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Board Meeting Audio Transcription 8.28.18

Board Meeting Audio Transcription 8.28.18

8.28.18 Edited Board Meeting Audio 1.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to our Open session meeting and they give everyone for joining us today.

Sorry for the interference.

Alright, so we're going to start with our very special school. Hell you're doing the flag salute 3.01. So if we can have our

The representative come up and he doesn't affects late.

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand and remove your hats for the presentation of colors?

Lagarde advance

Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance ready. Begin Just Dance.

Where to post the colors

Post the colors

Lagarde dismissed

Thank you. Please be seated.

Thank you so much. We have certificates for you. Just give me one second. We had to go get them.

My name is Anthony Cortez. And I'm here with my mom and dad. My name is Joseph brothers, and I'm here with my mom and dad.

My name is Arianna Vasquez, and I'm here with my mom and my sister.

My name is Alex Cortez, and I'm here with my mom and dad.

We all give them one more round of applause please for their great performance.

Okay moving on. We are moving on to item 3.0 to approve disapprove additions to the agenda board members.

Seeing none. We'll move on to item 3.03 approve disapprove order of the agenda.

None, we'll move on to item 3.04 report of action taken and closed session. Superintendent Cruz. Yes, the board approved the August 14 2018 closed session minutes for to 0 with board president on not present.

Thank you. Mr. Cruz.

Moving on to item number for oral Communications members of the public May address the board on any issue within a subject matter jurisdiction of the board or agenda items members of the public may also address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board by law 9 3 to 3 individual remarks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated no action can be taken on any agenda items at this time questions may be referred to the administration or put on a future agenda. So first up mean well we have Scott Swanson.

A brief run here that it was a full house sits back to empty seats overall. I think from what I can tell it was a fairly smooth start to the school year, there were hiccups as there always are the majority of them and it's not surprising continue to be in special ed. I'd say probably get more calls from special ed than General Ed, even though it's a much smaller group of our students overall. I'm working to try to identify the problem specifically as well as try to help figure out Solutions because I don't want to just, you know point it a problem and and not have a solution. That's my least favorite thing to do, but I'm still trying to get more specifics and really try to understand sometimes just the language people are talking about because I'm not a special ed teacher. So I am starting to share some of that information with superintendent Cruz and I will also be working with board member also Alberta to try

To utilize her special ed background as well to help sort through the special ed challenges in Franklin McKinley, which just seemed to never really go away even though I'm not sure things may not be as bad as they were some years back and I'm still optimistic that that was some of the new folks working in the special Department. I do have hopes for this year, but it is still a very challenging area that I think the board and and management in general really need to keep an eye on and really have a lot of communication on because it seems like even though we've all had it on our radar all these years that it's a trouble spot so much seems to Still Still fall through the cracks. And so that will take all of us together to really bring about real change in real solutions in this area.

Thank you, Scott.

Moving on to item number 5 public hearing 5 point 0 1 2018 - 2019 notice of public hearing of sufficiency or insufficiency of instructional materials. This is just a notice this would take place on September 11 2018.

Okay, moving on to item number six consent items members of the public May address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board bylaws 9 3 to 3 individual marks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated. Would anyone like to speak on the consent items tonight?

Seeing that now take a motion from the board members for The Saga.

The section

I do I make a motion to go ahead and move forward item 6.01 and 6.02 under consent items.

Second the motion is second to approve items 6.01 through 6.02 all those in favor. Please say aye hi.

That's unanimous moving on to item number 7 Action items item 7.01 Personnel report. Vice president Taurus.

Number 4 the following employee pre-approved Marissa's Marissa. Alice are educator from LaRon and then the employment for the following employee be approved. Linda said that paraeducator windmill.

Second. I don't sound fine zero one has moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye. I got two items 10.0 to August 14 2018 board meeting minutes for members take several minutes to review this if the same mistakes, please let us know. If not, I'll take a motion at any time.

Move to approve the August 14th. I don't sound fine 0-2 has moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye and that's unanimous moving on to item. So important 0-3 resolution number 2018 - 3/5 can appropriation limit when chin but yeah, this is a routine legal requirement for us to bring to the board of resolution in the calculation of our operational limits. Okay members we have any questions on this.

Maybe to approve item 7.03 resolution number 20 18 to 35 second action Adam 7.03 has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye hi. Hi, that's unanimous moving on to item 7 .0 for resolution that number 2018 - 3 6 in support of attendance Awareness Month one. Yes. We wanted to on a forward to the board. We obviously understand the importance of students being able to access academic and having them be prepared and successful in the only way to do that is to make sure that they're in school and so September is identified as attendance of awareness month. And so we want us we want to make sure that we have a foolproof full court, press out of our schools and with partnership with our parents to understand the impact that being absent has on students and then also

Specifically with the work that we're doing in our TK third grade pilot initiative in the resources that we've been allocated by the county that we know that working together at schools with teachers and parents and students to make sure that they're in healthy positive environment so that they can Thrive and so we want to make sure that from a poor standpoint from a management standpoint and then at the schools with parents and students that we recognize that and we move towards practices that support students being at school being healthy and being able to access academic the academic rigor that we want them to access.

Very good. But remember if you have any questions about this video resolution, I just have a quick one. What are some activities that the schools are doing?

So so we're from from the school's we're doing as a campaigns in terms of sending out information to parents in regards to the impact that it has on students when they're out. Also just working with with parents and students and staff and having positive activities, right? So it's like how do we build a community? How do we make sure that we create environments and our schools and our classrooms. They had promote attendance from our district standpoint. Where well we are going to do this all year long. This is the launch of us having a collaborative meetings at the school's when we identify student that maybe not coming to school for health issues and things like that so we can connect them with resources. So there's a lot of different activities that we will be at the school sites and at the district level to promote attendance.

I had a quick question and also comment just if you could describe the process currently that we have in place for how to catch students who are falling through the cracks with attendance. So there's the legal requirement which is the sword process and that is for students that are absent unexcused absences. And so that's a legal requirement and we have our a to A system that sort of captures those students send home a letter to parents indicating that they've already missed days. And then we have a meeting at the school and identify what's the challenges to try and address that if it doesn't improve there's a subsequent letter that the scent and then if that still does not improve attendance then we have what we call a sword meeting where parents are having to come in with the District Attorney's office to try and address what what what is the challenge? It's not intended to

Beep unit in at all. Actually, the county has moved completely away from that in terms of the in the past that were issuing citations things like that. And we know that that doesn't work that doesn't address the concerns that are happening either at home or at school where students are not coming to school. So it's supposed to be a collaborative process in regards to working with with with school and working with the family to address whatever concerns is keeping student from coming to school. So that's on the starb area. We know that we also have students that are absent on a regular basis that are not an excuse, you know student that is maybe as a chronic illness. It may be not getting the care. And so therefore they're missing days consistently and so those never are captured under this arm because it's not on an excused absence, but it's still an absence. The student is not coming to school. So that is

We're doing we're working with the social workers and the nurses that we have on within our district to create meetings at the schools to try and really figure out what is the the barrier for students to come to school. And then what are the resources and then we can connect them to the resources. So that one again, they're coming to school they're healthy and they're thriving and so those students in the old process would never be addressed. We were only addressing the students that were what we call truant. So that's the two sides of our approach to support students.

Just I would really hope and like to see a little more structure and support around the way that we address chronic absenteeism. Not just necessarily with the SAR process. But like you're saying we can continue to engage families and provides the supports and resources in a more systemic way where you know with this our process they processes they have to get a letter in the meeting and the second letter and the start beating if we could establish some type of similar structure where we are able to utilize the social workers through the Early Learning strategic plan. And and that that process is our collaborative meetings were calling a collaborative meetings and we're asking the social worker that service providers, you know such as Catholic Charities al-imran counseling and Foothill Clinic to come together to those meetings and then we case manage the students needs to be able to make sure one that we're connecting them to the services, but to they were not duplicating services.

This is because sometimes when we don't coordinate, we have two or three agencies that are working with the family and overlapping and so that's part of the collaborative meetings that we have. Well we have now in place for this year and which is making it a lot more structured. And so that there's more follow-up on the students and making sure they're getting the support that they need and so we'll be able to report back to the board that through the pilot that we're doing with the county and how our students currently being identified as chronically absent. So we're using a to a to identify those students that are starting to have more than two absences in any given period

So we're using we're using the same the same tool to identify chronically absent as we are doing four star process.

Farmers have further questions on this. I'll take a motion to approve item 7.0 for resolution number 20 18 to 36 in support of attendance, Awareness Month.

But second I should item 7.04 hasn't moved in second all those in favor. Please say, yes. Bye I sorry. He said I okay. That's unanimous moving on to item number 8 Communications from superintendent.

Yes, I just want to Echo what Scott mentioned earlier in regards to a very smooth opening, you know, there's always you know, some some bumps in the road when we're talking about welcoming 7,000 plus students and families, but for the most part I am very pleased with the work that the staff has done in getting our schools ready our staff and welcoming students and our parents, especially those are either here making sure that the students came to school prepared. It has been a very smooth opening and we're very pleased with with the launch that we had last last week as our first week back. We know that there's still work to be done in regards to the you know, how I will we support both students and staff. And so that's one of the things that we're always sort of working on improving and so

Cabinet met after the first day and debrief in terms of what what were some of those those things that we still need to to to and to improve on but for the most part our enrollment is is where we thought it was going to be slightly lower right now, but we know that between the first day of school and Memorial Day, we get more and more families coming back. In fact every day. We have students coming in and also leaving, so we are watching our numbers on a daily basis I and we will send out a report out to the board now that we have the first week numbers so that you can monitor the enrollment as well, but overall, you know thankful. I'm thankful for the staff that that work tremendously over the summer to get our schools ready and to our staff, you know, really doing an excellent job. I'm preparing themselves and getting ready for the first day.

Excitement that the kids all have when they come to school and I saw a lot of parents also smiling on the first day of school and and I'm sure they were also relieved that they could they were coming back to school. I know I was with my children were coming to school going back to school. But you know, it's one of those special moments as school opens and there's this hope and enthusiasm and what promised their school year has in terms of the opportunities that our students have as a result of coming to school and preparing themselves. I also want to report out that we had a very successful communication, you know, tremendous showing in terms of our staff there. I was able to share a little bit of my story as a way to kind of launch the year and our motto this year is that we're opening doors. And so I've asked the staff that they ask themselves when they are talking to parents.

They're talking to students when they're thinking about the decisions were making is that a decision that is going to open doors for our students and our families or is that a decision that may close doors for our families? And so that's really what we want to do. We want to make sure that we're opening doors and not closing doors of opportunity for our students. And so that's going to be our ongoing message all year long and so for you parent, there are here students that you're here. Keep that in mind as you also go to school and ask our staff. Are we opening doors? Are we closing doors? So thank you for being honored today. That's all.

Thank you superintendent Crews moving on to item number nine Communications from Board of Education. Not .01 agenda item request for members to have any requests at this time.

Seeing none. We'll move on to item 9.02 Board number of ports and we'll start with Mona.

These things I was able to participate in the Franklin grand opening and I thought it was really great that we had such a community wonderful Community turnout with parents and members of the community as well. And I also thought it was really great that there were able to display that the history behind Franklin school and that kids were able to look at it and well that's such a long old long time ago and our school so fresh and new and it was great to see that energy going into the start of the school year. I was also able to be at convocation. So also really excited to see the teachers and staff and administrators getting ready for the school year and you know again just wishing all everyone and continued great start to the school year and then I was actually able to be at Santi and Ramblewood on the first day of school. So it was really great to see, you know, helping out wherever I could with finding students schedules and giving tours of the school and waiting for the bus with the para Educators. So it's really great to see.

Students, especially at Santee just walking up the new Pathways and seeing a remodeled school and the signage areas and just being really excited to see that their school was being worked on. So give me one George.

Couple things real quick just spent two days at Stanford the nelio had a two-day governance Institute. They're very very informative. A lot of information. The first session was getting on board evolving roles in local governance. So just talked about school boards in general in terms of what kind of makeup of the board and then the the reasons people get involved in school boards. And one thing that they gave out with a evaluation tool and I was going to give this to to 1 and maybe there's something a couple things in here that we could maybe use when we do when we do our Retreat. So let me give this to one that he can take a look at it, but I thought the evaluation to was really really good at this gentleman. That's his is expertise is school boards, and that's what that's what he does. So anyways, that was that was a good way to get things started. We had one of the female student achievement in this was, you know, you're familiar with

Education Trust West so they did a lot of big overview in terms of what's going on with education right now in that in California a couple of things that were pointed out was that as his 1980. We had built 22 prisons in California and universities were built for and so and so there's a lack actually of universities right now because there's so many kids applying to universities is that we don't have the space to house them anymore. So we're educating them getting them up to that to that threshold. But now we're finding problems getting them into it University a college because it's becoming very impacted that whole that whole area. Another thing another one that came out real quick that the progress we're making progress with our students our Latino students African-American students English learners, but still the progress is very slow very slow. And so they point out

That the team of students will not meet math standards until two thousand eighty at the rate things are going right now. This is again, California white African American students won't meet all math standards until 2097, you know, so that's a long ways up in an English language Learners. We know how important that is to us in very much so in our district, but English language Learners won't all meet math standards until 2291. So so again, so the message that we really have to accelerate accelerate the the improving our kids more aggressively through the the great levels and making sure that they're prepared again for high school and in eventually College another one dealt with lcff Al Capp funding so I won't go too much into that. The every student succeeds act ESS a one thing that brought

With the fact that I guess that act going to require that schools and school districts published published all the money spent or whatever student brings to that school the programs in place. So that's something that I don't like the California get a waiver on that one. Do you know?

Not a waiver, but they did submit the the California plan, which is our El Cap as complying with with that provision. So, I believe the the federal government has approved that now.

But anyway, but there was a good presentation in that area. And so anyways, it was good. It's like I get a lot of a lot of solid information that took place in that to two-day period and they last time they did something like this was something like five years ago. They did something like this up in Southern California. Now the mujin only come from which is good. It's close by 29 minutes away. And anyway, but that's my report. Thanks so much, buddy.

Just attended the Franklin Elementary School Grand Opening again. Well done and I really appreciate that our vice mayor attended as well. It was nice to have somebody from the city resident and I also am enjoying driving by the school because there are improvements every day. And now there's a beautiful sign where I can see the time and the temperature so I like seeing that on my way to the to work so I encourage everybody to drive by there and take a look at the school. And then I also drove Isanti and I encourage everybody to drive by sin t as well because it looks a lot better than what it did. So proud of our schools. That's it.

You ready? Oh my yes. I also attended the Franklin grand opening and I also did the the welcome into the welcoming to our staff and teachers convocation. I believe it was called with fellow trustee - oh

Thank you Omar. I also attended the Franklin School Grand Opening. It's a long way coming. So having to see it in front of my eyes. I mean I got it was very beautiful. And as always nice to speak to our parents our teachers and our students after that. We the board went on the board's school facilities tour and that's when we get to saw much a lot of the changes made in our school district within the summer all the work that's been doing that's been done in the summer. So it's nice to see all the walkways that are being paved in sin T and then School District. I mean candid Kennedy have this brand new Turf looks I could roll around in it. And then that's pretty much my report for that.

Okay moving on. I don't know where 10 feature business. We have nothing there. So moving to item number 11 future meeting dates board members can read that on their own. We're still have yet to decide our board retreat. I think one would give us an update on that soon, which is gathering votes. See what day's work best with board members. If you haven't voted already, please everybody everybody.

Okay do that later. Then we have no reason to go back to closed session. So moving on to item number 13 adjournment motion for Germany time.

Move to adjourn the meeting has been moved to adjournment and seconded all those in favor. Please signify by saying aye hi.

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