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Supt. Advisory Committee (SAC) 2/20/2019, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM @ District Media Center. 645 Wool Creek Dr. San Jose, CA.
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Board Meeting Audio Transcription 8.14.18

Board Meeting Audio Transcription 8.14.18

8.14.18 Board Meeting Audio Edited.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Good evening. Everyone. We're going to start the Open Session board meeting now going to go ahead with item 3.01 the flag salute and I have Jason Van assistant superinten of Business Services leanest.

Thank you so much Jason.

Going on to item 3.02 to approve disapprove additions to the agenda board members. Do we have anything here?

Seeing none. We'll move on to item 3.03 approve disapprove order the agenda. Board Members?

Seeing none. We will move on to item 3.04 report of action taken and closed session. Superintendent, Cruz.

Yes, the board to three votes in favor and 2 abstentions approve the June 26, 28th closed session minutes.The board also unanimously approved the appointment of Eugene's and the Yan to George Shirakawa senior school. And so at this point I'd like to ask him to stand up and be introduced to the audience in the back.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I'm really excited to have this opportunity. I'm excited to meet each one of you and learn more about you and more about how I can best support shirokawa and frankly McKinley as a whole was very excited. I went and called my wife and my family right away. My father told me that he used to work across the street at the Santa Clara County Social Services office and I forgot to share my sister actually works for Santa Clara County Office of Ed, and she's really excited to have to have an ally here in the school district. She's focused on Civic engagement for our especially for Latino and African-American students. So I just look forward to participating in this great work and it's really nice to see such a great vibe in the room and a lot of smiles and laughter. I appreciate I appreciate this.

To you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and welcome.

There are no other actions to report used to pretend cruise and congratulations again, Eugene excited to have you here.

Moving on to item number for or Communications Andy, do we have a

So our Communications members of the public May address the board on any issue within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board or agenda items members of the public may also address the board on percent items before the board's consideration of the items accordance.

With board by law 9 3 to 3 individual marks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated no action can be taken on any other agenda items at this time questions may be referred to the administration of put on the further future agenda. And I don't know why I asked for this less costumes and

But it's good to see all of you again, and it's good to see a full house here just to so rare to have a all the seats taken been a while. I'm going to keep it really short because I noticed that if myself and Jason keep it really short. We have the chance to set a record for shortest board meeting ever perhaps, so I just wanted to say I'm excited for the new year and for all the good stuff. We're going to hopefully do together and looking forward to convocation tomorrow, and that's about it. Thanks.

I just got moving on to item number 5 5.01 45-day budget revision for fiscal year. 2018 - 2019

Okay, good evening everyone. So as you know, and you've read through the agenda item, this is a chance for the district to provide the board with an update on the impact of the adopted budget by the state under Ed code for to 1 to 7. It requires that no later than 45 days after the budget has been adopted by the governor. The district can make an update to their adopted budget for the current fiscal year. So this is a chance for us to talk through some of the significant changes to our budget based on what was adopted by the state and it was basically in three categories the first one being a change in the Gap funding percentages, which actually had an impact on prior year since I've been doing this job. One of the big questions that's asked of me during various meetings is when are the numbers actually done for prior year and so here's an example of how the state can actually impact a year after it's done.

By adopting a state budget and changing the got funding percentages. So in the actual document that's attached with the agenda. You can see that with The Gap funding percentage is being reduced for a year 1718 as a district. We lost approximately sixty nine thousand dollars worth of Revenue under lcff. There were no changes to the Gap funding percentages for the current year or two out years eighteen nineteen and then the two out here's the next change was the one time discretionary funds and I gave a little preview on this when we were going through our adopted budget, as you know may is not a final number until the state adopts their budget. So there was talk of the one-time dollars going away. So this was the impact initially. We had a number that was a hundred and sixty dollars per Ada higher at the May revise that's been reduced now to 184 Parada based on that.

We've lost 1.2 million dollars in one-time discretionary funds for year 1819. So that's shown in the handout or the attachment to this board agenda item.

Thankfully some of those one-time dollars became ongoing dollars, but not to the same magnitude each year based under the adopted budget by the state. They augmented lcff revenue for 1819. It's actually instead of being 3% which was at the adopted budget the May revised number that we use. It's actually three point seven percent and based on that increase of cola under lcff. It actually increased the revenue. We're going to receive four years eighteen nineteen nineteen twenty and twenty Twenty-One. And so those numbers are highlighted once in the memo and also in the attachment the impact was essentially a half a million dollar increase in all of the three years for our district. So based on these adjustments, we have a net impact over the three-year period of about two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars of an increase to our

Timeline assuming all other assumptions remain the same as you know, we're going through the process of closing our books for 1718. So there's going to be some adjustments to our Seventeen eighteen numbers, but we're just focusing on the impact of the states adopted budget to our actual adoption that was done in May or based on the May revise these I should say

Remembers any question for Jason

Not thank you so much Jason. Yep.

Okay, moving on to item number 6 consent items under $25,000 members of the public May address the board on consent items before the board's consideration of the items in accordance with board bylaws 92 three individual marks will be limited to three minutes each unless otherwise stipulated.

Remembers emotion whenever you're ready.

I mean she approve consent items. Is there a 1 through 6 UR 6.04?

Second item six point zero one two, six one zero four has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye aye animus Beyonce item number seven board members.

If an item is over 25

Move to approve consent item 7.01 in 7.13.

The question

Item, 1 point 0 3

And contract with Lido Solutions

Okay, so I'll revise my motion moved to approve item 7.01.

7.13 without 7.03

Adam self .012 some .13 the exception 7.03 being moved to items as we move the second all those in favor. Please say aye aye.

Item number 8 construction items items as well

I'm 8.01 through 8.05 and moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye aye.

Miss moving on to the action items Adam 9.01 Personnel report vice president Torres.


Elizabeth Rios Foodservice lead Meadows employment for the the employment for the following employees be approved Israel Velasquez. Social worker Bridges Molly Falkner teacher Senti Meghan Ryan teacher sped Ellie McGee teachers. Don't get the promotion for the following Floyd be approved. But Theresa Ruiz secretary 170 the resignation for the following employee be approved Dolly the La Cruz Lopez paraeducator the SDC shirokawa the job abandonment for the following employee be approved Deborah Severson psychologist.

I can throw one has moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye.

God to Adam 9.02 June 26 2018 board meeting minutes.

Approve the June 26 board meeting minutes

Second an f-102 has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye.

Three eyes and two abstentions

Moving on to item 9.03 July 1920 18 special board meeting minutes

The commotion whenever you're ready book.

Move to approve the minutes board meeting on July 19th, and that was the three hasn't moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye.

That's unanimous moving onto. I don't know .04 August 1st 2018 special board meeting minutes.

Move to approve a hug is one special board meeting minutes. I don't know if 1:04 hasn't moved the second all those in favor. Please say aye aye aye and I don't know if 1:05 extension of superintendent's contract.

So this contract is the present is being forth to extend superintendent on cruises contract for an additional two years based on the satisfactory performance evaluation that we had this past year. Unfortunately, it was an oversight by the board the previous year to extend it one year. So this is the reason why I'm bringing forth and once contracted two years totaling up to three the years that have a misty

And I just want to thank one for all the good work that he's done these past few years as well. It's well deserved there's and

I think the one thing I was looking for in the Super Nintendos to maintain the


Effects that John Porter has implemented into the school district what I believe that one actually took that and ran with it increased potential for there. So there's a lot of things that we can see has improved and still can be improved so bringing forth this

Superintendent extension to his contract. What number is not to commotion Jane? There's no questions.

Move to approve item nine point zero five extension of the super second. I don't know if y 0 5 is moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye. Hi, that's unanimous moving on to I don't know .06 resolution number 20 18-3 for board compensation for Miss meeting.

Yes, so we are bringing forward the resolution for the Miss meeting George Sanchez and maemunah for the June 26 meeting.

Look approve resolution 20 18-34 or conversation for Miss meeting.

I don't know if it's a six have been moved and seconded. I was in favor. Please say aye I'm staying guys into abstentions.

Okay moving on to I don't know .07.

Formerly known as 7.03 the 2018 - 2019 contract with kognito Solutions or online simulation.

When I miss you have any questions on this so you can see just like to know more about the program and why this one specifically I was looking through some of the I guess because it's like a simulation online. And so just wondering specific to this is also a pilot of teachers doing this or is it being rolled out? I so, this is Arya second year using Cognito Incognito is one of the sort of the approved trainings per the new legislature in regards to requiring all staff members to undergo suicide prevention training. So we looked at various programs last year. And this one was the one that came highly recommended meeting the requirements and it's easy for us to track. You know, who's done it in be able to provide.

Some of our side in regards to ensuring that we have every single employee in the district complete this it is it is an interactive. It actually allows employees to make decisions and then based on those decisions. There's further training or further discussion that takes place and so we find that it's easier or more effective in regards to addressing such a very sensitive and complicated topic our teachers. Did it all of all our staff did it last year? And so this is our second year using this one. The one thing that is different here, which is the rolling out the trauma and form and so that's a piece that we will be piloting to see if something is something that we want to continue for us this year. That's the only difference between last year and this year

Have we gotten feedback from the teachers what they think of the program? You know what I don't think we actually formally surveyed them. I know that I didn't hear any complaints other than the fact that they they wanted us to provide time. And so we've asked every single SKU to allocate three and three hours administrative time to conduct to finish this one and all the other mandated training that we have such as the the child abuse training and the pesticide training. So we've we've allocated three hours and that that was the one thing that I know staff really felt that they needed to have some time.

But we will now that will be in our second year. We will survey them and get further feedback.

Remember to we have any further questions on this.

Seeing no no emotion. I move to approve items 7.03 second time 7.03 has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please say aye.

Okay, moving on to item number 10 Communications from superintendent. So I'll keep it short. I want to thank the board for the your continued support and confidence in my ability to lead the district on behalf of our community and in looking to the best Ayah in regards to our community and what's in the best interest of our students. I'm really looking forward to to this year. You know, let go Scott's comments that it's good to have a contingency up here and looking forward to a successful year with a full cabinet and just the the the great opportunity that we have here in the district to do what's right for our community in our students and that's you know, really what drives me every day and you know looking forward to tomorrow.

Roland and being able to address the entire district and then get get started on Monday when the students show up. So once again, thank you.

Moving on to item number 11 Communications from Board of Education 11 2001 agenda item request remembers I have I have one is it possible? I guess maybe a few weeks after after school starts to get to start getting it every board meeting in enrollment update.

I don't know how he doesn't have to be fancy. Just kind of you know, where where do we stand so we have that actually on a daily basis for the first 20 days so we can certainly afford that to you so that you can keep track of how when how we started and then the changes over those first 20 days. I don't mind me hinge the board may be reported out at about it. And then we get out to me. Yes, and then we can report out at actual board meeting. We are planning as requested a full report Trend analysis enrollment over year over year by school. So that's also something that I know you had requested and so we're going to be doing that as well. Okay, and then we do the reports by school by grade level maybe even something like is there going to be other changes in classrooms?

You know are we growing classrooms or reducing classroom? That's part of that Trend analysis will be for us to kind of look at where where those either reductions or increases that we've had and so that we can do an analysis to of why that's happening. Okay be able to report that. Okay. I want to think positive as we increase classrooms. I've just heard Patricia say that we grew by about 20 kids from the last time we run the numbers. So that's all that's been that's all I want to hear.

Awesome. Okay. Thank you. Any other denied a request board members.

Not we'll move on to 11 .02 board member reports and we'll start with George. Oh my God, unfortunately don't report that at this is gonna be a big change in my life. I checked with my sister's counselors not once but twice and I'm in a good position to retire. So I'm going to go ahead and move forward. So I said goodbye to the kids today and wish motional day for weeks. I want to go back to school. I would advise to pick up master's degree in American history. I'll go with like you can teach in that Community College if you have that so anyway, but that's a dream of mine and I can't fulfill that dream in this I move forward with retirement. So goodbye to the east side after many years here. So know that that oh my God litter year and a half almost. Yeah almost it's almost funny when you put in your sick, they count your

Sick days. Those are also counted so he had about 200 of those. They throw that in. So anyway, so it financially would not benefit me where and when when dollars whatsoever to stay at their it's cool. So I am moving forward I meant and hopefully my replacement will be there tomorrow. I want to be with my problem Starbucks. Well though I put this in a while back, you know, yeah - yeah effective as of today. Thank you sister. Anyway, let me know when this is my big news. Thank you. Appreciate that. Let me know when you teach that class or take your course. Okay? All right, I will and then Ramona.

I was able to attend the Santee event that was held at Kennedy for their summer school program. They had a lot of really great PSA announcements is a difficult concept that they covered but very insightful. I also did it to a recently at the EduCare and Family Resource Center and there's just a lot of really great things happening though. So it was really great to see was at the new teacher orientation yesterday. So it was nice to see new faces and welcoming the new teachers whether their veteran teachers or any teachers and I also was at the Santa Clara County women's caucus event and they were discussing a lot of specific policy as it pertains to women and no went as policies in general that can be implemented. So they did share some of that the board and just wishing everyone a wonderful start to the school year as it's will start before we have our next board meeting so really

England which everyone will in their classrooms

Give me another one.

I attended the FMC I steering committee meeting. I think it was the middle of July. I can't remember now that and we had a discussion about the upcoming launch of the neighborhood Resource Center at at the room. So we hope that everybody can attend that on September 18th. I believe it is and I believe it's been sent out. And then also there was a presentation done that I asked one if we could share with the board in the future. So we'll wait till we we took till a school begins and we get a good time because it's a great resource document for everybody on the board to see

That's it in and I also like to congratulate George on your on your transition to retirement my career to now.

You really Omar and I had a great summer all summer.

Report will be on to item 12 future business. There's nothing there. So future meeting dates. I believe warmers can be dead. We don't have to go into closed session. So we're moving on to item number 15 internment a motion to adjourn that painting time.


Talking motion to adjourn has been moved and seconded all those in favor. Please. Say aye aye aye.

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