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Yale National Initiative

San Jose Teachers Participating in Yale National Initiative

Strengthening Public School Teaching through the Yale National Initiative
What is the Yale National Initiative (YNI)?
Yale National Initiative is a teacher-led professional development catered toward strengthening the public school teaching in districts around the U.S. Many school districts participate in this initiative with a common goal - to strengthen their classroom teaching and to provide their students with the instruction that is research based and makes a difference in their students' lives.  The goal is to establish local teachers' institute where K-12 teachers can collaborate with the local college professors tying the pedagogy and the expertise from areas such as humanities and sciences. 
Who are we?
K-12 Districts have been representing the city of San Jose since the year 2006. This year, three districts from San Jose (East Side Union High School District, Franklin McKinley School District, and San Jose Unified School District) participated in the Yale National Initiative to strengthen the public school teaching. Teachers created a research-based extensive unit, aligned with the Common Core State Standards that would enrich their students in their classrooms. These units can be used by other teachers around their community as well as around the country in similar situations.
Our goal is to establish a local San Jose Teachers' Institute which will enable the teachers from K-12 collaborate with the local college professors to bring together their teaching strategies and the expert knowledge from the areas of Humanities and Sciences and build units and lessons that will help their students get ready for college.  
Meet the San Jose Fellows participating in the Yale National Initiative, 2016:
Browse Curricular Units Created By San Jose Fellows in 2016
Dreaming from the Margins, Living in the In-Between: Identity, Culture, and the Power of Voice by Ludy Aguada, East Side Union High School District (English Literature)
Agents of Change: How American Indians Helped Change the World in Only Seven Years by Mike McClellan, San Jose Unified School District (History)
Learning Social Skills and Problem Solving with Winnie-the-Pooh by Amandeep Khosa, Franklin McKinley School District (Third Grade)
Unraveling the Dream World Stereotype of the Arab People by Priya Talreja, San Jose Unified School District (History)
It Ain't Easy Being Green by Patricia Moncrief, Franklin McKinley School District (Math and Science)
Decimal Expansion: An Address System for All Numbers by Jung Min Lee Franklin McKinley School District (Math)
Silent Witnesses: Hexapod Helpers in Crime Scene Investigation by Jennifer Claudio, East Side Union High School District (Forensic Sciences)
The Ever Evolving Brain and Neurodegenerative Disease by Vanessa Vitug, East Side Union High School District (Science)
Who Am I?: Culturally Relevant Text and American Identity by Mark Holston, East Side Union High School District (English)
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Get involved in establishing the San Jose Local Teachers' Institute:
Eligibility Criteria and Application Process:
To be a part of the Yale National Initiative, please read the attached Eligibility Criteria and the application process.