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Second round of Interim Assessments will start March 1st and will finish March 19th.
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Intra and Inter District Transfer Overview 2021-22

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff are working remotely.   We anticipate our services will be delayed, thank you for your patience and understanding. **

Intradistrict Transfer-Transfers Within FMSD

Definition: Transfer from resident school to another school within the Franklin-McKinley School District.  Students currently attending school on an approved intradistrict transfer, are not required to submit a new application each year when continuing at the same school. 

If I want to transfer my child from one Franklin-McKinley School to another, what steps do I take?

STEP 1.  An Intradistrict transfer application can be printed from this website or obtained from the school or District Office.


STEP 2.  The application is returned to the school of residence.  Pay particular attention to the documentation required for each specified reason  The application must be complete and the required documentation must be attached.

STEP 3. The Principal at the school of residence may meet with the family to discuss the reasons for the request.   The Principal at the school of residence approves or denies the request. Approved requests are sent to the requested school for approval. Denied requests are subject to appeal by the parent/guardian. Denial appeals may be submitted to the Student Wellness and Support Services Office.

STEP 4.   The Principal of the requested school makes a determination about approval based on space available. The Principal of the requested school approves or denies the request, signs the transfer application and contacts the parent.  

Once a intradistrict transfer request has been approved, the student will remain at the requested school until the end of the highest grade level for that school.  

  • Intradistrict Transfer Application English
  • Intradistrict Transfer Application Spanish
  • Intradistrict Transfer Application Vietnamese (Coming Soon)



Interdistrict Transfers-Transfers Out of FMSD

Definition: Students who live within the boundaries of FMSD and would like to attend school in another District. 

Education Code sections 46000-46601 permits parents/guardians to request an interdistrict transfer agreement. It is within the authority of either the home district or the receiving district to revoke an interdistrict transfer at any time for any reason either district deems appropriate.


  • Interdistrict transfers are required to be renewed annually. 
  • Requests for interdistrict transfers for the 2021-2022 school year will be accepted effective February 1, 2021. 
Due to COVID-19 and the Shelter in Place, our offices remain closed. To submit your Interdistrict Transfer Application, please submit via email to If you have any questions or need support, please give us a call at (408) 283-6092. 


STEP 1.  An interdistrict transfer form can be printed from this website or obtained from the school or District Office.


Interdistrict Transfer Application

    • Click here for English
  • Interdistrict Transfer Application SPANISH
  • Interdistrict Transfer Application VIETNAMESE (Coming Soon)

Step 2: Submit a completed Interdistrict transfer request with supporting documentation to Student Wellness and Support Services for review.


Requests can be submitted via 


In person:  645 Wool Creek Drive, San Jose, CA 95112


Once approved, we will forward to the requested school district. 


Please call (408) 283-6092 if you have additional questions.


STEP 4: You will notified by mail within 10 business days with the decision to your request. If your request is denied, you will receive a letter in the mail advising you of the decision. 



When an Interdistrict transfer application request is denied, the parent/guardian may appeal the decision within 30 days of the date listed on the denial. The Parent/guardian must submit a written letter to Student Wellness and Support Services with a full explanation of the basis of the appeal.  

Contact Person Title Phone Number Email Address
Jennifer Klassen Director (408) 283-6092
Brenda Salcedo  Administrator (408) 283-6098
Student Wellness and Support Services Office/Early Learning
645 Wool Creek Drive, San Jose, CA 95112

(BP 5116.1- Intradistrict Open Enrollment)

(AR 5116.1-Intradistrict Open Enrollment)

(BP 5117-Interdistrict Attendance)

(AR 5117- Interdistrict Attendance)