Banning straws whole school districts cities states and even countries have seen the damage that straws cause and are Banning their use plastic straws are affecting marine life.

While most plastic can be recycled straws are too small to do so so then they are dumped into landfills where they eventually make their way to the ocean according to National Geographic once there it does not biodegrade instead it slowly fragments into smaller and smaller pieces known as micro Plastics which are frequently mistaken for food by marine animals many animals are dying out because of these micro Plastics 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually in in our oceans 44% of all seabird species 22% of whales and dolphins altice sea turtle species and a growing list of fish species have been documented with plastic in or around their bodies States National Geographic straws are also 7.5% of the plastic waste in our oceans. What makes

This even worse is that this District throws away away thousands of straws every single day. In fact, we throw away over 1 million 80,000 straws every year from our district alone. When most students don't even use them getting rid of straws would be very beneficial to the environment. Even if it's just a little bit.

You may be thinking about reasons why this idea wouldn't work. We are prepared to address any concerns you have are you worried about cost? Well, there's no need to be this will actually save you more than $1000 thousand dollars annually and mrs. Boren will explain that soon.

Good evening. My name is Paulina win straws are just some of the plastic clogging our oceans recycling all plastic is important because of the massive amounts being dumped into our oceans daily. Another action. We would like for SNSD to take is to start a district-wide recycling of plastic plastic waste is accumulating on beaches and in our oceans. It is not just concentrated on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is everywhere Time Magazine States every year 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans and that figure could increase by tenfold over the next 10 years. If actions are not taken according to a new study published in the journal science that is over Seventeen point five billion pounds this shows how we are destroying the environment scientists have also predicted that by the year 2050 there will actually be

Be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish. Another thing is that plastic is a limited resource according to an article called Plastics recycling challenges and opportunities around four percent of world oil and gas production a non-renewable resource as used as feedstock for Plastics and a further three to four percent is expended to provide energy for their manufacture. This means that since plastic is made of crude oil which is a non-renewable resource that we will eventually run out of plastic and we are wasting it on things that are discarded after use what no thought the same article I time States based on the researchers calculations 5 to 13 million metric tons of plastic made it into our oceans that year 2015 and most of that waste came from people who lose slightly over 30 miles away from the coast.

How is district is thirty four point seven miles away from the center Cruz Coast if both facts are true snsd's trash is certainly making its way to the ocean.

You may say that the reason we may not be able to be provided with recycling bins is that it will cost a lot of money, but we must spend some money on saving the Earth. We have to realize our population is growing by the minute and we need to clean up the Earth to save millions of animals. And so we can live on it in the future as a result. We hope you decide to take these actions to help save our Earth. We know that you care for the future of our kids and the generations to come since you work in education. And if this is true, please help us and our oceans by taking these important and necessary steps students in our class have written 31 evidence supported persuasive letters to give you all asking for the same changes. We have outlined in our speech and 542 students and staff at Franklin have signed a petition making the very same request. Thank you so much for taking the time to hear us and for considering our

Send requests.

Good evening board members. I would like to thank each of you for hearing us tonight. My name is Lucia Forum the teacher.

I'm the teacher of these carrying inspiring and dedicated sixth grade students. My students have worked really hard on their research letters to you and on their speech concurrently. We have been working with Jason Van and Lori Freitas in business and nutrition services respectively to eliminate straws and provide utensils and napkins separately. We've made some wonderful progress for which my class and I are truly grateful and so I would like to share an update with you mr. Van and mr. Fratus have graciously agreed to Pilot this at Franklin school starting at the beginning of February through March or April. Mr. Van has stated that they have asked around and other districts and the method has been successful. So they do expect to roll it out district-wide. We humbly ask you to support them in this endeavor as Katie mentioned. This change will actually save nutrition services more than one thousand dollars. Annually if emblem implemented district-wide.

And is an entirely feasible task according to our source a director of nutrition services at another school district in Santa Clara County. It is actually one cent cheaper per Spork and napkin to buy napkins and utensils individually from Sodexo than it is to buy the plastic wrapped packet from Sodexo as long as the sports are face down in an approved container. The practice meets the California retail food code requirements. This method has been implemented by other school districts in our County and saves both plastic and additional money because many meals do not require a spork furthermore this method eliminates the wasteful single use lightweight plastic wrappers, which no doubt end up in the ocean. We've been working really hard to find a solution to eliminate straws from our entire school district and we are also respectfully asking you to start a district-wide recycling program. Maybe it would be possible to use the money saved from the elimination of straws to help fund a recycling project.

We chose to spare you the gruesome photos of animals affected by ways that a simple Google search will reveal but hope that you'll find the funds to reduce our contribution to the massive amount of waste in the ocean by recycling all Plastics throughout the district. Thank you so much for your time attention and consideration and we welcome any questions you may have I would also like to thank all of the families of my students most of whom are here tonight for support for their support and for raising such aware and caring children.

Thank you so much. We normally will go ahead. Oh no good you go ahead. I was just wondering if I could give you our letters and our petition. Absolutely and we normally don't have questions during the oral Communications, but we I think I'll allow the board to do that and any comments you'd like to make

Let's start on my right. Would you like to sing or questions? And I know questions, but thank you so much for making us aware of this and very enlightening to thank you. Thank you.

A moment just wonderful job putting together. All the researches definitely sounds like all the students did their thorough research and truly understanding the topic. So really proud of you guys. It's great to see that our community is also caring and aware of the environmental impacts that we have right here in our community and excited to see where this feels. Thank you. So I say yeah, thank you for your presentation and it really demonstrates the negative effects of straws in the oceans and in the wildlife and everything. So yeah, I think we definitely have to do something in this area. Definitely. Thank you so much.

And I also Echo all those remarks and thank you so much is boredom. And I know how passionate you are seeing the beginning of when you started speaking. So that just shows my kids. Absolutely. Absolutely. It shows in your kids are proud of you as well as their teacher and they will always remember you the later years. Like I remember my teachers from elementary school as one who made an impact on my life. So know that you're doing that for your students, I do have one question the I thought I saw legislation that plastic straws are being eliminated in California is that we know that oh and restaurants. They I think that you have to ask for a straw in a restaurant but they'll still provide them but they don't they're not supposed to just put one down on the table for you like these two. Okay, cuz I yeah, I don't I don't I eat a lot of good restaurants and they don't give me straws and I'm glad they don't because I don't need a straw.

But I do know a restaurant where they have straws but their paper straws. Yes, that would be that would be great to the recycle thinking about cost because we know that that's an issue. So, yeah, so yeah, I mean the paper straws are recyclable. So right those are very good and I hope you don't recycle your signs because they're very nice hanging on the wall. I know the papers recyclable, but those are really nice signs you guys so this thank you. So thank you very much for coming this evening and doing this great presentation. I'm wondering if I'm going to we could get this tape to put on our website. This is something really interesting that we could share as a learning resource for for all viewers of our website. All visitors are we we can certainly put up the PowerPoint on our website and I just took a picture of our students here and we'll make sure that that goes on there as well. So, you know, just the recognition of the amazing work that has been done and just a con

Says of what we can do to, you know, diminish the the pollution out there and the impact that we have on our environment is very remarkable. So, thank you. Thank you students. Thank you so much for having me.

Definitely. Okay, so we will go ahead and move on with the agenda. Everyone is welcome to stay. It's going to be a short meeting. So but your may not be as exciting as this presentation. We'll do our best. I'll try to add some humor in there. Then we get some singing going on to come by and we'll go ahead and take a take a quick minute for those who want to leave to leave.

Go ahead and go on. Anyway, what's it to you? Anyway, yeah, okay, so we will go on move on to

Yeah, it's big crowd.

Move on consent items number 5 consent items under 25,000 members of the public to address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board bylaws. Ninety three twenty three individual remarks will be limited to three minutes unless otherwise stipulated with anyone like to make a comment on the consent items under 25,000 seeing none. I will entertain a motion to approve those move to approve item 5.0 run there a second second. It's been moved and seconded to approve the consent item 5.01 all those in favor. Say aye aye and it's unanimous construction items number 6 same thing if they would like to make comments on those.

Then I hold on really I had a couple questions.

So I wanted to know what school sites will be covered by this particular. I don't 6.01.

We will pull item six point zero one and put it under action items and then we'll go ahead and address the questions when we get to that. Is that all right? Okay, so I'll entertain a motion for the rest of the consignment or get another one. Yeah. I also wanted to put items 6.02. Okay, 6.03 and

I just still three. Okay, I'm 6.05. Sorry. All right, so I'll entertain a motion to approve construction items 6.04 then like to go ahead and move to approve 6.04 construction item there a second.

All those in favor of approving construction of 6.04 please. Say hi. Hi and it's unanimous? Okay, so action items and I'll move those. I move those other items under the construction items past the few action items that are on there. Okay. So Personnel addendum 7.01 bring it.

We have here.

Mr. President I move that the Personnel report to be approved as submitted and that a the job abandonment for the falling employed be approved Hannah towels and teacher of bridges effective one 719 in Part B. The employment for the falling employees be approved Maria Morales custodian can defect in one to nineteen Jacqueline Garcia noon Duty supervisor at McKinley effective one 719 and Martha Carrillo Santiago. Also new Duty supervisor of McKinley effective one 719 in Rosanna Hernandez. Also, not a noon Duty supervisor at someone they'll effective one 719

Is there a second second it's been moved and seconded to approve the personal addendum all those in favor. Say aye hi, and it's unanimous.

Okay, 7.02 board meeting minutes. I'll give the board a moment to review those one last time.

Move to approve item 7.02 December 11 2018 board meeting minutes.

Is there a second I second that it's been moved and seconded to approve the December 11th board meeting minutes all those in favor. Say aye hi, and it's unanimous. Just want to mention that our board member Tantra an is ill so he's absent today.

Okay, so then we'll move on to the construction items the first one 6.01 approval of the 2018 2020 contract with Hazmat doc environmental Consultants. It's so you had questions on that. Yeah, so I wanted to know what school sites will be covered by this. It didn't specify actually it's going to be all Sites. It's just a normal annual process where we have monitoring done for our size to make sure that there is any hazardous waste materials. They need to be and is 125,000 the standard cost for this type of yes, it can obviously it all depends on how many sites you have and so on and so forth. But yes that is

Any other questions from any other board members?

You know entertain a motion to approve it.

Or they prove it. I like to go ahead and move for approval and items construction items 6.01 their second.

It has been moved and seconded to approve item. 6.01 all those in favor. Say aye. All right, and it's unanimous item six point zero two.

So the question I've had there is actually related to both 6.2 and 6.3. So it stays that there's Furniture being purchased for 23 classroom, but only 19 projectors and cameras. I that this by the difference are there going to be some classrooms without projectors. I'm wondering

When I have Veronica provide some details relating to the the difference between 19 and 23 and while she gets up here just as a matter of process one of the things that they're Annika and the team Jason and the team do is that they work directly with the school side in the school side has a a modernization committee. So the teacher me with the teachers the principal's through the process and making sure that one we are making sure that the way they conduct school and clan in their classrooms is being addressed by the furniture in the layout and all those things and in some cases classroom are configured differently. For example in our own it will be a science classroom that is going to be rotating teachers will rotate and so it's not a standard classroom. And so all these decisions are being made in conjunction with the school site committee.

And so I'm sorry. What was your question? Also? I noticed that in the purchase items that we're purchasing furniture for 23 classrooms, but only purchasing 19 projectors and camera. So I'm wondering are not all the classrooms going to be provided with projectors. Correct? Because again is want stated. It depends on what that classroom is being used for. And so if it's a library classroom, they may get the overhead or they may not depending on the program that is happening there. So it is all strictly just the classrooms that are being currently used that will be installed purchasing those. Yeah.

Any other questions, we still have six point zero two or sixty six point zero two yes/no questions on that anymore. That's a provide them 6.02 second is everyone moved and seconded to approve item. 6.02 all those in favor. Say aye hi and it's unanimous. Okay item 6.03. So the only question I had there is if you look at the memo it states that

I so the total cost for this is a hundred sixty six thousand and eight hundred and something but it stays that under an 80. Mm is being paid from measure s is that a type of the memo or so the difference between the 166 in the way to a taxes?

And then the only other question again related to the layout of the classrooms 524 student decks desks are being ordered is that the full capacity of what the school holds or

So all the classrooms whether they're currently used because of the number of students are being modernized and retrofitted as if they were in full capacity, you know our goal and I look over to my left to board member Rodriguez in terms of we expect to grow and and we want to make sure that we have the classrooms ready for full capacity at that school. And so there are some empty classrooms right now. And so the decision we made was to make sure that they're ready fully operational as classrooms for when they need them further questions.

I had a quick question for clarification as well.

So I know I had set some questions over to one and you said that you would look and double check to make sure it wasn't an oversight. Did you have an update not particularly so about the file cabinet are speaking about do with it. Oh, yeah. So right now based on our discussions with the committee, we don't believe that there was an oversight in terms of furniture for that one particular classroom, but we will go back and ask the question to make sure it wasn't an oversight regard discussion as a team.

And mr. President we can prove with to approve item 6.03 second that okay. It's been moved and seconded to approve item. 6.03 all those in favor. Say aye hi, and it's unanimous. I'm 6.05.

So I just want a little bit of clarification. So in the memo, it states the contract will not exceed 30 thousand. However, the estimate is only for 4325. So what happens if not, all those funds are used.

They stay within measure each and can be utilized for other projects all together. Unfortunately with when you're doing an inspection of soils is the sometimes there's things that pop up that you didn't expect to pop up, and there has to be additional labor put in by the actual consulting firm. So we wanted to make sure that we had a do not exceed amount. We hope that it will stay at the four thousand, but, you know, if it doesn't we have that ability to spend more to help clarify any issues that we might find within us all thank you.

Any other questions for me board members entertain a motion to approve or not approve?

After providing 6.05 second removing the segment approve item 6.05 all those in favor. Say aye hi and it's unanimous. Okay. We'll move on to item 8 Communications from the superintendent. Yes. I just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year. It's amazing that it's already 2019 and just we will be sending out to the board a an email with a luncheon that silver nails putting together. I think it's a dinner at the dinner that they're putting together as a fundraiser. I think it's their cooking class that is going to be cooking. There will send that information. I have it but it's in my it's in the conference room, but it will send it as an email. You also got an email from the elitsa earlier inviting the board to the ribbon cutting of the stem lab that

Was just installed there. This is part of the partnership with each side Union High School District in the CTE grant that we've had and we have additional funds that have been allocated to seven Dale from from from the CT granta moving forward. So we want to invite the board to that and also the science fair is coming up and I know what member Rodriguez is always a judge to the science fair and the invitation will be out to all the rest of the board members for you to consider participating either as a judge or just to come at the at the time when we are awarding the the the students the student winners in regards to the science fair and that's going to be on Saturday. It's a Saturday at we've outgrown this building and we are now and bridges so that information will be out to the board and looking forward to a successful 29.

Thing. Thank you.

Thank you. Superintendent Crews will move onto Communications from the Board of Education board member reports and we'll start with Carrie. So I had the opportunity over the break to visit the finance department here at the district. So I got to thank you for giving me a tour of that. And I also had the opportunity to visit Rocketship Mosaic and I look forward to visiting all the schools in the district including the charters. I'll be attending the SEC be a networking lunch this Friday and the new board member training on Saturday and also a budget Workshop provided by a Capital Advisors.

Thank you. Okay, so Ramona and so just want to thank Franklin and all the great work happening at Stonegate as well. I think just hearing about think the great things happening at our schools in the ways that teachers and students and staff and parents and Community are all working together to make great things happen at our school. It's a great way to start off 2019. So happy New Year to everyone and did attend to a meeting with Santa Clara County Housing and they were sharing some interesting ideas and resources with the community. So I'll be working with elitsa to roll those out as well and not make the formal request.

Thank you, George. Just want to also wish everyone a Happy New Year and has something to share with you. You know, I was off for about four and a half months. And now I got another job kids. I got to board. So anyway, so, you know, my as far as I won the seat for the for the city council so asked if I would come on board and help her out. So I'm on board with the city council. So have my parking pass here. You know, there are some perks there and fucking all the time without downtown. So anyways, I'm looking forward to working with Maya and her team she has five staff members and I'm one of five that worked very closely with her. And as you know Council Council District Seven, pretty much encompasses all of Franklin McKinley 16 schools. The only one that's not in our district is McKinley, you know, but the rest

Or an additional leg forward having a you know close relationship with with Maya in the course with with the schools here like mechanical District. I'm excited tomorrow. We have a swearing-in for Maya. She was sworn in today was the first council meeting for her. So she was sworn in before the council meeting this afternoon at City Hall and but tomorrow she wants to have one for the community. So everybody's invited it starts at 5:30. It's going to be here in the atrium. And so anyway, so you only buy the tomorrow at 5:30.

Logistics will do that.

Okay, thank you George and then I just want to publicly thank Angela for coming this evening and sharing her report. I did see the nice the live feed on Facebook, which is her communication tool the voice of San Jose's communication tool and it was beautiful. It was beautiful. I wish I could have made it but I saw how happy she was to get on the bus. And first of all, you wouldn't let her get on the bus. I think you said by about 20 minutes before she got on the bus, but she finally did and it's that it looks like she's having a great time and and I hope that she gains a lot of information learns a lot. This is educational for her just as well. Not just a fun trip, so

I was not crying in her eyes. Yeah.

Awesome. We're looking forward to hearing hearing her give a full our report at the board meeting when she comes back. I'm kidding. No, but thank you so much for sharing that today and for coming this evening. Okay. So next we have agenda item request and I know that we have the one the technology report to make sure it's on there. We want to add that we responded button. We should have just kept it on there and the new date is March 26, okay.

Any other agenda item requests?

Okay, and then we should actually put that on your future business the technology report request board a future agenda items.

Okay, we got okay. Okay, and I know their future business future meeting dates the board retreat. I just want to let the board know that we will be sending out a survey of possible dates because we do have some dates now, so that will be coming very soon. And then we have our regular meetings coming up first parent meeting at windmills Springs and February 2 days before Valentine's Day, and we will not need to go into closed session after the board meeting today. So I will accept a motion to adjourn.

You've tortured second balloon is taking to injure adjourn all those in favor. Say aye hi, and it's unanimous. Meaning now is now adjourned 45 minutes a very good job now.

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