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Board Meeting Audio Transcription 11.13.18

Board Meeting Audio Trasncription 11.13.18
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11.13.18 Board Meeting Audio Edited.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Good evening, everyone. Thank you for coming here tonight getting quite chilly, isn't it? So we just came from a parent meeting from Stonegate school. And now we have Stonegate representing us in our Color Guard. So we have a stone good. I'll get em. See you come on out.

So with the flag salute every ready.

Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ready begin. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Prepare to post the colors.

Oh my goodness.

Post the colors

Color Guard dismissed

Thank you. Please be seated.

No, cuz he said started the flexible.

My name is Reina verado I go to Stonegate school my teachers Miss Muse Eddie.

My name is Alina Munoz. I go to Stonegate school my teachers Miss Powers and I'm here with my mom. My name is CJ Thomas. I got to Stonegate school my teacher Miss Edwards, and I'm with my mom today.

My name is Emily. Tryna go to Stonegate school my teachers Miss McGee. I'm here with my dad.

My name is minions Hondo. I'm from stronger than a mentor and my teachers Miss Edwards, and I'm here with my mom.

Hi, my name's the solving. I'm from Stonegate Elementary. My teacher is Miss Edwards, and I'm here with my dad. My name is Justin Machado. I'm from Stonegate school my teachers Miss along. I'm here with my mom my grandma and my brother. I'm Willa confident. I'm from Stonegate school my teachers Miss Powers, and I'm here with my brother.

Can we give our Stonegate Color Guard one more round of applause, please?

Okay. Thank you Stonegate moving on. We have item 4.0 to approve disapprove additions to the agenda remembers. Do we have any?

Seeing none. We'll move on to item 4.03 approve disapprove order order of the agenda.

Seeing none. We will move on to item 4.04 report of action taken and closed session superintendent, please.

The board unanimously approved the closed session minutes of October 23 2018. There were no other actions to report.

Great. Okay, moving on to item 5 recognitions and 5.01 Global Learners student recognition. Yes, so if I could have the board come up to the front and we will go up to the podium and we'll start recognizing our students and then our staff.

So we see this evening. We will be recognizing students a few students. And obviously we have a lot more that we could recognize but one of the things that we do here in Franklin McKinley is have schools nominate students throughout the year recognizing them at their schools throughout the year and tonight. We get to honor a handful of students one from each school that exemplify what we believe that they Showcase in terms of being Global Learners. And so we are very proud of the students and I know all of you parents that are here and staff are extremely proud of these students and we want to start off with recognizing the student from Bridges Sydney trend

From college connection Academy Jaden Tran

From doll Kevin Tang

From Franklin Justin win

From Hellyer, Shannon Ma.

Principal will

Accept the certificate on her behalf.

From Kennedy Lilly Singh

From all around Michael bow.

From Los Arboles Layla Jackson

From McKinley Rosetta Macabre GAO

From Meadows Cassie win

From Ramblewood a lot wrong.

From Santee. Sorry Garcia

From shirokawa Riley White

From Stonegate. There's a my Ain Chavez.

But yourself available.

Like that on her behalf.

From Sylvan Dale Jasmine Chase Rodriguez

And from windmill Sophia Kang

So let's give all our Global Learners a big round of applause. Keep up the good work. Now. We have the opportunity to also recognize staff. For example, as a fine the spirit of Franco McKinley around the area of the student book is partnership Integrity respect Innovation and teamwork. We are very very proud of all our recipients tonight under the category a student Focus from windmill Springs Donovan more

Under the category of partnership from shirokawa Luann hollerman

Under the category of Integrity from Meadows Alyssa wing.


Under the category of respect from laronne Rick Martinez. Okay. We'll make sure he gets us.

Under the category of innovation from Kennedy as 3 to choa.

And last but not least under the category of teamwork from college connection Academy Denise turn on this.

Now let's give all our spirit recipients a big round of applause and we have one last thank you to gift to our departing board member. I will have some cake and coffee in the lobby area in a few minutes, but on behalf of cabinet all the District staff and the board we want to thank board member Torres for the four years of service is provided to to this district. And this is his last meeting. So we wanted to thank them on behalf of the entire Community for the years that he provided leadership to our district and we have some cake and and coffee for all of you to share with board member Torres for his service and then we have a little card for you as well. So thank you very much on behalf of the community.

What's next?

Hey boards, all accounted for okay, we're going to resume the board meeting now.

And next on our list is or Communications members of the public May address the board on any issue within a subject matter jurisdiction of the board or agenda items members of the public may also just a board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board by long nine. Three to three individual marks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated no action can be taken on any agenda item at this time questions may be referred to at the administration or put on a future agenda. First up on our list. We have Scott Shuman.

Good evening. It's a full house. Well, it was earlier but I mean up here. It's a from my perspective right now. Usually lately. I'm looking at like five or six people the last few months or years. So anyway, everybody stay healthy so we can keep a fully packed board here. I despite the fact that none of them are left. I did want to congratulate our our spirit Award winners and our Global learners.

And I would like to just

Say that I am looking forward to this round of bargaining. This is what I also had communicated assistant superintendent bowling that.

We are hoping for a really productive year and bargaining. We have the entire contract. That was hope either side was available to to open as many articles as they want. And that's something that we only agreed to do once every three years. So this is a rare cycle in bargaining and so it can be a very productive year. Certainly. We always spend a lot of time and energy and compensation but there's a lot of other articles that have a lot of opportunity for employees here members of our association to have language in the contract that serves their needs and is in as well communicated and that's those are items that we don't necessarily have to struggle at of the table. A lot of times. It's cleaning up and improving the contract. So while we may get bogged down to compensation, I certainly think and hope there's a lot of areas where we can just make improvements that we all agree to and that we all agree are improvements. I am also very

Is to find out about the district opening of the particle par is something that's been in our contract take as long as I've been here in the district and yet I've never really heard it being used and I was just talking to a to a professor a trainer of Administrators about par and sort of intrigued about it. So I don't actually know a lot about it but I see the district is open and there's sunshine and it'll be interesting what kind of conversations occur and if it's something that the district ultimately can use to to improve our district a couple other things. I would like to mention about tonight's. Well one other thing about tonight's agenda and one not on the agenda. I do want to speak in support of the

The item that is known as the information item or resolution item 7.01 prioritizing diverse student needs and the component of that that I think is most urgent from where I sit is the third component of those resolutions after all the whereases and that resolution is to support our new special ed teachers with a really effective transparent comprehensive onboarding process because one of the things that I hear as consistently as anything in this district is the challenges for new special ed teachers to learn the ropes and oftentimes relying on folks that just happen to be at their site that may or may not have the practices that the district wants taught. So I think it really makes sense to have a really effective system in place. Those are discussions I've had with assistance.

Superintendent and Martinez Palmer and our director of special ed, but I don't think we're there yet as a district. The last thing I want to speak to is not actually on the agenda. It's just a concern I have and I think this is an area where myself and superintendent Crews have sort of had to agree to disagree and it's on this component of our contract language regarding contract splitting and contract splitting is when teachers want to split a job and there is no cost to the district to my understanding they could could be something in maybe in driven costs. I'm not sure about that. But as far as benefits, they split health benefits, so it's not like two people getting full benefits. And so they split the compensation package and we have a lot of teachers Ma expecting moms and members of our association who want to spend those really important first few months at home with their child and not just spend it all with other people's children.

They want to split contracts and I think they have really compelling reasons to argue that it is effective and an important aspect of the district should offer an option. The district will always have the option to say no that is in the contract you have to approve it. But basically right now the assumption is that they will not be approved unless it's a rare case out of the classroom positions, perhaps project Specialist or coaches, but first classroom teachers, it's sort of a non-starter and I would like the board to consider this and think about and we can have a discussion of one-on-one. Certainly. I'm not asking for a change in the contract but I am asking to consider whether there are some times when it is appropriate to allow teachers to split contracts that are regular classroom teachers. So with that I'll leave you with that thought.

Thank you Scott. Next up unless you have Dario lamellae.

Good evening, darling Molly president chapter 502. You know if I'm coming up here some important right? I just want to congratulate my Mona and her Victory. We look forward to having you for and I was corrected. I was hoping to say for years but it's two years. It will take to better than none. And I want you to say thank you Omar for all you've done for the district and the best wishes for you. And what is you going to do from here on out? Appreciate it?

Okay, that's the last of the people on our or Communications. Listen to anyone else that would like to speak.

Seeing none. We will move on to item 7 1 0 1 resolution number 20 18-4 for yogurt izing diverse student needs.

And so I'd like to defer the opening of this agenda item to board member as Alberta as this is something that she brought forward and is the author of the content on there. And so we collaborated around finalizing the resolution but really this is something that what my breasts are Berta really put a lot of time and effort. So I'll defer to her.

Thank you. Superintendent Chris just to start off I think.

Part of my background just being a special education teacher and seeing the day in and day out of what students experience and the classroom and what teachers, you know encounter in terms of supporting those needs and the support staff behind that and then in gathering and really speaking to community here in Franklin McKinley and understanding what the staff and teachers go through day in and day out to support our students. It's it was really important for me to take a look at what the data also shows and so this resolution is is truly taking us a stance and making a commitment to our students that we are putting a variety of diverse needs first and foremost and looking at you know, strategies and developing a plan to best address and support those needs and truly support our staff and teachers in being the driving force behind, you know supporting an ad.

See what students needs are not just you know at the local level but also at the national level with the direction that we are moving not just with least restrictive environment, but just making sure that we truly are providing the best high quality educational program with meaningful educational benefit for each and every child a few pieces specifically that I wanted to mention. This is my first resolution. So I again greatly appreciate the time specifically with FMEA and the teachers that helped contribute their experiences sharing what's happening in the classroom with superintendent Crews and the many other staff members who truly did contribute with their understanding of what's going on. I know I know this is not perfect. This is my first time offering something like this, but I hope that it truly allows us to take a look at what the tools and supports that are necessary to continue to push towards equity.

And there's there's a lot of inequities that we see both in the classroom and at a larger school systems level and it's important for us to think about the Strategic ways that we are improving our system. So it's not about creating extra work. It's not about putting one additional thing on teachers plates or staffs plates. It's about thinking about thinking more strategically about the supports. We are integrating and recognizing that this is a shared responsibility in our commitment to making sure that each and every child is set up for success.

That's my little spiel about supporting diverse student needs. Thank you. Again. Thank you, man. Thank you want

Okay, but remember is do we have any comments with here really?

I think you did a great job on this trusty birthday and I appreciate all the work you did on that in the work with the teachers and the staff and any parents that you also collaborated with. I thought it was excellent. And I actually wonder if there are any plans to share this with other districts or with the county. I think this would be a great resolution to for other districts to consider as we all work to improve our that area of our education system. The special education students are special needs students and it's vital that we continue to improve the work that we do in our district because it has been a challenge.

And one of the blessings was having you come on the board to provide that expertise and and also to give advice whenever we have whenever we have decisions to make regarding those programs. So thank you so much for bringing this forward and for me, it's a very easy support.

What else numbers?

I just don't want to thank you. I'm gonna for bringing this forward the resolution and I definitely is about meeting the needs of our kids, you know, and meeting the needs of the kids with special needs IEPs and making sure that we do everything possible. So they have access to the curriculum.

And beyond that to meet all their needs, you know beyond beyond just the curriculum. But again is it mentions in here that we go even beyond that to three year process. So I guess we're going to start. Well this year right? We'll start this year ago. And I think I'm excited. I think definitely would like to get some feedback as we go as we go through the all the all the support that are listed here for our kids. And so that would be good to kind of get feedback. And is there a way we can do that superintendent? So so yes, I'm actually coming to comment a little bit further in regards to what we remember. I'm so bored. I have said in regards to not at not having something added and so we our intent is to build in this component to our elk a process which is our Elka process a three-year plan that gets reviewed annually. So this will be coming back to the board annually along with our El Cap, but you know, we're very

Specific to do surround the the things that is on there on the resolution, you know, some other things are ongoing and some things that we will have to start up but certainly want to make sure that that it's not something that is just piling on but rather streamlining and also in the planning of anything that there's a lens of how to support our students with special needs always so I think that this is a starting point of a much larger conversation around supporting of all students, but we don't want to have this as a standalone plan because it is truly needs to be integrated into RL cap, which also then allocates resources to it because this you know has to have resources behind it if it's going to work. So yes, we will be bringing it back annually and and making it part of a

Systemic process in the and that can continue beyond any other people that are here around the table because that's the intent that if it's systemic it will survive Beyond any of us.

If you want and again why I just thank you once more my morning for a bringing it bringing this resolution forward and I look forward to the updates and in again. Thank you for your expertise in this whole area. This is very much a times a gray area for us that we're not quite sure where we're at. But but it's good that you do you bring that Insight, you know in the background to this this this whole area of special education. So, thank you.

You George. Oh my yes. I'm very excited to see this and it's a very very well-written resolution, and I'm just very excited actually.

Although we already have a plan and we've been working on it for many years the knowledge that you have regarding our diverse student needs even at the top. I don't think we should be separating our students. I know we do it so they can they can have a better education plan. But the way already the resolution is written diverse student needs gets great because you know, we shouldn't be all that students in special education, you know, we're already labeling them through education. And so it's a this is a great resolution and one of my last actions. I'm very happy to support it.

Yo mama.

My Mana

In class 3

I think you're missing a quotation and

Three that matters. I was just kidding about that. That was not my point. The whole point I had was this green this resolution. Honestly is

The starting point is something that I know we can hold it us accountable and the fact that you worked on it with FMEA at the board level and connecting the district, you know.

The staff doesn't disconnect we have always had work together to form this resolution. That's beyond.

Amazing. So thank you so much for money.

And so to to board member Rodriguez this point obviously, you know, I encourage all of you board members that have access to other board members in other districts pass on the resolution and and look at whether they're willing to take a stance on this, you know, one of the things that in working with my mother was there's not there's not a resolution like this out there and she tried looking for one and I try to look for one. Right? And so that just tells you sort of where districts are or not in regards to taking a stance not saying that they're not doing great things on behalf of students, but in terms of a board action in regards to some of these things I think says a lot to this board, so I encourage the board members to share that with your colleagues and encourage them to to bring those forward at their own districts because it's about bringing our subgroups.

To the Forefront and saying that we want to do better a better job. Not that we're not working hard or that there's not progress but that we want to leverage every single resource we have on behalf of our students and so that's important and I'll level so I appreciate the work that then that you put in and certainly it's on behalf of our students all our students. But specifically in this case some of our students are subgroups that sometimes gets not they don't get the attention that they deserve.

He won so board members to be of any further discussion. If not, I'll take a motion anytime.

Motion. All right, I'll go Motion to approve.

Move to approve Camillus my first year and I forget move to approve 7.0 run resolution number 20 1844

Second item 7.01 has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye. Hi Natomas. Okay moving on to item 7 .0 to 2017-2018 Citizens bonds oversight committee annual reports.

Yes, this is an opportunity for our citizens oversight committee to provide a report to the board based on bond measures J&H which are passed under Proposition 39 and this is actually a requirement before I turn the floor over to Veronica and to fill Renteria to speak just wanted to say thank you to the citizens Bond oversight committee for all their hard work and service. They do not get paid for the work that they do but they do it to the best of their ability and it really benefits our district because it ensures that the money that we're spending related to these bonds are appropriate with that. I'll turn it over to Veronica.

Good evening. I'd like to of course in your report in your packet. You had the entire annual Financial system or statement. So if there's is there any questions I know it's pretty detailed and self-explanatory. So I also would like to thank our committee for all the hard work and the effort that they do we attempted and tried to meet seven times this year, which is well over our requirement in our bylaws is at least twice so they do a lot more of over and above. So I'd like to thank them all tonight to we have the opportunity and the pleasure to finally have one of our members here. So I would like to personally thank Joy Stanford Dale who sits on our committee as the active citizens representative for the communities the Joyce thank you. And then I would like to go ahead if there isn't any other questions is handed over to fill so that he could present the

Actual audit and annual report to the board Phil and Phil is our chairman.

Remembers, we don't have any questions for Veronica, right?

Do you know okay I felt.

Good evening.

Before I start I'd like to once again introduce one of our committee members to Joy Stanford Dale and she represents a senior citizens organizations.

She's here for moral support. I need somebody that I really wanted board to see the other members at that work. I handed in with with the staff and to do a great job along with the staff. But anyway, I like to start off with President Trent board members superintendent Cruz staff members and teachers citizens of the Franklin McKinley School District.

Based on the review of the disbursement of funds that that are required by Proposition 39 and measure J Bond conducted by the Franklin McKinley School District citizens Bond oversight committee and also the larvae net Trend Day & Company LP certified public accountant accountants. I submit on behalf of the committee this annual report for approval by the Board of Education.

And before I get off this Podium, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank

To thank some very special people that are working extra hard and that is Veronica Lantos the director of Maintenance and exactly surface Jason Von assistant superintendent of business services and Tammy Martinez Administrative Assistant for maintenance and axillary Services. They exemplify the dedication and commitment that all staff members here in the district have for the for our district here. They work very hard and they are always there with the information that we request and we do request quite a bit of information. We request a lot of clarification or your we want to know where where everything is that and that way we can put the dollars to where they're at and we can assure you that the money is well spent so thank you. Thank you. Thank you, please pass this on to


Any questions

Our members have any questions really?

I just have a comment, you know, I drive around the district now and I look at all the schools and I see the impact that your committee is made on the schools with dispersing the money and it makes me very proud of our district to have volunteers working very hard to make decisions on where the bond money goes that our voters have voted on and then to see that money go to good use to schools like Franklin that had a complete modernization and the results of that have been outstanding. So as a board member I'm so thankful that we have citizens like your committee to that volunteer and work very hard to meet more than double triple. Then the required and to hold yourself accountable by putting together such a comprehensive report.

Is very clear Easy-to-Read and for someone like me who is a marketing person not a very good numbers person, but I was able to understand everything on it and understand where all of that money went to and understanding what exactly what was improved in our district and now to go out and see it. I actually saw some of the numbers here. I thought well, I've got to go run over to Hellyer. I've got to run over to doll to see if that really worked and sure enough Santi beautiful unbelievable. It looks like a brand-new school. So thank you so much for all the work. You do. I do have one question is this maybe maybe want to know is this going to be made available for the public to access? Are we going to have this on our website? Yes, it's going to go on our website and it's also available upon request and hard copy form. Okay, because we want our community to know we want our community to know to know that this money was used for our

Goals, especially after the controversy we had with The Campaign Committee, so that has nothing to do with what you guys did is wholly separate. So we want to make sure our our voters know that so that we when we prepare future bonds that were able to Garner the support that we received on both of these bonds and let them know that we are being held accountable and we are going to be transparent with those funds with their funds their money is going to the school. So thank you so much. Thank you.

I always say my comments questions.

Just clarification into either on a car you measure J is closed out that this is the last of them. All right questions, and thank you so much Philip and take as much Choice your contributions to the committee. Thank you for invaluable. Thank you. Thank you a job.

All right for members it is a an action item, right? So we will need a motion move to move to accept the bond oversight annual report for measure J and H.

Second it's been moved and seconded to accept the some. I'm 7.02 all those in favor. Please say aye aye aye aye. That's an animus.

Okay, next up. We have our 7.03 2018 enrollment update and Jason Van.

Good news

Find out there's always opportunity opportunities are always available.

It's a good evening. I know it's late. I know we've all had a long day. So I'm going to try to speed this up a little bit tonight. I know that all the board members have had a chance to review the report but to keep things interesting, please ask any questions as I go through the presentation tonight and I will try to get through the presentation relatively quickly to leave more opportunity for questions at the end as well.

So I took the opportunity to take a look at enrollment from a macro level when I say macro level looking at the State of California and then narrowing it down to our individual district and independent charts that are within our district. Look at enrollment Trends and from that came up with some initial thoughts and possible next steps that the district can take the reference to the enrollment Trend that we're seeing double ground the numbers that I'm presenting tonight. We pulled information from the CDE website our own Infinite Campus database as well as a previous demographic study presentation. And also we're pulling information from our adopted budget for 2018-19.

That being said the first slide here. I understand that the numbers are small, so sorry about that. But just wanted to give a nice graphical representation of what we're seeing at a Statewide level pretty much since oh nine ten enrollment has been relatively flat at the state level and that's going to be interesting because as you can as you'll see as I dive down to the county and then to the district level things are slightly different, but at a macro level from the California state level enrollment has been relatively flat.

Here are some tables that help to support that claim looking at total enrollment numbers from fourteen fifteen to Seventeen eighteen as you can see the change over year over year has been relatively small less than a percent less than half a percent. But what's interesting is that if you break down the data between Charters and non Charters this year that the charters are steadily increasing over that same period of time while the total number of enrollment for students that non Charters is declining

Santa Clara County level you can see a more Stark change in enrollment numbers as you can see it quickly gained up until 2013 14 14 15 period and then started to have a decline 1516 onward and I think this speaks to what a lot of us have heard about I've read about in various articles that the cost of living here in the state of in the county of Santa Clara has become very high. So individuals are tending to move out of the area or potentially families are starting off later and later each year and that's having a dramatic impact on the enrollment numbers.

Again, I took this information and split it between Charter and non-charter. And again, you see the same the same aspect happening as we see at the state level in which Charters are increasing each year in terms of students enrolled at Charter Schools and enrollment and non Charters are declining.

There is the October for Franklin McKinley School District enrollment by sight and by grade level. I'm at this does exclude pre-K in this particular table the next table as you can see here looks at the trend from oh seven. Oh eight to eighteen nineteen as you can see pretty clearly. We do have a declining enrollment Trend that we would love to reverse and I know that staff is doing everything in their power to help reverse that Trend but this is what we're seeing right now as a district the 1819 numbers were what we put into the adopted budget the actual excuse me, the 1819 row is what ratchet experiencing but in the budget we had seven thousand three hundred and forty-two. So our enrollment number is slightly less compared to what we put in the adopted budget. So that will be reflected at as a first internal.

Then is just another representation of what we're seeing in terms of enrollment declining essentially about a 25% decline enrollments in so 708.

And then again, I tried to break out enrollment at FM SD between independent Charters and the schools under FMS D which would include Bridges and again, you see a similar Trend as well in which the charter enrollment is increasing from the periods of fourteen fifteen to Seventeen eighteen. One of the things that was interesting as we're going through this and I know we've talked about it in the past and various board meetings. The number of students attending Charters is not just from students transferring from SNSD and that's actually been a smaller part. They're a lot more students coming from outside the district boundaries attending schools at the charter level independent Charter level. We're working on compiling numbers from each of the charters on in terms of their database to help support that as well. We only got a couple of responses so far as we as we started going down the road of analyzing enrollment, but we looked at we got information back from rocket ship that mosaic.

Spark and about 50% of their enrollment is coming from outside the district boundaries based on their their enrollment numbers.

Again, this is just looking again at all the independent Charters and the trend from a 14 15 to 17 18.

Now this this particular section is looking at the demographic study that was done based on fall 2014 data that was pulled together. And the last time it was presented to the board. I believe is in September 2015. The reason why I wanted to look at this is to really see how accurate that demographic study is. And do we need to look at performing a new demographic study just initial thoughts based on the information that we see here the numbers and part in this particular slide is really about the adopted budget versus actual enrollment but the next few slides are going to see that the numbers that were in the demographic study versus what we're experiencing has a significant difference. And so I think it's a great time for us to look at getting a new study performed. We've already started putting feelers out at various organizations that can do the enrollment study for us including the last company. I did it for Franklin McKinley School District, which was Davis and we're trying to get a quote.

Unfortunately Davis has not responded yet to to our request for a proposal but we did get information from another firm. So as we as we continue to try to get more quotes from companies, we'd like to bring that forward to the board at a later date to see if they would choose go forward with a demographic study to help us really look at what we're going to see in the future now getting back to the slide. This is looking at our adopted budget enrollment versus actual enrollment and as you can see from 1112 to 718. There has been a Delta between what we put our adopted budget and what actually transpired in the year. So this is just showing that that Delta as you can see in year 1718. We have the smallest gap between what was in the adopted budget versus of MSD actual results. So that's great from a standpoint of the staff and like to have more accuracy in our numbers but demographic looking at enrollment from a demographic standpoint is definitely a tough challenge for all districts to make sure

Bruce is absolutely accurate, but we're getting better at it. So that's a good sign.

Look at the demographic study versus actual enrollment which is what I spent most of my time talking about previously. You can see that there's a significant variance from fourteen fifteen to twenty Twenty-One terms of demographic study versus actuals. It's gotten as high as 288 in terms of difference between demographic study and FM SD in 2021. So we want to definitely take a look at this from a new study standpoint and say hey is this what is what we're seeing right now going through really reflect what we're going to see in the future and I definitely think that this demographic studies should be updated what I have seen though. Is that the Deltas from year to year and the demographic study of versus actuals have been relatively close so they may not have gotten the total number right, but they actually got the change from year to year fairly close. So that's something that we want to take a look at as well. Let me go forward with a new demographic study and I

The assumptions that were done back in 2014 of change. So it's a good time to reassess and Jason. Yes. I did we get actual was that so the category title is definitely incorrect for future years 1920s on 2021. So I should have put a note in there about that. I meant to do that and I saw that as I forgot to do that, but yeah for the future years nineteen twenty and twenty Twenty-One. Those aren't actual those are projections based on our adopted budget.

The catch thank you for reading my report. So initial thoughts we have a declining enrollment Trend happening at the county level as well as at the district level students appear to be leaving to attend schools outside of our district families are leaving because in my assumption and based on what I'm reading in my assessment and what I'm reading, it looks like people are leaving because of the cost of living is becoming too great for families. So we have a lot of students aging out and we're not being able to replace them with new families with new school age. Children Charters are still having an impact on our trend of enrollment, but it's not to the extent that some may assume and I think based on looking at the demographic study that was done back in 2014. We have an opportunity to update that study and use that to help guide our decisions going forward. And then again, this is just an opportunity.

To initially start the discussion on enrollment and what it means for 5 from the Kennedy School District. That being said there are some opportunities out there for us. We're already talking about our immersion program for Vietnamese students via those who want to speak Vietnamese 90% of the day or 50% of the day as well as looking at expansion of our before and after school program because that is an opportunity for us to capitalize on our committee members are saying that they would love to have an expanded before and after school. They program that would entice them to stay within Frank McKinley School District. So that's something that we should definitely continue to explore and I know that we've done a lot of a lot of work and I should say superintendent cruises than a lot of work to raise money to help expand our before and after school care programs, but also looking at our enrollment rent and are declining enrollment over the past years looking at over 2,000 students.

Leaving our district if you will and I told our Roman numbers and looking at one of our school sites. I'm sure collar which is about seven hundred and sixty students. There might be an opportunity to consolidate. I know that tonight at our meeting at Stonegate a lot of families had apprehension about going to a K-8 school model, but it seemed after being in the school site for a number of years. They really like the KA model for their children. So maybe that's something that we can explore which could be also an opportunity to consolidate some sites. I'm not saying that's what we want to do is just an option and then to the extent that we have unused space really Market any unused space whether it be for a for profit before and after school program or just renting space out to community members for various goals that are in line with brick McKinley School District. That's an opportunity to generate additional revenue for our for our district.

With that open up the other questions. Thank you for that Jason Jason very informative for members only comments questions on this.

I want to thank you for that update. I had a question about the demographic study. Can you explain a little bit of what that would Encompass or what it did previously with the yes. Oh it most demographic studies. They try to look at birth rates or the people who live within the school district boundaries and to predict how many students will be within District in the future years. They also look at other outside factors such as Charters at the time of the study. They were Charters within our boundaries. They looked at their capacity in terms of how many students they could enroll in there and their particular Charter program and see how that would potentially impact our district if their enrollment kept increasing after the year of startup. So those are kind of the major components that they're used to do the demographic study. I've actually attach the study to the administrative of this presentation if you're not able to see that attachment, that's something we can definitely share with the board.

Numbers again and you guys can all take a look at that and go through the assumptions that the demographic study includes.

Yeah, okay. So you talked about?

Hiring somebody to do the help us do the enrollment better job. They're projecting enrollment updated demographic stuff. Yeah.


You said you're going to bring them in front of the board for us to to ask questions to the reason why the reason why I hesitate I mean why I'm just thinking not I'm not hesitating doing it. I think it's actually it's absolutely worthwhile something to look into but I'm just thinking about I mean if we just look at numbers say this is where we're trending. This is what's going on. And what we're doing is we're accepting the environment for what it is it just going ahead and just say yeah, we're trending down let's just keep going down then you know, that's the way we're trending. You know, I mean if that's our Trend that's the way that actually is.

Now but here's what I'm thinking though. Is that that unfortunately our education system has become more competitive. And so we have to start thinking like a business in a way, you know, because we've gotta start thinking how we going to Market ourselves and you know, we've taken steps to do that our districts. We now see ads on school buses and bus station stands bus stops and other areas and we've been we've done more to be out in the media and a positive way. So we are creating a positive image of our district. I just hope that I would just you know, the fact is we are going to the population in this area could decrease because of the Whatever Whenever However it happens, maybe technology the changing Industries and so

Fourth Baby Boomers moving out because we're getting older so forth. So and then the Baby Boomers children now adults Omar's age. So, you know, so you're not as know the children of baby boomers. Yeah, so you're not a baby boomer. So so so so the demographics of our children are changing because even now even the grandchildren are having these children and their families so that you know, whatever factors there are I just think did that I would like to analyze the methodology the way they had projected enrollment a lot more and we may have done a great job of projecting how far we're going to decrease because we just accepted the environment.

So, I hope that we can look at that very carefully as we move forward so that we can.

Also put a plan together to see about about growing. You know, I promised you I wouldn't say that too much. But but I really want us to I want us to fight for this District. I do not want to I hope I never have to see us consolidates goals or rent based out these me because I would not want to rent a school out for another school to compete with us in our district. So, I hope that never happens. I would never want to see that and I know that charter schools have been to a lesser extent of an impact on an enrollment.

But at the same time that's kind of like low-hanging fruit quote-unquote because those students some of those students were our students and we want them back. So I would like us to remain competitive and to go after those students at the charter schools in our district so that we can capture the optimal enrollment that we can get in our district. Thank you for the report. I agree with the comments. I definitely think there's an opportunity for us to look at what's happened in the past and try to change things going forward not just accept that demographic studies going to tell us that we're going to continue to decline because there's opportunities out there for us as a district to help reverse the trend. So I agree with a lot of the points that you've mentioned already and it's going to be a two-part process in terms of the demographic study. We can actually do it a number of ways. What I'd like to be able to do is have a presentation of each particular provider.

The graphic study talk with the board and talk about their process of analyzing demographics for a district that may be an opportunity for yourself as well as other board members to ask questions on their methodology to ensure that it's the best practice for our district to help predict the future that could be the step one. And then once we look at those candidates, we can have a selection process pick one of them and then go forward with an actual demographic study and then they can come back and then present their findings. Okay, and actually I am going to at the beginning of the new year. I am going to ask the board to consider putting together a subcommittee on enrollment. So the so that the board can be involved heavily with a plan for us to either maintain or grow are near I said again I said I wouldn't say it but but to increase our enrollment so that because we need we need

Everybody on board and this isn't just the board, you know lecturing to everybody saying we need to do to increase our enrollment. This is we need to be involved actively involved. So I am going to recommend that we put together a board subcommittee that will address enrollment. Thank you Rudy words.

Jason I was going to ask you in terms of the you know, the drop in enrollment like last year 335 and I know we mentioned homelessness. I mean homes the price of homes on other charter schools on other things do it. If we don't have a breakdown it would that come along with the a more extensive demographic study? I mean in terms of what where's the 335 coming from? I mean, how many went to Charter Schools like to be more exact in terms of because I don't think we're going to do anything unless we really know where we're losing our kids, you know, and then we can really start tackling some of these issues. So we're we're losing were losing these kids too because God Almighty the rate we're going we're going to be at 5,000 kids in four years five years. That's so anyway, but but maybe that would come out in terms of the study you're thinking about. Yes. So we're as I was mentioning earlier. We're trying to culminate

All of the data that we can get from the charter schools in terms of what they're seeing in the enrollment how many students are transferring from Frank McKinley School District to their charter school because we don't have a complete list you look in our own system as students are exiting. We may know that they're leaving to go to a different school, but we may not know which Charter they're going to end up in or if they're going outside of our district right to a different charter school. So so we're not going to have all that information. So we have to first start with asking the question of our Charters and then yes through the demographic study. We can try to piece out more of the information of our family's just leaving the area our students just aging out and we're not replacing them with new families. So on and so forth. So we'll have more more Deep dive of that 334 and where those students are going. It may not be a hundred percent accurate, but we'll have more information to help support that change.

And then the question I have made this for the superintendent is in terms of a bridge is because Bridges has dropped, you know, from where it was, you know, you know a few years ago almost there, maybe halfway and terms of K. We pinpoint exactly where the kids are going. Where were the kids going from Bridges so I can tell you that a lot of them are next door at Ace. And so I've had an extensive conversation with the administration there in regards to analyzing why they choose to Simply move next door there. It's not that they're not on that school campus. So what is it that is driving families to make a choice to move on over to Ace because a is primarily pulls from Bridges. A lot of their enrollment is from Bridges. We're looking at that.

And you know trying to make sure that Bridges is engaging with the families in the same way the aces so that maybe they have an opportunity to retain students. They're also now engaged with the feeder pattern especially over at Santee in their their students are going over there to read to the lower class size is me. The girl lower grades to build that relationship between the Santee campus and bridges. I'm setting up a meeting with FMC I Santi and bridges again. How do we reinforce that whole Continuum from EduCare 272 two Bridges. So there's things that we're putting in place, but more importantly we're going to have to look at the reasons why a is families that were primarily going to go to Bridges decide to move over.

Okay, there's not like they're going all the way across campus. I mean across the city across the district. They were simply moving over to the other side.

Yeah, just a final comment is always it's always good to see when the charter schools when they're drawing some of their enrollment from the other districts head. I'm thinking like old Grove, you know, which is our neighbor and I'm sure there's a lot more kids over there. There's a good come across especially with the school closing so on and you know Grosso and I don't know how we how we do that. You let me come encourage our or our childhood Chargers to kind of, you know reach reach out beyond beyond our boundaries and get more kids could we don't mind that we just don't want to lose more of our own kids. Anyway, just but you know, I agree with Rudy. I think we definitely, you know have to definitely work on this this whole area because of just as we just can't keep losing kids at this rate just too much. Thank you though for the report very very informative. Thank you.

And thank you. George all my yes. I do have a

Few questions and I want to Echo what would really said and one of them is we definitely want don't want to consolidate schools. I think that's just a better version or nicer version.

I'm saying closing a school which by the way good job on that because you know, there's rumors out there floating's that there that we will however, I don't want to go on a tangent but vice mayor sits on an antidote displacement subcommittee for the city of San Jose and in the map everything.

Passing 101 from the 280 and of these boundary sound familiar, you'll notice y from the to 8680 all the way down to Evergreen.


A bunch of this is where folks are being displaced. This is where folks are being displaced because of multi-million dollar homes that used to go for $500,000 are happening. And guess where that's happening. District 7 District 5 District 3. We're in our city of San Jose were probably used to be about 60 to 70 percent Latino. You're not seeing that anymore. I have a friend who just bought a house on Monterey Road for a million dollars. It's a town home where our family is going to go and I know I'm going on a tangent but houses the housing is reached a boiling point. It's crisis. Our families can afford to live here. So the moving away and folks who are buying these $900,000 homes, by the way. He single I'm doesn't have doesn't plan to have any kids at all. So is townhome no kids going to go to Joshua Cole. These doesn't have plans to have kids, you know, and it's and this is this is the brutal truth and not only that and I'm sure my Mona who just came up from an election.

Stone cake windmills all those areas still when I knocked on doors would like I haven't had kids in Franco McKinney for 30 years, but you have you have my vote because you knocked on my door and it's like I yeah, you know and that was that was a lot of our homes in Franklin County. So we have folks are 55 holding on to their homes.

There's no kids or not because it would windmills. There's no kids to go to Stonegate. And so I know I'm just ranting but I Echo would Rudy I know I'm jumping off the board. I think it's important and I'm glad that really is proposing and I hope that our school district thinks about how we're going to retain our kids. I think the immersion program is going to be it's going to be great and I do hope we pluck some students from other districts because again from 680 all the weight. Well, if you move it down to Mayberry from Mayberry all the way to 101 is also its 50/50 now present Vietnamese for the present Latino. And so if we can pluck some kids from Berryessa or evergreen or LM Rock

Hopefully more on Iraq, then then so be it but but we definitely need to start thinking of new ideas on how to bring our children and and let's face it. I think school districts are going to have to start talking about housing. They're going to have to start talking about housing because what's happening at the national and the state level. Obviously, we all know trickles down and so the lack thereof or it's too expensive is really hurting school districts, you know, so I think it's a catch-22 right a million-dollar home.

Property taxes going to schools, but we're not getting anything back over the children are moving into the district or leaving the district. Oh at this point. I'm just ranting, but thank you for the for the report and I hope you know the board continues to put your feet to the fire as long as as well as our staff members feet to the fire as well. So, thank you.

You Omar?

He provides data Jason. They're informative. I would like to see if you can get information on neighboring school districts that placate what McKinley is like the Santa Clara Valley see how much they're dropping in a Roman as well to give us a better understanding of reality of what's Happening strip them. Of course what's happening here isn't just only in this district and across the state.

Demographic study

So on slide 19 I'm looking at this.

Demographic study that we had how long have you had this bar? Since 14 15 is when we did it I think but believe pool 2014 is when they pull the data. I think the last time it was presented to the board was in 2015 15 so he had this date Okay, so

I mean thankfully their numbers like

Or lower is that was the opposite around a little bit terrifying Ariel.

At the same time. I'm really glad to see that we were actually beating that demographic study and I hope that in 1920 won't get to that higher measure of you know, under subpart 7,000 kit. Hopefully with the new demographic studies ever comes by will give us a better understanding of how to project our budget. So with the new demographic study that we potentially will get in the case that we get a increase in the enrolled. Well lot of kids go into our district as I mean, we're allowed to project our budget higher. Yeah, and the county will accept that. Yes.

Okay, that's why the understood thank you. Thank you. I'm very informative presentation. If you can get me data on neighboring school districts or the board data on neighboring school districts. No be awesome. Okay. Thank you.

Let's get you through one more thing Jason and then went along with that Democrat demographics that maybe take a look at of course the surrounding districts in terms of what you know, kind of the what they're going through similarly to us, you know, and I'm sure we'll find a lot of a lot of similarities there. You know with other districts each take a look at San Jose Unified. They've really declined in terms of enrollment numbers. So I mean you're going to see a lot of similar stats ya for districts that are surrounding us, but we'll pull that data and will present that in a future board meeting presentation. No actually, is there any school district in the county that has increased enrollment?

I have not seen one recently about 5,000 students. They are the only one the presentations or the discussion. We had at the superintendent level. The only one that had like and full of kids in terms of growth was Berryessa in that due to just the enormous growth in housing that is around along the new Bart Corridor. And if you think about if you seen that that's massive housing and they saw at just a handful of growth. I mean in in previous years that kind of growth would have caused him to open schools. Everybody else even in Gilroy that a few years ago was experiencing growth is now in Decline.

All right any further questions for numbers?

And I found them.

Awesome. Thank you so much Jason.

Okay, moving on to item 8 consent items under $25,000 members of the public May address the board of consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board bylaws 9 3 to 3 individual marks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated. Is there anyone who would like to speak at this time consent items?

Seeing none the motion for item numbers.

Like to make a motion on the consent items 8.01 through 8.08.

There's been a motion and second to approve the that I was a .01 3.08 and all those in favor. Please say aye hi. I don't know where 9 consent items remembers.

Move to approve item consider item 9.01

I don't know if 1:01 has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye hi.

Moving on to item 10 construction items board members

Move to approve item 10 .01 10.08


Adams 10.0 1 through 10 .08 has been moved and seconded for approval all those in favor. Please. Say aye hi.

That's unanimous moving on to action items 11 .01 personnel report. Please report out vice president Torres. I move that the Personnel report be approved as submitted that the retirement for the following employee be approved Carlos Tavares custodian Kennedy.

Walmart, or scuba remember just kidding the resignation for the poet Phillippi proof Rebecca and Emma paraeducator from Hellyer was going to say a strong second, but I'll just a second. I don't know .01 has been moved and seconded for approval all those in favor. Please say aye aye aye. We've got to item 11 .02 October 23 2018 board meeting minutes, but members take supplements to review this and then I'll take your

Motion to approval for approval in time

Move to approve the October 23rd 2018 board meeting minutes except

Item 11 .02 has moved and seconded for approve all those in favor. Please say aye. Hi, that's unanimous move on to item 11 .03 resolution number 2018 - 4:3 resolution of intention to dedicate and convey a deed easement and right-of-way.

Jason so this designer is to which it's been in the works for a while, which is to provide that pathway behind McKinley so that they can connect the the bike and walk pathway all the way to Berryessa and its intended to connect with the BART extension of the way to Berryessa. And so this is the funding apparently has come through thanks to Senator Bell. I met with them a couple weeks ago. And so we're hopeful that this gets through through the city and all the other things that they have to do in order for that pathway to be built. I think it would be great addition to the whole community and regards to Pathway to Bart.

Thank you board members have any questions comments on this resolution?

Quick question. Is this the same as the McKinley Gap?

Unpaved pathway. That is correct.

It's the Five Wounds community members that have been the trail by one to trail that has been in the works for quite a while and it's finally got funding from the state.

You know centered belted that moved approve resolution number 2018 - 43 resolution of intention to dedicate and convey a deed of easement and right-of-way along with Jason's cake second.

11 .03 has been moved and seconded for approval all those in favor. Please. Say aye hi.

Okay. Awesome. We got to item 11 .04 board consideration authorization of right of entry and temporary construction access license agreement between the district and the city of San Jose Jason. Yes. This is an opportunity to make sure that this project it's completed before the end of the year before the grant money goes away. There's a two-step process. Obviously, we've already done the consideration part next board meeting. We're going to bring to you the actual easement that needs to be approved for them to complete the work at this McKinley Gap, but we want to make sure that they have a chance to get the construction going. So this is a way to actually allow them to onto our campus on to our property to start the work prior to the easement being approved by the board. I believe that we're going to go forward and approve the easement. So this is a chance for them to get started on the work right to the easement.

Remember to have any questions comments for Jason.

I'll take a motion. And so we're going to make sure that the area is secure and everything for students and families who are walking to and from school. It's correct correct construction anticipated. We haven't had an actual date set because they're waiting for this board. I am to be approved and then we need to work with the city and their contractors and teams to set up the dates which the fuck is going to be performed and part of this construction license requires them to have the area safeguarded actually protected by barriers to ensure that students and staff and community members. Do not get hurt by the construction work to set up a clear path of travel from one side of the sidewalk. If you will pass the Gap does not interfere.

So that's going to be taken care of.

Some numbers

Move to approve item 11.04 second 11.04 as a mover and seconder for approval all those in favor. Please say aye. All right.

All right, 11 .05 Sunshine proposal for the agreement between fake McKinley School District and they think a McKinley Education Association

And so as we prepare for negotiations this year, we are the first step in that process is to Sunshine. So Franklin McKinley School District is bringing before you the sunshine. We are opening compensation hours of employment class size and Par. So I'd like to bring forward this Sunshine for your

Remember to me questions comments

I'll take a motion.

Move to approve the sunshine proposal for the agreement between FM SD and FMEA.

Second item 11 .05 has been moved and seconded for approval all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye.

Negotiations begin item 11 .06 Sunset Sunshine proposal for the

Agreement between FMS to me a and Misty

Fmea has brought forward their Sunshine proposal for negotiations. They are opening on agreement compensation hours leaves assignments class size and evaluations. So I'm bringing forward the FMEA Sunshine proposal or your approval.

Remember, there's no questions and comments about the emotion move to approve item 11 .06 second item 11 .06 of the moved and seconded for approval all those in favor. Please say aye I'm official.

Moving on to item 12 Communications are super into that one.

Okay, bever running short. I want to publicly thank Norma for taking one for the team and and and traveling with our email the way to Yale, you know, it's a tree to be on the else campus, but it's the the travel is quite heavy leaving on the red-eye and and and getting there and then coming back a few days later. But we did hosts are the Waianae the Yale National initiative open house last week as well. And so the staff had an opportunity to showcase the work that they're doing and is an exam amazing professional development opportunity for staff and we're fortunate to be part of that initiative and have had now at least six staff members that have that are currently here that have participated in that.

Professional development and we're looking forward to continuing to participate but also bring one a local initiative in partnership with San Jose San Jose State University. So thank you so much for doing that. Otherwise, I would have had to go in and I've already gone once also got an opportunity to go to the axle leadership assembly conference this past week was able to pick up some some great things from the some of the the workshops and got to your to really really great speakers and we'll be sharing that with with our staff as well. And then I want to remind you that we have our staff luncheon this Friday for those of you that can make

Total clock and the clock here. And so we're we're inviting all the District staff to come in and as we've done in the past the staff bring a toy that then it gets donated to Sunday friends. So we pick up the cost of the the luncheon or they would we ask our staff is to bring a new unwrapped toy that we give we give to to Sunday friends for their program and other things to report.

Thank you. You want to Adam 13 locations from Board of Education will start today with the board member reports with Mona.

And I want to thank the community and the voters they soon placing their trust and humbled to be able to continue serving for the next two years. Thank you to everyone for their support and excited to continue working together. I was actually the reason I'd asked about them it can leak out because I was able to attend the Five Wounds Trail walk walk and talk to Senator Bob and so I'm really excited actually about the opportunity specifically for our families have been students who are walking to and from school because it continues to create more safe routes our families to get to and from school and just overall improvements and development for our community tip to better be able to access. So I'm glad to hear the McKinley Gap with specifically with that paved pathway will finally be able to be worked out. I saw some great projects at The Bullying Showcase from Sullivan Dale.

It's just amazing to see the students really internalize the concept of what it takes to be an upstander. And so, you know specifically to the work that was being done in the month of October and with the Silicon Valley youth with, you know, motivating the kids and getting the incentives with the the Beats headphones and everything. It was really great to see the desktop how excited the students were to share their projects and really explain truly what they've internalized about being an upstander, and then finally just wishing Omar the best, you know in your future endeavors and continue to do great things for our community. So, thank you.

Ramona George, it's want to thank all my friends for years of service and it was really great having you here Omar definitely brought a different perspective to a lot of the issues that we Face here in our district. So I want to wish you the best in your future endeavors and then I want to congratulate Ramona on a great race. Very very well. Run rate raised. I saw your signs everywhere. I got I think I got four piece of literature that how many setup have four pieces same goes for two years from now. I want to copy your just put my face out of there. Very good. It did I join my colleague a Rudy Rodriguez a winter de los Muertos the first annual according to principal has into it Franklin schools. That was really really nice. We spent a good couple hours, you know good for growing dancing.

Mariachi very community band and then the food was great. So anyway a good good Friday. We spent thicker by the evening. I'll report.

You George Rudy?

I want to First congratulate me Mona for your your nice campaign. It was wonderful. I saw the work you did in the community and and and it paid off. Well, you'd certainly would on a good campaign. And yes, your signs are still all over it. So you might want to get in before I report you to the city. And I also want to say a few words. I've known Omar for a long time a long time and I just want to let him know that that it's been an honor serving on the board with you and I appreciate working with you. Also seen you grow into an older man, but why is it a lie? I don't know if everybody knows this but Omar.

He didn't grow into a leader a leader. He has always been a community leader even since his teenage years and the impact he is made on the neighborhoods that he has served in has been tremendous not just in his neighborhood, but also other neighborhoods like 77 trees. He's been all around the city of San Jose and now working with the vice mayor. He's making an in continues to make an impact and I wish you well as you pursue your future endeavors. I did have an opportunity to attend the official kickoff of the universal access to early childhood education care and health at the Mexican heritage Plaza. And what I thought was going to be like an hour lunch meeting turned out to be a three-hour afternoon many presentations, but you know what I stayed because it was very interesting. In fact the

Grail Family Services did a presentation on the building blocks of parenting and I brought the flyer. So maybe we can share this with the rest of the district. I just thought it was a it was a interesting because I learned a lot what other districts are doing and what our Community Partners are doing throughout the city of San Jose. So it was I didn't even plan on attending I just made the time to attend because I thought it would be interesting to to go back to the Mexican heritage plaza where I was on the board years ago. So but it turned out to be a great event to go to and of course it was any outstanding details Marcel said Franklin School. We really did that school well with the modernization because they set up the entertainment area beautifully and the Mariachi the played was incredible. In fact, I mean one of the

To the gentleman on the in the mariachi band. I have known him for almost I've been in San Jose so almost 20 years and it was nice to reunite with him and and and and taught in and reminisce about the early days of the Mariachi Festival in San Jose, which I was a part of planning with when with the Mexican heritage Corporation. So it was a good event and I'm and I encouraged Jose to keep it going. Mr. Hastings. I keep it going because the turnout was it was full the whole out outside area was packed. In fact, I got upset because they ran out of tamales they'd rather posole and all I had was a few tacos it I was able to scrounge up because I was talking so much and it was just a great event to go to so

All right. Thank you Rudy Omar and I want to thank everybody for for being a friend on this board. I have so many friends who serve on other school districts and they always say oh my God, you guys are doing that you guys are doing that but also we know that we're not this district is not perfect, but it's getting there and it's definitely going to get there with the hard work of our teachers our hard work of our classified staff or hard work of our superintendent and the hard work of our of our school board members. I think we all bring a different perspective to this this board. I'm going to be sad that I'm leaving. However, I'm not going to be too far away. I've always still be helping our East Side Community because let's face it Franco McKinley's this I know so I'm going to be to helping our East Side Community with

Working for the vice mayor and she knew the importance of me being elected to this board. She would always you know when I would say hey, I need to be out of Franklin McKinley event, or I need to be at a committee meeting or I need to choose like we'll figure it out. Just go just go and go and so casinos and you guys all know because she comes to a lot of our school events or educated education related events, so we know the importance and it's it's not it's I am being truthful that are our city and our school district need to work together to improve the lives of our of our East Side Youth, so, however, that may be but there's a lot of work still ahead of us. We need to we need to get rid of poverty. We need to better our education systems You Name It We there's a lot of work, and it was a pleasure serving with all of you. So, thank you.


I said I want to start off by just thanking Omar for his four years of service yada yada.

Graduations on your well-deserved graduation similar proud of you know, it's a I'm sure I speak for everyone to avoid that. We're really happy to have you here. And then with the just a short amount of time you've been with us give such an impact and how we look on certain perspectives and where we should be more focused on as a boards. Thank you for that. And to be honest, I have no Nomar all of my political life when I first started out. I mean, I was a young little boy and Omar was right there, you know being involved in such and I talked to him. He guided me and helped me throughout this take me to a democratic events and then just from there. I

Figure out the rest and I mean I want to thank you all my for the last four years. I mean, honestly, it's not just believe it's been four years actually and I want to thank you for allowing me to go with you. Honestly, like I can do a lot in the let this last four years. Hope you find what you're looking for, you know? Yeah, that's definitely going to be. All right.

That's what it is. All right. Okay, so that's all I have to say for my report 13 .02. So moving on to 13 .02 agenda item request. We can see all that in the schedule and it says here that vice president or has requested a shop with confrontation on December 11 2018. So will you be attending that?

No, I'm actually going to be going to a couple of Koreans. I know I'm going to miss me Mona swearing-in but a couple of my friends and I have to balance that remembers we have anything to add to this agenda item request. Okay, the answer I don't 14 feature business. We have nothing in there. I don't 15 future meeting dates where members can be done their own. We have no reason to go into closed session. So I am 17 adjournment and I would like to move to adjourn this meeting and thanks to Omar and his service for the last four years.

The second second second.

Oh, there's been a motion to adjourn the meeting all those in favor. Please say aye hi picture.

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