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Employee Benefits

2021 Open Enrollment 
The 2021 Open Enrollment is from October 12 through October 30, 2020.  FMSD is providing the online tool BenefitBridge for you to make changes to Kaiser, UnitedHealthcare, Delta Dental and VSP plans.  You can use BenefitBridge to add or remove a dependent(s), verify current health plans and waive health benefits.  Please note that verification documents are required to add dependents and you must submit original documents to Human resources.  We are recommending that all employees register for BenefitBridge at even if you are not making changes to your health plan benefits. This includes employees waiving medical health benefits. Registering allows you to ensure all your information is accurate.  Click here for BenefitBridge registration information.
Virtual Health Care Recording
The Virtual Annual Health Fair was held last week on Thursday, October 8, 2020.  If you have questions regarding the Kaiser and UnitedHealthcare Medical plans, we invite you to listen to the Webex recording.  
Below is the link to help you in the process during Open Enrollment October 12 - October 30, 2020.

Waiver Form

Waiver Forms  are required for all employees waiving medical health benefits.  If you want to continue receiving dental and vision through the district, but not medical, you are still required to fill out a waiver form. (You will still receive dental and vision benefits).

Monthly Premiums

You can click here for the monthly premium contribution for all plans offered from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.


Kaiser contribution for Classified Employees remain the same.  The contribution for Certificated and Management increased approximateley 10%.  Despite this increase, employees are paying approximately the same level of premiums as they did in 2018.  Please click on this link for a summary and description of the Kaiser Plans .  Kaiser benefits include the Traditional HMO Plan  and the Kaiser HSA  Health Savings Account (HSA) Salary Reduction.
UnitedHealthcare contribution for Classified Employees remain the same.  The UHC Full Network Plan premiums paid by employees increased slightly.  Most of the increase is paid by the District.  The UHC Canopy or "Limited" Network and UHC PPO/HSA  plans remain the same.  Please click on this link for a summary and description of the plans  United Healthcare Plans  Health Savings Account (HSA) Salary Reduction.


Delta Dental

The district offers a High and a Low Dental Plan. The premium for the Low Dental plan option is covered by the district at 100%.  Employees choosing the High Dental plan for the 2021 benefit year, must make a commitment to remain in the High plan for at least two years. Employees who are currently in the High plan have the option to move to the Low plan or remain in the High plan. Employees choosing to remain in the High plan will also have to make a two-year commitment to remain in the High plan starting January 1, 2021. 


The Premiums for VSP is covered by the district at 100%. 


Employees wanting to continue in the PayFlex program or enroll for the first time are required to fill out a New Enrollment Form  per IRS regulations.  Enrollment forms are attached and also available from Lolita Castillo in Benefits. Debit cards will be reactivated each year with the new elected amount.
PayFlex is an IRS-driven program covering healthcare and dependent care.  It allows employees to have a certain amount of money taken out of their check on a pre-tax basis to cover certain eligible expenses such as, co-pays, dental costs, glasses, and certain over-the-counter drugs. In the dependent care portion, costs such as babysitters and in-home care are covered.  

Employee Assistance Program

Franklin-McKinley School District Employee Assistance Program for Classified & Certificated Employees - Between the demands of personal and professional life, the daily grind and the occasional crisis, sometimes life can be overwhelming and the questions can seem endless. Fortunately, OPTUM work-life balance employee assistance program has answers. With a comprehensive website and direct toll-free access to master's -level professionals, confidential support is available around the clock.


See below for the Employee Assistance Program Information in Detail