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Board Meeting Audio Transcription 9.11.18

Board Meeting Audio Transcription 9.11.18

9.11.18 Board Meeting Audio Edited.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Good evening, everyone. We're going to start the Open session of a meeting now. So we're going to start off with 4.01. I mean as 4.01 flag salute Kennedy School. Yeah. I have the candy color guard come up and present the colors.

Prepare to present the colors mean.

Okay, take it away. Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand and remove your hats and join me in the presentation of the colors?

Color Guard advance

Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance ready begin. I pledge allegiance to the flag and the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Prepared to post the colors

How's the colors?

Color Guard dismissed

So at this time in memory of the close to 3,000 individuals that Paris ends on September 11, 17 years ago, we would like to ask or a moment of silence and then we will continue with the rest of the meeting.

Thank you.

Thank you. Please be seated.

Alright, thank you so much color guard.

And the candy color guard. Please come to the podium and introduce yourself along with them who took you here and who you here with.

My name is Desmond abarca and I attend Kennedy Elementary and I am in the sixth grade and I would like to recognize my family.

Hi, my name is Audrey Rodriguez. And I would like to acknowledge my family.

Hi, my name is Nick with tears and I'm in sixth grade. And I would like to recognize my family. My name is Gabriel Howard. I'm the Sixth Grade Academy Elementary now like to recognize my mom.

Hi, hi, my name is Andres Jimenez Agosto and I am from Kennedy Elementary in sixth grade. And I would like to recognize my family and my fellow color color guard mates.

We give them one more round of applause for the great job that this.

All right. Thank you Candy School. Fantastic job.

Moving on to item 4.0 to approve disapprove additions to the agenda or members. Do we have any questions seeing none? We'll move on to item four point zero 3 approve disapprove order the of the agenda the order of the agenda remembers?

And seeing none we'll move on to item 4.04 report of the action taken and closed session superintendent Cruz.

The board unanimously approved the closed session minutes of August 28 2018. There are no other actions to report.

Thank you superintendent Cruise. We're now going to move on to item number 5 or Communications.

Members of the public May address the board on any issue within a subject matter jurisdiction of the board or agenda items members of the public may also address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with Lord by law 9 3 to 3 individual marks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated no action can be taken on any agenda items at this time questions may be referred to the administration or put on a future agenda.

First unless we have Scott shouldn't sing.

Good evening. I am going to speak primarily about action item 9.03. That's the district certification of the unaudited financial report. Otherwise known as the unaudited actuals while I'm up here. I want to express my support for a resolution in support of Hispanic Heritage Month and the conflict of interest code as well. But again, I want to focus mainly on the unaudited actuals and it's unfortunate that our assistant superintendent of Business Services isn't here because I would love to always have a chance to speak with him overall. I'm really happy to see that the district remains on solid Financial ground. It's always a bit disconcerting in a deficit spending era and that certainly the error this district is in and it's a narrow win a lot of tough Cuts have been made and short of

Any kind of Miracle of the probably going to be more challenging cuts to be made so I don't want to gloss over that by any stretch and I never want to be misconstrued as not understanding that this is an era of deficit spending and a lot of tough Cuts. But with that said what I find to be really

Favorable or what? I'm happy to see is that if I was looking back at the second interim from last year and noticing that the projection was to end last year with 18.2 million dollars in restricted and unrestricted money. I usually look at the summary of those two. I think it's the clearest picture in my view and then we went through a very challenging round of bargaining and settled on a fair and reasonable agreement as I feel we almost always do and now after paying out a year of retro pay which was not in that second interim the 2017-18 ending reserved for last year is actually 18.5 million, so

A search was able to not only give teachers a fair compensation raise retroactive to the whole of last year but also end with more money than was expected last year. And I know that budgeting is a matter of projections and estimation. So I'm not faulting anybody by any stretch for that. I think it's a good thing that there is that much money. I'm just want to highlight it that we managed to give teachers a fair raised and still come out with more money than had been expected even before the race had been baked into that cake. Furthermore. I was looking at the adoption budget from June and noticing that the end of this current year had been projected to be down. Of course, we're deficit spending so down to Fifteen point three million, but now with this unaudited actuals, it looks like the projection has been increased to in the sea or at sixteen point four million. And so that's over a million dollar increase from June in terms of projections. And again, this has to do with the governor's budget.

And all kinds of components that we're not available to the district when they calculated that ending balance in the adoption budget, so I'm not trying to imply any sort of deception. I'm merely highlighting that there is more money in the district ending balance than had been projected and I think that's good news for all of us and I will continue to look at these numbers as we work towards the first interim and the second interim and do this all over again. Once again, thank you.

Thank you, Scott.

Next up. We have Anna and forgive me if I can't pronounce your last name, I won't even attempt it.

Thank you president good evening president and members of the board superintendent Cruz members of the public. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you before tonight. My name is Ana are accessible. I am the director of growth at Cape and jointly with Miss Amy Tran who many of you know have been working on the development of their territorial petition tonight. I am submitting formally their terminal application, which I have handed to Sunday there, and we look forward to working with this board. We appreciate the District staff continued guidance and support throughout the preparation of our renewal package, and we look forward to a robust Charter petition process and to the board authorization to renew our Charter for another five years. Finally. We like to invite each of you to visit our school learn more about camp and address any question that you might have some of you have already responded to our invitation on how to really confirm the possibility of coming and we look forward to the opportunity to have you there. Thank you.


Okay. Is there anyone else in the public who would like to speak seeing none? We'll move on to item number 6 public hearing 6 .0 1 2018 - 2019 notice of public hearing of sufficiency or insufficiency of instructional materials.

So California Ed code six zero one one nine requires that we hold a public hearing regarding the sufficiency of our materials and textbooks to ensure that all classrooms have what they need. This is notice of public hearing was posted and that three three public places within our district the information item serves a noticed that the public hearing will be held today regarding this efficiency or insufficiency of instructional materials as they pertain to the students in our district enrolled in TK through eighth grade public is encouraged to attend and has a right to address any concerns.


We're oh, okay. So seeing then I will so that part of this is we will be bringing back to the board a resolution that will then certify that we have enough materials in issued to students as required. And then also the as you know, the county does do site visits to verify that and those pieces are taking place. I've already actually started last week.

You want seen that there is no one coming up to speak for this public hearing. I will close it now.

Moving on to item number seven consent items

Members of the public May address the board of consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board bylaws 9 3 to 3 individual marks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated. Is there anyone who would like to speak on a consent items tonight?


Yes, I'd like to take this moment to to actually bring forward the topic of really special ed encroachment. And and the reason I bring it up now is looking at the contract here with the non public school student placement 7.02. I believe it's about a seventy five thousand dollar contract and I'm not speaking against that but what I am doing is just always wondering exactly why our encroachment is so high and I know that a lot of it has to do with our government not funding special ed Foley. I know that's a huge component of it. But I've watched our special ed encroachment increase it by the millions and keep wondering what we can do as I think all of you are as well and so on the one

Hand you have a lot of teachers looking for more support. Whatever that might look like but a lot of special ed teachers really calling out for greater support and then we have a lot of students that we have two that are a lot of times determined to not be students. We can keep in our district at Great cost to the district and perhaps to the students themselves. And so I don't know if there are some stop gaps that can be used to maybe spend a little more money up front in support of those students and maybe save some money as well as keep the students in a less restrictive environment, but it's something I always think we need to consider and look at and so again, maybe not in this specific case, but overall holistically, what can we as a district be doing to examine that special ed program try to really keep the costs down and also make sure our students and teachers are supported and I think that's something that really deserves a lot of credit.

Focus especially in this District at this time. Thank you.

It's got mmm.

All right. So item seven consent items for members. I'll take a motion on this at any time.

Move to approve consent item seven point zero 1 2 7 .0 for second Adam 7.01 through 7.04 has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye aye unanimous moving on to item number 8 construction items remembers?

Motion on this at any time

Like to make a motion to move forward and items 8.01 through 8.05.

It's been a motion to approve consent items 8.01 through 8.05 all those in favor. Please say aye. Hi. I hand that's animals as well.

Okay, moving on to item number nine action items 9.01 Personnel report vice president Torres. I move that the person the Personnel report be approved as submitted and that the employment for the following employee be approved normal Bueno noon Duty like shit Okawa.

Andreea, Angulo SLS specialist s WS s be the resignation for the following Floyd be approved and that Rio sarmento vit law circles.

Is there a second second?

I don't know if one zero one has a movement seconded. I mean, yeah, it's been

Move to be approved and seconded all those in favor, please. Say aye aye aye. That's unanimous. We're going to add a 9.0 to August 28 2018 board meeting minutes board members take several minutes to review this and I'll take a motion at any time.

Move to approve the August 28th board meeting minutes second enough 1:02 has moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye hi as well moving on to item 9.03 District certification of on unaudited financial report for 2017 - 18

Yes, and I'd like to ask join to come up to the podium and answer any questions you may have we passed out a

One sheet that the board is very familiar with the ways to sort of summarize what's in the much larger document of the unedited actuals. And so what would you have in front of you is the spreadsheet that shows the adopted budget in the first after the first column was which is listed there as physical year 1819 adopted budget. And so what we do when we present a budget in August we estimate what are ending costs are going to be for 1718 and that's what is presented to the board along with the projected expenses and revenue for the three years out. And so now that we have closed the books when we know what the actual expenses

The actual revenue is and that's what we're bringing forward, which is the second or the column F G H and I represent now the adjusted in 1718 the actual revenue and the actual expenses and then in the last part of the the spreadsheet, then we can see what the difference is. So you can see that for lcff Revenue based on the final budget that was approved by the state. There was a reduction of 68 thousand dollars in total revenue for the district. We did receive additional Revenue in the state and local.

And so those are reflected there in those are things that we have in regards to proper Edna, probably the lottery and other funds that come in based on when the when the state decides to disperse those funds.

You want to share them? Yeah, I think the local the state revenue as the superintendent said is the lottery the lottery. We receive the a little bit higher than what the stay projected May revise and for the local Revenue. We received Mar reimbursement for 1516, which is not including in the second interim. We are not aware and by the money came in in June so is reflected in the actual the other piece is array.

Again, we are not aware. We have the this large amount than the release in June, but the

The reimbursement, you know, the organization they released the reimbursement. So we gather additional money. So overall the revenue is five hundred thirty eight thousand nine hundred sixty six more than what we projected in the estimated actual and the for the expenditure. You can see the Total Line the expenditure is

Is there to be Mega $18,000 less what we projected for the total revenue in at all. And there's a some items between the object code.

There's lcff already in the expenditure. We pay the more in the teachers stipend less than the

Less than the contract so there's a kind of between the object code. But the overall the total budget expenditure is like $18,000 the variance and the for the in Coachman. There are two big encouragement one is routine maintenance and then the district spend about $200,000 less than what we projected for the special ed. The encouragement is

The cell power received the projection from the CDE and then the CDE when they projected the revenue they always build in the deficit of the revenue. The CDE doesn't know that that is a whether the deficit can happen will not until June. So in this case in this year, there's no deficit. That's why they release the money from the CDE to the cell body and the cell body parts to us. So we received about $200,000 more than what we projected at met. So that's the overall the to combination the encouragement is less. So if you look at the fund balance, what we projected is 15 point zero eight percent in 1718 in the estimate actual and we end up with 16 .08 417

Team, which is the one percent higher and the for 1819. What we project is certain point 26% for 1819. But since 1718, we got 1% higher. So it's pushed up 18 19 to 14 point twenty one percent.

That's overall the comparison if you have any so you can see that our third year out is obviously a little higher than are mandated three percent in three point nine eight, but I do want to remind the board which is built into the budget and why those numbers are that to meet our three percent Reserve in 1920 is that we still have built into the budget reductions as if you remember that we had multi-year reductions last year with the layouts and the reduction expenditures was to two million dollars for 18 19, or we did 70 million dollars in contracts in other services in 1718 in 1819. We did another two million dollar in reduction there were some contracts but the majority was in the layoffs and reduction of Workforce.

That the board approved for this year in 1920. We have in the budget another 1.5 million dollar reduction and then 2021 another million dollar reduction in order for us to get to that three point nine eight percent in 2021. So, you know, we're obviously glad that some of the funding has helped that bottom line because in 19 20 and 21 the we had a higher reduction built into the budget and now it's down to 1 Point 5 and 1 million in 2021. So we will continue to obviously look at ways of reducing our expenditures finding ways of increasing the revenue whether it's through foundations or otherwise also by growing our student enrollment which has the most

Powerful, it's must be the most impactful part of the budget and then, you know start to look at other services for students as well. So just wanted to give you this this particular handout because I know that this is one that we use all the time and it's fairly easy to kind of follow in so we welcome any questions from the board.

First we have any questions for Joanne or one budget. I do have one question on the in the areas of encroachment. I know you talked about specifically the 16 16 million dollars from the 1718 the adopted budget to the actual and so that increase of what we actually from the adopted.

The actual budget or the decrease that's specifically even though that even though the $200,000 was released through self and the CDE there was still an additional deficit. Okay. So the projection is a 16 million 763 but the actual is a 60 million 397 so is tote is that less 366,000 less. So including in the street sixty six thousand two hundred thousand dollars is routine million maintenance the district spend less. Okay. The other part is the special ed revenue is higher than what we projected because the CDE build the deficit in the revenue when they gave to this Alpha, but actually there's no deficit. So they release the all of the

Every District again little bit more in this part of the budget is where we want to have the lowest number because that means there's less contribution from the general fund to that fund. So that's why it had in this case. We got more money. And so that required less other general fund to come in and yes, it's encroachment that's specifically due to that additional funds that we got not due to less Services corrected, correct. The only one there is because we did not spend routine maintenance that is a savings there by not spending those funds that were originally allocated.

So the other thing is the out of the 60 million about 2.4 million dollar is a routine maintenance. And then the 14 million dollar is a special ed in coach. Thank you Freddy. Thank you Joann for providing the the budget the numbers and I just want to reiterate the importance that this budget is based on declining enrollment in our district and

I just think that's terrible. I mean, I don't know a better word for it. But declining enrollment should not happen in our district regardless of economy what other Charter Schools whatever is shouldn't we should not have a declining enrollment and we should do something about it rather than just let it happen. So I'm looking at the enrollment report from for week 3 and I looked at the numbers and we have many schools that are maintaining from last April. I believe that was the last reported date that are that are maintaining and and I wish all the principles were here that are wish we could communicate this with all the principles, but we want to grow by 20 students for each school if we just grow by and I think we did the calculations. We just grow by 20 students or

200 students for each goal, then this budget won't be an issue. That's all we need to do. That's it. I and I know we can do it one has informed me that is he's asked several schools to provide an action plan on how they're going to recruit new students do to increase enrollment. So I asked him if he could share it with the board so that we can look at it and providing input and then I also plan on visiting the schools to specifically not to tour the school or anything but just specifically address their enrollment because I for one as a board member do not want us to deal with deficit spending and I appreciate Scott mentioning that in his comments, but I think we should be talking about being proactive and growing as a district because we can and it's there and the opportunities.

Are so I hope that I can count on the entire board to join me in working on a way to recruit and to grow our districts so that we can hire more teachers and provide more services and and have a better have a budget that we don't see decreasing moment on I just want to clarify the principles we did address enrollment on Thursday and through those discussions that were things that were brought up in regards to different strategies different things than that we can do to recruit and retain our students and from that discussion. We will go back and develop a district plan that then we will all work together. So part of the discussion is we all and and this goes to your your comments board member that you always

Challenges on is that we all need to own this it is not just a board mind principles that it is the entire community of this District in our responsibility to do everything we can to retain and attract the students that we serve in this District so that we are a viable district and we can continue to provide the great service that we do provide. And so that's that's sort of the the the the initial discussion we had with the principles and then we will be putting together an action plan to address that.

Thank you for the report. I'm always nervous when I get this piece of paper for numerous reasons, obviously for Vince our community our teachers. So this is this report does look doesn't look great. However, I know that we're all going to be working hard to make sure that it looks better next time around and I just want to Echo what trustee Rodriguez has been saying the four years that I've been sitting here and that where we need to grow and I definitely wanna give a shout-out to the principal's who actually already been knocking on doors and been recruiting folks in there and their neighborhood schools to come and see what Frank McCann is all about. You know, the whether you agree with them or not charter schools have gone into neighborhoods knocked on doors and

Recruited parents and that's you know, that's made us actually step up to the plate and be you know, we can be better than that and our schools are becoming better because you know one our folks are starting to realize who we are and that our schools are better than the charter schools. And I know that moving forward this board is going to make sure that we continue to trade mark this Rudy just grow you should go and trade market, but you know, I think that's that's important and I

Can't stress it enough that we have to continuously to go out there and be involved in our community, you know, we can't be complacent and that's good that we're not.

Remembers any more questions. That's what I think Joanna wants more for your presentation this evening. I want to also commend the board member Rodriguez and for his remarks and his passion in this whole area because he's been the driver in terms of making sure that we keep that on the front of the agenda in terms of making sure that we have a get our kids back that we've lost and increase the numbers. I was going to ask a question in terms of the budget of heard that you know, the revenues are coming in even a little bit higher than expected at the state. Are we going to see maybe one more change in this report? So the only change that that we get an opportunity to bring forward is at the governor's January budget, you know, the first in Iran gives us an in sort of another check in regards to expenditures in those kinds of

But it's not significant until the January budget that the the the governor will release at that time given any changes in revenue and then certainly once again at the second and Haram and may revise but in terms of significant changes to the revenue side and really is until the governor releases his budget in January.

I think Jason did the presentation in August meeting the 45 days of revised. So they what they did that they increase the cola father they decrease the one-time Revenue. So is the impact to the district?

Thank you. You will see ha ha. Can you explain to me why we have such a huge increase in local Revenue again? It's just okay. So the first one sixty eight thousand eight hundred is a decrease that is due to the code the Gap funding the final Gap funding is a forty two point nine seven percent verse add May revise is a 45 points 17. So there's a slightly decrease the second variance is 60 1397 is due to the lottery Revenue. The lottery Revenue came in the final is a higher than what the stay projected in the May revise so we get a little bit more money and then the local Revenue which is the half million dollars about 200.

I think I wrote here 234,000 is due to the mar reimbursement the reimbursement, which is they hasn't paid the district for many years. So now they are kind of when they have money extra money catching up with these release the money. Unfortunately, we do not know when they were going to release. So this is actually is a very good year. They released the money Unfortunately. They release the engine if they release earlier work give us some notice. We definitely will including in the projection. But unfortunately this one we do not know until you know, June we know when we get the money. So the other piece is earring, so theyíre a and also there's no schedule.

And we file the reimbursement but not necessary. We know how much we can get exactly and when we going to get so and also this is a it there's a couple items they made some changes. So there is some light rain person informing the prior. So we got more money in this year. So those two big pockets of money just comes as a surprise to us. Yes. Yes nine years.

On that and all these are one-time and they're really reimbursement there. They've been slowly slow at paying these These funds back to the district. I mean and actually at one point they were even larger than that and the state went back and revise down a lot of this release reimbursements. And so we've been fortunate to still get some of them, but we never know how much and when they will release those funds. Okay, they play a big role in our ending balance. I mean, obviously it's something we had to all take into consideration that this doesn't come at any we can expect this come at any time. So it's just something I want to note to all the board members in the public.

Money came from

I thank you so much for that presentation. I mean, I'm it's informative piece and thank you.

I bought members whenever you're ready. I'll take a motion on this.

Certification of unaudited financial report move to approve item 9.03 District certification of on audited financial report for 2017-18 second and then .03 has moved and second all those in favor. Please say aye.

All right moving on to item 9.04 resolution number 2018 - 3 7 adopting a conflict-of-interest code. This is routine. This is an annual adoption of the interest in the conflict of interest remembers. Do we have any questions on this?

I'll take a motion.

To approve item 9.04 resolution for 2018 through 37 adopting a conflict-of-interest code second, and then .04 has moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye.

Okay, moving on to enough nine point zero five resolution number 2018 - 3 8 Hispanic Heritage Month. Yes. So we bring this forward to the for the board's consideration. I think it's important for us to be able to highlight the contributions of our Latino Hispanic population in our community and our country. And so we bring this forward to the board. We will be sending the resolution if the boarding passes ahead to our schools in our teachers with resources that we have for all grade levels for them to be able to use those or their own. We obviously cannot dictate what they do in the classroom that is totally up to the staff. But we want to make sure that they have resources and do and we do have schools that are doing some Special Assembly some special activities throughout the month to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month

So we bring this forward to for your consideration.

Members do we have any comments questions here take an already one. Can you like you guys normally do just to remind us the board of any events or assemblies that you that they would like to have board members present. Yes. So if you're Lisa's been working and trying to find all those so that we can give those notices to you and with enough time. I did here at Kennedy. They're having something. So, do you know when you're

So we will we know that one already and your Lisa was doing the rounds to other schools to make sure that we had those dates and we'll put them out there all on one enough for you to be able to get those. I also know Thursday, they're serving tacos. So yeah, yeah.

Yeah, don't they serve food? I might just attend.

Only got one.

Am I all right. So I really glad to see this on the agenda as a real resolution. I also think that it's a great opportunity to think about how we continue to honor and celebrate diversity and culture in our schools and specifically with know when we do see an equities and gaps in achievement. What are we doing specifically to help support students who aren't making growth know comparatively to other students. So something I think we need to continue to be conscientious of remembers anymore comments questions about this resolution. I'll take a motion move to approve item.

Resolution number 2018 - 38 Hispanic Heritage Month. Okay. I don't know if 1:05 has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye unanimous.

All right, moving on to item number 10 Communications for superintendent. So, you know back to the back to school season has as obviously started for a while and we're at the home stretch. And so and it's great to go back go back to those schools and and you know visit with the staff is it with parents great turnout that the ones that I attended and I know the the stop at reporting that as well so it again it shows that commitment from our families that they're here and they're very interested in making sure that their children are doing well at school and and you know, one of the things that we will that reminded me as we went through the some of them because I was like we were we were at LaRon and I was really impressed with the fact that they had translation.

Not only in the General Session but in the classrooms, so they so one of the things that I will be doing is sort of collecting some of those best practices and then bringing the principles together to share what they do in order to have greater access of information for families because I do believe that sometimes that's the barrier for having our community our parents fully engage with us because if they come and they don't understand what is being shared then they won't return and so I was I was impressed with the work that they were doing so we will be going back and making sure that they aren't we share those best practices before we forget and then be able to you know make improvements.

And so we will be sharing some very exciting information soon. Hopefully in regards to some opportunities that we have to expand our after-school program and I don't want to you know, speak before it is fully approved. But you know, we're making strides to making sure that our our community has access to after-school programs in the way that they continue to let us know every time we go out to the community. So stay tuned for some great information in regards to that. That is all.

They do you want moving on to item number 11 Communications from Board of Education Board of Education 11 .01 agenda item request for members.

Seeing none. We'll move on to item 11 .02. Oh, I think I just is there a time frame in terms of when some of the to be determines are going to be reported back to us? Yeah, so

So for the next board meeting, we will have dates for all of them. I think that we had already come up with some dates and I may have just forgotten to include them there. Another special ed one is there there's someone other missing from there. So I will we will go back and make sure that we calendar the at least the ones that are already on there.

Give me money.

Members any other requests seeing none we'll go to item 11 .02 Boardman reports and we'll start with Rudy.

No report, Ramona

I was able to attend attend the district c-dac meeting for special education. And so I did think there was some some great points that were made just in terms of some of the programs that are going well or some of the priorities that were focused on last year, but also making sure that we're capturing really all the challenges that we're experiencing in special education truly working as a group to address those challenges and there's definitely some areas that we need to work on better supporting and creating structures around so I'm excited to see that through and continue working alongside the community to get that done and was also really excited to attend the LaRon back-to-school night. We had a great turnout there. It was great to see the community out as well. It's also great to see that there were two former students who are acting as translator. We had both a Vietnamese translator in a Spanish-speaking strands liner, and apparently they've been doing this for the past several years. So it was great to see that they're coming back to there.

Site and engaging in the community and being there as a support. That's what we want to see from. Our students is continuing to act as leaders in our community and giving back. So I was really excited to see that and I hope we can continue to expand those opportunities for our students in the future thinking my Mana moving on to Georgia no report today. Thank you.

Oh my God, no report and I have no report as well. So going on to item 12 future business. We have nothing there. I don't know what 1350 be engaged for members can be that by themselves at a 14. We have no reason to go to closed session. So I'm 15 adjournment. So I'd like us to put I would like to recommend that we adjourn the meeting in memory as the close to 3,000 individuals that lost their life 17 years ago on September 11th.

And actually can we add I have no idea if we know her. I don't know her name. I'm sorry, but I would believe superintendent bands parent who passed away should also be was a mom if we could include it would kind of like Jason Vans are mom passed away. Yes, absolutely.

I have no idea what her name is home. Sorry, and I apologize. I also don't remember. I know I've heard it but I don't remember right now and what her name was?


Then usually a second.

No a little motion. I move to adjourn in memory of 3,000 plus victims.

And in memory of Jason second.

As influencing to adjourn in memory of the 2009 Slauson 911 and on several occasion Jason fans past mother's mother's passing.

I was in favor, please say aye hi you're adjourned.

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